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Binondo Full Gospel Family Center

Children’s Ministry

Date: July 6, 2008

Teachers: Zarah Lim Carrie B.
Theme: School Life: Personal Evangelism
Lesson Title: The Light Bearers
Objective: To help children realize that loving Jesus should reflect in their
everyday life (shine their light for Jesus).
(Just as their manners reflect their education and upbringing, their life
reflects their love for Jesus.)

Scripture Passage / Matthew 5:14-16 (Salt & Light)

Bible Story:
Memory Verse: Matthew 5:16
“Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds
and praise your Father in heaven.”

Opening Activity: Kid Introduction: GUESS WHO

Objective of this activity: To know more about each other; As
preparation for discussion about their school life.

 Three cartolinas are placed in front. (Book shape = Fave subject;

School shape = School; Blackboard shape = Gr. & Sec.)
 The children are to go to each shape and write their answers.
 After everyone has written down their answers, the group will
match the answers to the person who they think wrote it down.

♥After this activity, ask the children to honestly evaluate their behavior
at school:

☺Am I makulit or mabaiit?

☺Am I attentive or talkative?
☺Am I respectful or disrespectful?
☺Do I obey or disobey?

♥Discuss Bible passage:

- “Let your light shine before men...”
• What does “light” mean?
• How do I do that?
- “...that they may see your good deeds...”
• Let children voice out their opinions regarding the
evaluation acitivity.

- “...and praise your Father in heaven.”

Binondo Full Gospel Family Center
Children’s Ministry
• When we do good deeds, we let our light shine.
• Through our behavior, we tell people that we love Jesus.
• When people see the light in our lives, they will know that
we are true Christians.
• We can lead them to Jesus.

Songs: ♫ This Little Light of Mine ♫

Lesson Retention 1. How Can I Shine My Light At School?
Activity: a. obey rules
b. do not fight
c. respect
d. be honest
e. be helpful
f. share

2. Situational Questions
a. “What should you do when...”

Game/s: -NONE-
Crafts: Jesus ♥ U Friendship Bracelet
 Lettered Beads
 String

♥Think of a friend (classmate/schoolmate) to whom they will give this
bracelet. Instruct them to pray for that friend to know Jesus as well.

Others: Take Home Assignment: Give children a sample list of light-bearing

deeds they can do during the week. They have to accomplish as
many as they can. Be sure to bring the assignment next week for

*Use extra sheet if necessary.

 Please fill this out with all the necessary information.
 Be specific. Describe in detail what you are planning to do for each activity.
 Submit your lesson plan at least two weeks before your scheduled date of teaching to
allow time for leaders to monitor the lessons and see if there are revisions to be made.
Binondo Full Gospel Family Center
Children’s Ministry