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ALUNO N°: 1 QUESTION (20 scores) p GRAMMAR | 01. You and your friends really want to do something next weekend. You have many options but you don’t have enough time to do all of them. Think about the options below and choose one. Your choice:( X Barbecue in a club. ( )Going tothe movies. ( ) Going toa nightclub. Now that you have chosen, use the Comparison of Equality with ADJECTIVES, ADVERBS and the words from the box to explain your friends your choice. Write at least 04 (FOUR) SENTENCES. Do not repeat your ideas! (08 scores) nearly , quite, almost, just a) B ue in a club isn’t nearly as expensi i a nightclub. vv b) in is just as exciting as going to a nightclub. vv ©) Bi 2 i isn't quite rin ini jes. vv d) Goin nightclub is ali s fi a ue i vv 02. Lucas is working at a computer store and he has just received some information from ASSER about the new laptops they have just released. Now Lucas has to write a report for his boss, comparing the Products, to show which of them is worth ordering. Use the Comparison of Equality with ADJECTIVES, ADVERBS and the words in parentheses. Write at least 04 (FOUR) SENTENCES. Do not repeat your ideas! (08 scores) Mr. Lucas, | Our company has just released some new laptops. They are two. CompTex and Rubbie. CompTex memory is large. Rubbie memory is a little larger than the CompTex. CompTex costs less than US $ 1.000. The Rubbie costs a little more than CompTex. Rubbie is easy to use. CompTex is also easy to use. Comptex is very fast. Rubbie is much more fast. T hope that’s enough for you to choose. Waiting your order. me | SSAA / STE / CMCG 2014 AE3/2014 ~ INGLI ALUNO N°: NOME: a a-(just) je is just as ea Tex, vv b-(almost) ‘om, is a as Rubbie memory, vv c-(nearly) Tex isn't nearly as fi Rubbie, “v d-(quite) Tex doesn't it uch bie. vv 03. Nowadays most of the people love technology because they help people with their work. Use the INFINITIVE OF PURPOSE to say why these professionals have bought those equipment. (04 scores) Carlos that is a personal | a) book to work on his trainer bought a new ; NOTEBOOK, ud < —— Samantha who is a top | b) b mart phone for model has a es ‘SMART PHONE. Richard who is a really | c) hi it is order famous photographer i Z has just got a re wall rs PROFESSIONAL CANON camera. Francisco is a lorry |d) Francisco recei PS fi is driver and his company | on vaiidn irae installed in his truck a new modern GPS, All the images from: www.maging-resource.com SSAA / STE / CMCG 2014 cMcG| _AE3/2014 - ING! Es? Werte R |ALUNO N°: NOME: TURMA: 2" QUESTION (14 scores) | VOCABULARY | 04. Ana’s grandmother wants to learn how to use the computer and some computer tools. Ana is writing some instructions to help her grandma. Help Ana to write down these instructions. Do not repeat your ideas. (06 scores) Hi Grandma! Here are some instructions to help you with your computer. Let's start today talking about the Word program. When you are in it and you have already finished your work/letter you need to 1- click te 10 see the o| jons and 3: our text. If you don’t like any part of the text, you have just to 4- ane 0 it. When your text is too long and you can’t see some parts of it you have just to use the 5- scroll barv” ‘on the right side of the screen to go to the bottom and to the top of the page. If you don’t want to e-mail your text/message you can just select the 6- . wm & 5 icon to get your text/message ready to send to any friend you want. I hope you understand the instructions. On Sunday I will meet you to help you more with your computer doubts. Love, Ana ‘All the images from: www.iconexperience.com. 07/08/2014 Cc SSAA / STE / CMCG 2014