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ele Handbook TABLE OF CONTENTS ABB FLOW SOLUTIONS Flowmeter Sizing Software CD-Calc Sizing Software .. ABB Flowmeter Sizing Software (Genie II Online Product Information Library ABB Infozone..... Fleld™ Products TrioWirl Vortex Shedding and Swirl Flowmeters with Digital-Signal-Processing DSP - A Giant Leap in Per Wedge Primary Flow Elements Integral Orifice Elements...... TrioMass Coriolis Mass Flowmeters . ABB Industrial Magnetic Flowmeters. ABB Municipal Magnetic Flowmeters Rotameters ...... SELECTION AND APPLICATION Primary Flow Elements Primary Flow Element Selection Application and Performance Compari: Differential Element Flow Equations . Integral Orifice Element Wedge Element . BRRRS INSTALLATION Orifice Plates ...... GLOSSARY Definition of Terms ..... TABLE OF CONTENTS ———SFSFSFSSFSFFFSFFFSFffmmmffffseseF TABLES 1 30 31 Flowmeter Applications and Features..... ASME Piping Recommendations: All Fittings in Same Plane . ASME Pi Recommendations: Fittings in Different Planes ... 25 ASME Piping Recommendations: With Reducers and Expanders ASME Piping Recommendations: Atmospheric Intake 26 ASME Piping Recommendations: Valves & Regulators 27 ASME Piping Recommendations: Venturi Tubes 27 Span and Range Values... DATA AND CONVERSION TABLES Formulae .. NISSSSISHLSRLSSSRS Conversion Factors: Pressure Conversion Factors: Volume Conversion Factors: Mass .... Distance Kinematic Viscosity Absolute Viscosity .. Metric Prefixes........ Temperature Conversions Specific Gravity of Selected Liquids Density and Specific Gravity of Selected Gases 47 Properties of Saturated Steam.. Corrosion Rates ......... Viscosity in Ft/Sec of H,0 thru 0.5"-4" Schedule 40 Pipe 54 Viscosity in Ft/Sec of H,0 thru 6”-16”" Schedule 40 Pipe 56 Viscosity in Ft/Sec of H,0 thru 18”-24” Schedule 40 58 Physical Properties of Water 59 Pipe Diameters .......... 60 Conductiveities of Aqueous Solutions Viscosity of Various Gases Viscosity of Various Liquids .. Viscosity Curves for Selected Viscosity Curves for Selected Liquid Petroleum Products .