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Resume Piping Mechanical Engineer

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Looking for a challenging and demanding position as MECHANICAL AND PIPING SUPERVISOR for
advancement of my career in a well known and established EPC or Oil & Gas company to render
professional skills and add value to organizational growth and objective, where I can explore and
expand my professional skills to the next level.

 Having background education as Off-Shore Engineer (strata-1) with more than 5 (fIve) years of
extensive experience in oil and gas industry, especially in process piping.
 Ability to estimate, design, schedule and oversee all phase of piping and construction project with
excellent knowledge of industrial piping and plant operations.
 Good Planning, organizing and problem solving skills with advanced supervisory ability.
 Comprehensive management experience of professional teams and individuals.
 Detail orientated and resourceful in completing project able to multitask effectively.


 Computer Literacy: Auto CAD 2000 for pipe drafting application, MS office application (MS. Word,
MS. Excel, MS. Project, MS. Power point), able to work with e-mail, internet and web browsing
 Knowledge of : PFD, P&ID’s, Orthographic and Isometrics Drawing, pipe stress analysis, pipe hanger
and pipe support design, equipment drawing, process plant lay out, piping welding and Non
destructive testing.
 Estimation, shutdown scheduling, subcontractor coordination, project management.
 Familiar with: International Design Codes and Dimensional Standards, i.e.: ANSI/ASME, API, and
ASTM, which used for design, analysis and calculation.

- Bahasa Indonesia (mother tongue)
- English, as my second language (TOEFL Score: 530)

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Resume Piping Mechanical Engineer

JUNE 2008-NOW PT. TOTAL E&P INDONESIE, East Kalimantan District

Senior Piping & Mechanical Supervisor (Contract under PT. Inamco)

 Supervise all mechanical and piping construction activities to ensure all the works are carried out as
per COMPANY specification and schedule.
 Installation of piping system, tanks and steel structures by using plan/engineering drawing, isometric
drawing, and P&ID’s.
 Planning and day wise progress monitoring of work as per schedule.
 Checking of ISO’s drawing, release for pre-fabrication spool based on the priority and material
 Review P&ID’s, piping plan, isometrics and equipment drawing.
 Routing lines, construction piping plans, equipment location plan, and isometrics drawings.
 Checking all of equipment used for hot job activity (welding machine, grinding, cutting torch) before
job started, by using checklist sheet from the COMPANY.
 Tie-Ins activities (planning, review procedure and method, drawing, fabrication, spool and
 Preparing insulation procedure for tie ins activity
 Ensure all construction activities (piping, mechanical and structural) in respect of safety, quality,
schedule and cost.
 Ensure sub-contractor working for the approved construction method statements and schedules,
performing to schedule requirement and have sufficient qualified supervision and skilled labor.
 Preparing and reviewing piping specification in accordance with the COMPANY standard and general
 Provide piping technical input to P&ID’s, including piping classes, valve types and special items.
 Reviewing WPS from Inspection Department, and ensured that contractor welder performing their
job as per requirements.
 Co-ordinate with inspection team (QC) for witnessing all field piping test, including hydro test, dye
penetrant, UT and any other NDT which required by the COMPANY.
 Reviewing all site work and prepare the punch list for the construction contractor.

OCT. 2005-JUNE 2008 PT. TOTAL E&P Indonesie, East Kalimantan District

Barge & Marine Supervisor (contract under PT. Royal


 Supervising all crane barge operation, including cargo transfer operation/lifting/loading and back
loading (piping equipment, gin pole, platform, etc), piling/construction activity and dredging activity.
 Preparing and advising Barge Master regarding anchor handling operation (anchor pattern), and
sequence of the job, avoid any critical area such as river crossing pipelines, live facilities, and oil &
gas installation.

