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[Insert date here]

Dear [Name],

APPOINTMENT of [insert job]

We are pleased to offer to you employment as [insert job] in Adcote School.

The terms and conditions of employment plus job description are enclosed. Your
employment contract will be signed with Ray International Academy Co., LTD. If the terms
are acceptable to you, please formally indicate your acceptance by signing the
ACCEPTANCE SLIP and email the scanned version to email address:

You are expected to sign a formal employment contract after teaching commences.

Yours sincerely

Jolee Cai

HR Manager

Ray Education Group - Shanghai Headquarters

Add: 20F, Block A, No.388, West Jiangwan Rd. Hongkou District, Shanghai
Tel: (86) 021-33161136*8082

Web: www.rayglobal.org

Email: joleecai@rayglobal.org

Further details
Service term
The service term is from [insert date here] 2017 to [insert date here] 2018 with the first one
month set as probation period (the commencement date will be subject to the actual date when
you start teaching in Adcote School Shanghai).

Ray will endeavor to assist teachers with work visa application.

Accommodation allowance will be taxed.

1. Be in charge of [department] department and overall academic management. 

2. To deliver high quality [subject] lessons to students. 

3. To prepare relevant lesson plans and course/subject materials. 

4. To use a variety of delivery methods that will stimulate learning appropriate to student
needs and the demands of the Edexcel curriculum. 

5. Develop resources, support teaching programmes and deliver on a number of courses as
6. To support the achievement of annual targets for learner retention and success rates. 

7. Provide excellent assessment feedback in accordance with examination requirements 

8. To conduct teaching/learning activities appropriate to the needs of individual learners,
course and the curriculum, keeping attendance records and maintaining student

9. Attend all marketing/student recruitment/teachers recruitment activities required. 

Offer Benefits Package
A. Monthly salary of working period

a) Basic Salary RMB [].

b) Post Salary RMB []. The schedule is a full-time schedule of 40 working hours per week, which
includes average twenty 40-minute teaching periods per week, lesson planning,
extracurricular activities and evening study sessions.
c) RMB [8000] accommodation allowance will be provided.

d) According to above, your total salary package per month of working period is:
e) RMB [basic] (a) + [post] (b) + [8000-tax] (c) = RMB [sum].
f) full International health insurance (excludes US and basic international hospitals) up to
g) training on board (TESOL, TEFL) up to RMB30,000
h) priority position working opportunity in Adcote-UK after 2 years
i) all tuition fee covered for staffs’ children in Adcote School
a) Paid winter vacation: Basic Salary RMB [basic] x 100%+ Post Salary RMB [post] x100% + Accommodation
Allowance RMB [8000-tax] x 100% = RMB [total]
b) Paid summer vacation: Basic Salary RMB [basic] x 100%+ Accommodation Allowance RMB [8000-tax] x 100% =
RMB [total] (consider it bonus)
c) Full paid Christmas vacation.
C.Traffic expenses
a) Your first arrival traffic expense from your country of residence or residence place in China or your Z visa
application place to the city our school located will be reimbursed after three months probation.
b) A return traffic expense will be refunded after serving one full academic year under the condition of
contract renewal. (up to 10,000RMB)
c) Relocation compensation 10,000RMB will be reimbursed after three months probation.
a) This postponed offer will be valid within 2 working days from the date it was sent
b) Once you signed the offer, please remember that the offer will be lapsed automatically if you do not reply any
email or message from the company within 5 working days.

c) Once you signed the offer, please remember that the offer will be lapsed automatically if you do not provide
enough documents which requested by the company within 10 working days (documents for your working

d) The offer will be suspended immediately if any materials you provided found fake, including the reference and
background check information.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact:

Jolee Cai

HR Manager
Ray Education Group - Shanghai Headquarters
Tel: (86) 021-33161136*8082
Email: joleecai@rayglobal.org

I have read and fully understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as set out in this OFFER LETTER with Ray
International Academy Co., LTD. I further agree to commence duties on an agreed date after further discussion with
Ray International Academy Co., LTD. pending any required medical examination and clearance.


