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 BMB (Birla Heart Research Centre), the first NABH

accredited hospital of India, is a distinctive super-speciality

hospital, specialising in Cardiac Care. Catering to a wide
spectrum of cardiac ailments in children and adults, the
hospital has been tendering quality patient care, diagnosis,
treatment, and research of cardiovascular diseases for over
28 years.
 BMB has been a symbol of trust over the years, and has
earned the distinctive reputation from its patients for being a
safe destination for cardiac treatment. The hospital has met
some successful landmarks and will continue its pursuit in
saving lives.
 The only Cardiac Super Speciality  Comprehensive Health Check-up
Hospital of Eastern India packages
 24×7 Chest Pain Centre  India’s 1st NABH accredited Hospital
 Highly Specialized in performing  India’s 1st hospital to be awarded
Invasive and Non-Invasive Cardiac ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and
treatments and surgeries OSHAS 18001:2007 for maintaining
 Eminent Cardiologists and Cardiac high standards in healthcare,
Surgeons of International & environmental protection and
National Repute occupational safety respectively
 Nurse-Patient ratio is 1:1 for  Performed more than 22000 Cardiac
ventilated patients. Surgeries, 90000 Cath Lab
 186 beds with 76 dedicated beds for Procedures, 120000 In Patient
ICU & CCU Admissions, 750000 Non Invasive
 3 Flat Panel Fully Digital Tests, 4200000 Pathological Tests,
Catheterization Lab treated more than 5,000 foreign
 Speciality Clinics – Pacemaker clinic, patients
Diabetic clinic, Hypertension and
lipid clinic, Paediatric care clinic,
Diet clinic
 First hospital in India to be accredited by  First hospital in India to perform complicated open
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and heart surgery for a 9-day-old baby weighing 2.5
Healthcare Providers (NABH), handed over by kilograms
 First hospital in India to perform angioplasty for a 94-
His Excellency, The President of India, Dr APJ year-old patient
Abdul Kalam  First hospital in India to perform extra corporeal
 First hospital in India to be awarded ISO membrane oxygenation on a neonate for respiratory
9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS distress
18001:2007 for maintaining high standards in  First hospital in India to support the failing heart of an
healthcare, environmental protection and adult with an artificial heart and
mechanical circulation, for more than 100 hours
occupational safety respectively  First hospital in Eastern India to introduce
 First Private Nursing College in Eastern rotablations to remove hard blockage in the coronary
India to introduce BSc, MSc & CVT Nursing arteries
curriculum  First hospital in Eastern India perform EP study for
 First hospital to initiate air ambulance service rhythm disturbances of heart and cure it by
in Eastern India radio frequency ablation
 First hospital in Eastern India to perform cardiac
 Ranked #1 in India for ‘Value for Money’ in an resynchronization therapy for heart failure,
independent survey of ‘India’s Best Hospitals’ by biventricular pacing
 First hospital in India to perform keyhole  First hospital in Eastern India to implant ICD to treat
surgery to close a hole in the heart life threatening rhythm disturbances of heart
 First hospital in Asia to perform dynamic and prevent sudden cardiac death
cardiomyoplasty  First hospital in Eastern India to implant three-in-one
device (CRT + ICD + heart failure monitoring) in patient
 First hospital in India to perform angioplasty with advanced heart failure
from wrist in the field of interventional  First hospital in Eastern India to treat aortic aneurysm
cardiology non-surgically by covered stent grafting in
 First hospital in India to perform video a catheterization lab
assisted thoracic surgery (VATS)
 It is not possible to predict who will get a heart attack and when. Nobody is
completely immune from this disease and it is a fact that any of us can get a
heart attack anytime even after taking medications or after undergoing bypass
surgery or angioplasty. We can, however, reduce our risk of having a heart attack
by adopting healthy lifestyle and taking medications when necessary. There is
usually no single reason for a heart attack. There are multiple risk factors and one
has to address them together. There are non- modifiable risk factors for heart
ailments like increasing age, male sex and a family history of heart problems.
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 Heart failure is a major, worldwide public health issue, with the number
of affected individuals standing at over 23 million worldwide, and rising.
The American Heart Association says that one in five people have a
lifetime risk of developing heart failure. Not only is the issue a serious
health concern but it also poses a serious burden on healthcare costs
across the world. Doctors and specialists agree that awareness and
timely intervention are the best ways to relieving the burden of heart
 For more information visit :
BM Birla Heart Research Centre,
1/1, National Library Avenue,
Alipore, Kolkata-700027
West Bengal.
Phone Number : +91 33 30403040
Fax : +91 33 2456 7880
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