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Resume Piping Mechanical Engineer

 Performing inspection regularly all of lifting/rigging equipment such as sling, shackle, wire, personal
basket, and any other lifting equipment as per standard (color coded) and all of marine spreads as
supporting units (tug boat, AHT, hopper barge) to ensure the safety of the marine operation.
 Monitoring HSE implementation on all aspect of crane barge activity, as per contract policy from the
COMPANY and issued anomaly report if found any discrepancy.
 Preparing work permit (both hot and cold, depending on kind of job to be done), attending daily
work permit meeting.
 Preparing lifting plan and SWL calculation for lifting activity, advising to Barge Master if necessary.
 Carried out safety talk and risk assessment before entering new site/location or when performing
new job with additional risk)
 Prepare planning for daily activity of crane barge as per 3 weeks look ahead plan from site office;
avoid any ‘NAT” (no activity time, which considered as loss time for crane barge).
 Report to site office regarding project progress every morning and estimation of time remaining for
current project.

JULY 2005-SEPT.2005 PT. Pelayaran Meratus, HEAD OFFICE-Surabaya

Port Captain (Probation)

 Controlling ship’s performance by minimizing off-hires and port stays, collecting data and analyze.
 Controlling ship’s working hours and ship’s productivity, loading/discharging rate, always considering
ship particular.
 Making any necessary co-ordination with branch office if any operational problem occurred, assist
branch to solve the problem.
 Assisting Operation Manager for collecting operational data such as ship’s performance, productivity,
TRV, giving input or advice to operation manager regarding ship’s optimizing plan.

JUNE 2004-JUNE 2005 PT. Pelayaran Meratus, HEAD OFFICE-Surabaya

Head of Cargo Claim & Insurance Department

 Processing any claim received and makes correspondence to claimant in order to settle claim,
persuade claimant to minimize claim reimbursement.
 Preparing monthly report to management about recapitulation of claim reimbursement and making
any necessary coordination with other department in order to minimize any potentials claim in the
future (management review)

NOV.2002-May 2004 PT. Pelayaran Meratus, Palembang Branch Office

Owner Representative (O/R)

 Delivering objective and targets sets by Head Office Surabaya

 Maintaining good relationship with local customer and set up high standard of service according to
COMPANY definition.

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Resume Piping Mechanical Engineer

 Assisting stevedoring company and Master for handling and stowage of cargo, in order to optimize
ship’s capacity.
 Monitoring and review local agent performance, in term of ship’s serviceability.

FEB 2001-NOV.2002 PT. Pelayaran Meratus, HEAD OFFICE-Surabaya

Project Officer for Oldendorff’s Project

 Acting as coordinating person for Oldendorff’s project in monitoring Oldendorff’s cargoes from POL
until POD, and make sure that all procedures and cargoes documentation were followed.
 Making coordination and correspondence with local agent and Oldendorff’s representative in
Indonesia during the operation, starting from receiving cargo at out port until delivering at Jakarta

1995-2000: Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya-East Java

Majoring: Off-shore Engineering (GPA 2.95 of 4.00)

1992-1995: Senior High School SMAN 1 Singaraja-BALI

Majoring A1 (physics science), GPA 55.75 of 60.00


Time Subject of Training Held by

Jan 2010 Advance Fire Fighting PT. Total E&P Indonesia

April 2009 Risk Awareness & Prevention PT. Total E&P Indonesie

April 2009 Basic Fire Fighting PT. Total E&P Indonesie

March 2009 Sea Survival & Off-shore Emergency Procedure PT. Indosafe Pratama

Feb 2009 CTA (Cause Tree Analysis) PT. Total E&P Indonesie

Jan 2009 Posture and Gesture PT. Total E&P Indonesie

April 2008 Over Head Crane Operator ALKON Balikpapan

April 2008 Scaffolding Inspector ALKON Balikpapan

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Resume Piping Mechanical Engineer

March 2008 Basic First Aid PT. Total E&P Indonesie

Jan 2008 CSAT Training (contractor supervisory ability training) PT. Sucofindo

Sept. 2007 Work Permit Procedure (Re-fresh) PT. Total E&P Indonesie

Oct.2005 Basic Lifting & Rigging (NSL) PT. Total E&P Indonesie

Oct. 2005 HSE in OIL & GAS INDUSTRY PT. Total E&P Indonesie

References available upon request.

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