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Eco LED Panel

Product information
The Eco LED Panel Luminaire is a commercial luminaire utilising •  RoHS compliant, mercury free
a LED optical system to achieve superior performance. It provides •  Durable and reliable
high uniformity, excellent efficiency and reduced glare in T-grid •  Thermal overload protection
ceiling applications. The improved lumen maintenance of L70 of initial •  Long life (40,000 hours @L70)
lumens at 40,000 hours of operation, allows lower maintenance costs •  Enhanced visual performance – UGR <21
over time. It is suitable for indoor general lighting. •  Enhanced emotional light experience
•  Compliant to photo biological safety standard
Features & benefits •  No IR or UV radiation
•  Easy install & maintenance
• High optical grade diffuser providing good efficiency
and impact resistance
•  Uniform illuminating surface: no led “dots” Applications
•  Sustainable green choice for Energy Saving •  General lighting
•  Up to 86 lm/W delivered at 4000K •  Office, retail, healthcare, education

Ordering Data

Product Power Lumen CCT Dimensions

Code Product Description
[W] [lm] [K] [mm]
93013515 BT227D336VCEDS 3100 4000 597×597

93013516 BT227D436VCEDS 36 3100 5000 597×597

93013517 BT227D536VCEDS 3100 6500 597×597

For 120-240V SKU-s please contact your local Sales Team!

Specifications Dimensions [mm]
597±2 597±2

Input Voltage [V] 220-240

68±2 68±2
Input Power [W] 36 68±2
31 31
Input Frequency [Hz] 50/60 31
Power Factor 0.9
Lumen Output [lm] 3100
CCT [K] 4000, 5000, 6500
CRI >80
Efficiency [lm/W] 86
Control 1-10V analogue DIM
Life [L%, h] 40,000 [L70]


Warranty [years] 3

Files Available LM79
Dimensions [mm]


Weight [kg] 3.7
UGR <21
IP Rating (general) IP20
Fixture class 1

Light Output

135° 180° 135°




90° 90°

45° 0° 45°

C270 cd/klm

C0 C180 C0-C180 C90-C270


Order logic

Internal Fixture Special

Voltage Optics Wattage Controller
Code Type Characters

D3: medium distribution, 4000K, UGR21

B: Backlit CEDS: Direct
22: 2’x2’ 7: 220-240V (CE Version) D4: medium distribution, 5000K, UGR21 36: 36W V: 0-10V
T: Troffer Shipment
D5: medium distribution, 6500K, UGR21

Example: BT227D336V GE Lighting is constantly developing and improving its products. For this reason, all product descriptions in this sheet are intended as a
general guide, and we may change specifications time to time in the interest of product development, without prior notification or public
announcement. All descriptions in this publication present only general particulars of the goods to which they refer and shall not form part
and General Electric are both registered trademarks of any contract. Data in this guide has been obtained in controlled experimental conditions. However, GE Lighting cannot accept any liability
of the General Electric Company arising from the reliance on such data to the extent permitted by law. Eco LED Panel Data Sheet – October 2015