Name of Applicant: _____________________________

Date: _____________________________


Party A: Ray International Academy Co., LTD. _

Party B: _______________________________________

The contract is formulated and printed by

Ray International Academy Co., LTD.

Edition2017 (2nd edition)

Party A: Ray International Academy Co., LTD. (Hereafter referred to as “Party
Chinese Representative Office Contact Address:20 F, Block A, Hongkou Plaza,
No.388 West Jiangwan Road. Shanghai
Post Code: 200083 _

Party B:_________________________________(Hereafter referred to as “Party B”)

Nationality: ________________________________________________________
Gender: ___________________________________________________________
Passport No.: _______________________________________________________
Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________
Contact Address in China: _____________________________________________
Post Code: _________________
Contact Address for Original Domicile: ________________________________
Post Code: _________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________
Tel No.: ___________________________________________________________

Party B’s Emergency Contact Information

Name: _____________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________
Tel No1: ___________________________________________________________
Tel No2: ___________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________

In accordance with laws and regulations of People's Republic of China, the

employment contract is signed by both parties on the basis of equality, voluntariness
and consensus.

Rights and obligations of Party A and Party B are established in the Contract. Both
Parties confirm they fully understand and will implement completely any provisions
in the Contract.
Chapter I. Contract term

Article 1.
1.1 The contract the term from_2017/ /_[ 2 years]_ to _2019/ /_. The effective
date of the contract is on the actual commencement date of the school/center. (the
actual commencement date will be on the day when Party B physically start work at
the designated school.)
1.2 The probationary period for Party is 3 months starting from 2017/ /_ to
2017/ / .
1.3 The payment starting date will be the same as the actual work starting day
(based on the actual work attendance as well as the campus calendar).
1.4 If Party B conducted acts during the probationary period which did not
meet Part A’s recruitment requirements and Part A did not realize the until the end
of the probationary period because of Party B’s intentional efforts to conceal them,
then Party A has rights to terminate the contract in accordance with provisions
concerning termination of the Contract during the probationary period without
paying any compensation to Party B.
1.5 According to relevant laws and regulations of Chinese government, Party
B should furnish Party A with a certificate of registered medical practitioner or a
Chinese government designated medical check-up as to fitness for employment and
non-criminal certificate. Party B should also offer Party A acceptable
documents/certificates to Party A in order to prove that Party B has related
qualifications and experiences to teach at member school (diploma authentication,
TEFL/TESOL). It is necessary that all teachers employed by Part A Should hold
valid documentation related to the employment that Chinese government requested
(Z via, residence permit, alien employment license etc.). If relevant qualification
certificate which Party B holds is invalid or relevant employment documentation
failed or due to any other reason that make Party B to fail to obtain the approval of
the Chinese government or related agencies, the contract will become invalid

