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Stephanie Diaz

7909 cypress St. Houston Tx 77012

September 27, 2018
AES Scholarship

Thirty years from now, I envision a lavish life, whole of successes and accomplished
feats at a ripe age of 47. I hope for the legacy left behind to be passed down the future
generations- all the charitable and philanthropical deeds of a lifetime. The successes
in life, of course left to be determined ultimately by the perception of the individual,
are what indefinitely give shape to the future outcome, whether it be of good or bad
nature. To come to the basis that I would’ve lived an indisputable successful life,
would particularly entail to the making of the lives of the family left behind- I express
habitable, or even to be of fit to be discerned as of “livable conditions”. As I am an
individual who has come from a background of what is deemed to be as a low-income
household and of parents who come from other more underserved countries of
origin, by a considerably young age, I came to the revelation of the significant matters
made to be obscure and unclear to the mass populations. The living conditions,
educational system, holding in disregard the concerning matter forgotten by society;
that we are all essentially the same regardless of our roots, human. I hope for
someday to be of help and reestablish such political affairs.
My life would be considered successful, in my own eyes, the day I get myself
an education and establish a recognized name for myself- one of an individual who
has aided in the unsettling matters in neighboring third- world countries. The power
of education is something that I’ve certainly recognized; it is the matter-that I stress
not- that can get anybody out of the quality of life that they live in. The attending to
a four-year University and receiving a degree, is what I strive for. I know that by
accomplishing this I will be able to provide for my family someday, and get them out
of the current financial circumstances that they live in. The most important
relationships that will be important in this goal that I strive for is basically family.
Family is the main factor that has kept me in track and sustained me throughout the
course of my lifetime; especially my mother. My mother is an extraordinary woman
whose birthplace is actually that of a country in South America, Honduras, that is
actually infamous for its high murder and crime rates and as well for its extreme
poverty levels. The populations of people of countries such as this one doesn’t
necessarily aid or the free education and benefits that many take for granted in a
developed country such as the one we currently reside in, the United States.
So, with this I intend to voice the matter that my successes in life would
specifically come from the deeds that I someday will accomplish regarding the aiding
of individuals in third-world countries and getting an education to someday ensure
that I am able to provide for my family.

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