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Linguistics Knowledge: How do I consider it!

By: Yusaeny Rozelyna

Concerning with the words “linguistics knowledge”, we cannot decry, in fact, that linguistics
knowledge is supposed to be a draft correspond to the language learning and teaching process. It is
to say, that linguistics knowledge provides an endeavour of reinforcement in the language issues.
As the English learner, it naturally conveys English rules and conventions to shed light a learning
English constitutes the study of linguistics. Language based its function is a nucleus for us to overly
attempt to explore a justification of its usage. Partly from its function, we should analyze it so that
we are aware of its usage in proper manner. It is perhaps rightful that our language proficiency is
complicated by the existing of our subconscious competence. Linguistic knowledge of the system
English use is required as a mastery standard in acquainting English as second language acquisition.
For learning Indonesian as our native language, we may slightly or even have no trouble at all. It is,
however, somewhat distinct to acquire English as our foreign language. Considering English
learning relates to the aspects of language, we will recall the four skills that it is likely we precisely
obtain. It constitutes reading, writing, and listening. What is asserted above, in fact, is not as easy as
we apply.
Mildly stated earlier, I come up with my annoying case with respect to the English usage
toward linguistics knowledge. In English pronunciation, for instance, it badly impedes my way to
speak English. My difficulty is in pronouncing some English letters perfectly which are little bit
different from those of English. English phonology is positively distinguished from those of
Indonesian in terms of vocals. In addition, English vocal has twelve letters whereby Indonesian
vocal only has five letters. The phenomenon of English suprasegmental does not occur in our
language. So than, I mostly keep attention concern with speaking process as communicative
language. I am sometimes or even overly fallen into a trapped view of the word choices as a matter
of lexicon level, and explicate my mind into Indonesian way. It is an apparent that I implicate cross-
cultural point across my English writing skill, which is not mature statistical writing style. It is too
bad that my own English thinking is still affected by Indonesian mind. This is not, for instance, a
real proof, but an example that I am trying to write English in Indonesian style. It is maybe very
confusing when I interpret the imperative phrase “please add the rice!” instead of the phrase
“Please, have some more rice” and the sentence “eat by yourself” rather than the sentence “help
yourself”. My comprehension is English utterances deliver confusing produced words. I am also
desperate when I have a misinterpretation with the word /’raiDƏr/ meant writer instead of rider.
These words phonologically sound the same for me. Moreover, in the ‘WH Question’ concept, my
students in SMP Negeri 2 Bunyu, are overlap with the use of it in adjective clause, which deviate
from the rule. In the case of producing English words, my students derive from certain ethnic, Bugis
for instance; hardly pronounce inappropriately between /n/ and /ƞ/ as final word.

Final Project of Discourse Analysis

Reviewing the general problems exist in second language acquisition, I concisely convince
that our English academic requires some more mastery teacher in English instructional learning to
enhance our acquisition of English as foreign language.

My critical point of view in my writing performance:

English as my second language acquisition is likely as complicated components for me to
obtain comprehensive understanding. It is to say, my English comes up with something far from
natural order in the case of its concepts, in particular performing my ideas in English, which it
sometimes makes interference with my cultural view as background of the role of my first language.
This reason, in fact, affects my attitude not to be confident with the ideas I present accordingly.
Moreover, I lose intuitively so many ideas in my brain when someone specially criticizes my work
manifestation of language production, which is interpreted by elementary level writing skill. It
directly attacks me into a deep stuck, so then, I feel shy and embarrassed to speak out going ahead
my writing performance all over.
The monitor applied to edit my second language acquisition requires the amount of time. I
am used to checking my writing performance to ensure my own belief that it is apparent that I
deliver my language production correctly. In addition, I explore all aspects in detail with respect to
conscious grammar, diction as lexicon level, juncture etc. It will, of course, take a long time to
match it as perfect. Consequently, it is necessary for me as English learner to involve the awareness
of linguistics knowledge in acquisitioning English as second language. It does not suggest not only
straightly impose something what we think but also implicitly apply the role of my first language in
producing English utterance.
In the case of grammar, I doubtfully perceive some errors in combining the sentences to
make it into natural order. Particularly, the use of compound sentence which produce contusing as a
matter of main clause and sub clause. It sometimes impedes my mind that I am supposed to pay
attention of junctures and commas to acquire coherent structure in a good passage. It is likely that I
should endorse my own conscious grammar to monitor my second language implemented in
classroom learning as formal linguistic environment to attain my best hand writing skill. I cannot
overlook the elements of linguistics knowledge when it is apparent that I take note of my writing
style like verbal communication without considering the form. Furthermore, I persistently apply
adverb and get involve my frequent reading performance to strive my English progress to be near
stylistic writing style by memorizing English type of native text.

Final Project of Discourse Analysis