Chapter II. Position and job description

Article 2. Position and work environment

2.1 Party A employs Party B to serve in teaching post, according to Party A
needs and Party B’s job intention.

2.2 Party B place of employment should be the place designated by A
When the designed place close down for Force Majeure, Party B should obey the
arrangement of Party A to teach in other place.
Article 3. Job Description
3.1 Party B should give IGCSE / A Level Teacher / Activities Organizer
/AP/G5 and other academic activities Party A’ students as well as developing
students’ professional standards and English application level.
3.2 Helping Party A’ teachers to solve academic and teaching related
problems they might come across as well as taking the role of form tutor.
3.3 Party B should take participate into the teaching research job helping Party
A to select, check and polish relevant teaching materials A Level examination papers
and other reference materials assist in recording tapes of texts and other teaching
materials take part in the activities of the section of teaching and research attend
discussions on the theory and practice of international course as well undertake other
work connected with the teaching assignments.
3.4 Party B should accept teaching examinations and evaluations from Party
A, listen to student’s opinions and suggestions earnestly and take measures to
improve the methods and quality of teaching.
3.5 Party B should participate and direct students to take part in each
extracurricular activity (including competition, academic and interests).
3.6 Party B should remain qualified for the post and perform relevant
responsibilities and obligations in a highly efficient manner all along, complete the
work assigned by Party A on time in full with a satisfactory level of quality, and
perform Party B’s obligations in the contract by submitting work outcomes or in
other manner agreed upon by both Parties.
3.7 Party B has the responsibilities to help students to pass every exam/global
examination of curriculums they take and help them to obtain good grades.
3.8 Party B will need to take 1-2 day night self-study, according to the actual
teaching plan which is arranged by the campus.
3.9 Party B should cooperate with the holiday arrangement, such as overtime,
summer and winter holiday activities or courses delivery which arranged by Party
A. the overtime during holidays (exclude the summer and winter holiday) can be
counted as exchange leave when Party B has no other work arranged. The night self
study and club activities supervision can be counted as teaching periods. Party A
will pay the salary to Party B the salary accordingly, refer 7.2.2. Party B will be legit
to apply for leave in lieu if required working on summer and winter holidays.

Chapter III. Working time and working conditions

Article 4. Working time

4.1 Party B agrees to Party A’s full time work schedule. A full time schedule
is defined as 40 working hours per week. During working hours Party A’s
employment responsibilities include teaching duties, lesson planning, exam
proctoring, student counseling student management supervising independent study,
participation in center activities (e.g., extra-curricular, ceremony’s), and other
school-related related activities as defined by Party A’s designated supervisor.
Lunch breaks are not included as working hours.
4.2 Party B s scheduled working hours will be adjusted according to school
hours and policies. During this time, Party B’s normal teaching duties will be up to
20 class periods per week. If unforeseen circumstances arise, Party A may be
required to exceed 20 class periods per week. If this occurs, Party A will pay an
overtime rate according to this contract. Note: responsibilities listed in term 4.1 other
than teaching duties will not be counted towards the 20 periods per week. (Details
can be found in the OFFER LETTER).
Article 5.
5.1 Party A provides Party B with necessary working conditions and teaching
equipment, and formulates teaching rules.
Article 6.
6.1 Party B should obey Chinese laws and regulations as well as various
regulations and systems formulated by Party A.

Chapter IV. Salary and income tax

Article 7. Salary
7.1 Party A fixes Party B’s salary in accordance with relevant rules under the
national allotment system (before tax). Party B’s monthly basic salary is [insert
meaningless number] RMB Yuan, skill-based salary is RMB [insert meaningless
number] Yuan, Housing allowance is RMB [8000 minus tax] Yuan, performance
salary is RMB _[only for management]_, the total monthly payment is RMB [sum
of everything minus 10% tax] Yuan. The total teaching periods (45-minute is one
teaching period) exceed twenty average per week, the exceed part periods fee will
be calculated based on the unit class fee (RMB [200 or less] yuan per period).
7.2 Summer and winter holiday payment :
7.2.1 Party A will pay the Party B basic and skill-based salary and housing
allowance during winter holiday, will only pay the basic salary and housing
allowance to Party B during summer holiday.

7.2.2 if Party A assigns Party B teaching periods at any time during either
holiday, Party B will be paid according to the actual teaching days (Calculating
formula (Monthly salary/21.75)* actual teaching days). Note: Party A will
determine the date of Summer and Winter holiday, and notify Party B as soon as the
dates are available.

7.3PartyB’s sick pay will be based on following regulations:
7.3.1 When Party B takes sick leave if Party B cannot submit sick leave
application in time Party B should ask Party A for leave by phone. After recovering
Party B should handle formal leave application with medical records. Party B should
present sick-leave certificate issued from tertiary level Chinese hospitals when Party
B asks for sick leave 3 days (include 3 days and above.) (Calculating formula:
(Monthly salary/21.75)* sick days / 2).
7.3.2 During the contract period, if Party B takes sick leave continuously over
30 days, Party B’s post salary will be deducted relevantly according to Chinese labor
7.4 When taking personal leave, Party B will be paid in accordance with
following regulations:
7.4.1 When taking personal leave (not emergency) , Party B should submit
application form to Party A 3 days in advance and get Party A’s approval, or as
absenteeism treatment. After granting leave of absence, Party B’s salary and
allowances will be deducted relevantly according to the number of days off
(Calculating formula : (Monthly salary/21.75)* personal leave days)
7.4.2 In a contract period, the accumulated days of personal leave of Party B
should be less than 10 days (include 10 days). And Party B should take less than 3
days (include 3 days) for personal leave in one time. (Special circumstances can be
negotiated and finally decided by Party A).
7.5 Party A has the right to make deductions from Party B’s salary under
circumstances that Party B disregards Party A’s rules and damages Party A’s
property, fined economically for violation of employment rules and regulations, and
pay penalty or compensation for violating the Contract.
Article 8. Payment of salaries
8.1 Party A should give the payment of the previous month to Party Bon the
15 of each month. If the date coincides with the national statutory holiday or rest
day, the payday is moved up to the next workday. The payment is given on a monthly
basis. For services of less than the entire month, the payment will be made for each
day (Calculating formula (Monthly salary/21.75)* actual teaching days), February
is the same.
Article 9. Personal Income Tax
9.1 It is Party B’s obligation to report and pay personal income tax.
9.2 Unless Party A and Party B agree otherwise, all the salary and other
income that Party B receives under this Contract are taxable.
Chapter V. Benefits

Article 10. Medical insurance, fees for health check after entry and Chinese
residence permission
10.1 Party A will provide Party B (below 58 years old when employed) with
commercial health insurance in Level II Chinese hospitals from the day the Contract
takes effect. According to the medical insurance provisions, Party B can go to
hospital affiliated with the very basic medical insurance plan and apply for
reimbursement and claims in person.
10.2 Party A will reimburse the fee for health check made in the Local Centre
for Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine (express fees for health check report and
miscellaneous expenses like traffic fees in the city are not included) after Party B
passed the probationary period.

10.3 For Party B who passes the probationary period, Party A will reimburse
the fee for application for working visa and Chinese residence permission in the
contract year. Third-party charges (fees for material preparation, courier and local
transportation ect.) shall be borne by Party B.
Article 11. Accommodation

11.1 Under working place conditions allow, Party A will provide Party B the
rent-free on-campus accommodation. All the cost of water and electricity fee,
internet fee, heating and gas fee (if there is) should be paid by Party B.
11.2 If Party A is unable to provide a suitable on-campus accommodation,
A will provide accommodation allowance to Party B. Party B will pay for the
rent. (Accommodation allowance may be adjusted by the level of consumption in
different areas by Party A. Refer to 12.4)
Article 12.Allowances, holidays and other benefits

12.1 After probation period, Party A will reimbursed Party B’s one-way air/
train tickets directly from their county of residence/ residence in China or Z-visa
application place to designated school(City transportation costs is not included. ).
Reimbursement for the amount of the air tickets is based on real-time market prices
for economy class of linear distance, train ticket standard is not higher then Second
Class, and should be confirmed by Party A. And Party A has the final explanation
right. International airline ticket should not exceed 5000RMB one way ticket.
Domestic airline ticket should not exceed 2000RMB for return.
12.2 After fulfilling the Contract, if both parties renew the contract voluntarily,
Party A will pay round air tickets fare once for Party B to return to their residential
country. Air fares will be paid by Party B in advance and be reimbursed by Party A
three months later after the renewal of the Contract taking effect. Round air tickets
fare will be complete reimbursement and no more than RMB 10,000RMB in total.
(This fare can be reimbursed on handling in the valid certificates which can be
approved by Party B’s financial department. Please refer to reimbursement rules of
Party B’s financial department. )
12.3 Party B is entitled to the legal holiday required by Chinese government,
which include New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, International
Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese National Day, Mid-autumn Festival and
other holidays designated by law and regulations. Besides, Party A will provide
Party B with a day (December 25 annually) for special holiday on Christmas (In case
of the weekend, the holiday is not postponed).
12.4 Party A will pay RMB [3000 minus tax] Yuan per month housing
allowance to Party B, using to subsidize the living cost of Party B. Party B has
obligations to pay all living expenses(include transportation, gas, water during the
contract). Otherwise, Party A may deduct the equal amount of the unpaid bills from
Party B’s salary package.
12.5 Party A will reimburse Party B 10,000RMB relocation fee after Party B
has passed the probation period.
12.6 For the application of working permit, if Party B needs to attend the
TEFL in China training program organized by the State Administration of Foreign
Experts Affairs (SAFEA), Party B should pay the training fee in advance (training
fee refers to the SAFEA stated). Once Party B passes the probation period, this
training fee can be reimbursed on handling in the training invoice from SAFEA.
However, for whatever reason, Party A has the right to deduct the training fee from
Party B’s salary if Party B terminates the Contract before the date of expiration.

12.7 Every time when Party B renews the contract, Party A should give Party
B one month basic salary and skill-based salary as the award.
12.8 Every time when Party B renews the contract, Party A will adjust Party
B’s salary based on Party B’s comprehensive appraisal during the contract and
finally decided by Party A.

Chapter VI. Work discipline and reward & punishment

Article 13. Work discipline

13.1 Party B must abide by the Chinese laws and regulations
13.2 Party B is required to report to Party A on his work and accepts all
reasonable instructions of Party A in relation to the work.
13.3 Party B must follow the rules and employment discipline in teacher’s
ethical code. Party B must maintain the teacher’s professional ethics strictly.
13.4 Party B as a teacher, must maintain laws and school rules strictly, strictly
abide by professional ethics. Besides, Party B was forbidden to develop any
improper relationship outside the relationship between teachers and students.
13.5 Party B must follow the rules and employment discipline formulated by
Party A and accept Party A’s supervision. The rules and employment discipline that
Party A initiates through legal proceedings before the signing of the Contract and
during its implementation are all documents to be abided by Party B.
13.6 Party B should seriously study Party A’s school culture, dedicate
himself/herself to work, respect the professional code of ethics and make a
continuous effort to improve his/her professional skills. Party B should also partake
actively in various training programs organized by Party A. If Party B refused to
participate all kinds of activities organized by Party A, it will affect performance
evaluation and contract renewal.
13.7 Party B has the obligation to keep business secret of all documents,
materials, information and other intellectual property rights, and bear the relevant
legal responsibility if any loss caused by Party B’s behavior.
13.8 When Party B is fulfilling the contract, Party B cannot be employed by
Party A’s partner schools or other company or individual without Party A’s written
permission. Once Party B did not obey the contract, Party A has rights to take legal
sanctions and ask for economic compensation from Party B.
13.9 When Party B is fulfilling the contract, Party B cannot take any kind of
part-time job outside the company. Once Party B did not obey the contract, Party A
has rights to take legal sanctions and ask for economic compensation from Party B.
13.10 Party B must obey Chinese religious policies, and shall not conduct
religious activities incompatible with status of a foreign expert.
13.11 Party B must respect Chinese moral norms and customs.
13.12 If Party B had very serious disease and infectious disease, or female
staff was pregnant, expectant and lactation, Party B should claim his or her situation
clearly to Party A, otherwise Party B will take all responsibilities if any consequence
Article 14. Rewards and penalties
14.1 According to students’ A Level subject’s scores, Party A will give reqards to
Party B, and the specific incentive methods shall be separately formulated by Party
14.2 Should Party B violate Party A’s rules, employment discipline or stipulations
in the Contract, Party A may admonish Party B, inform on Party B, and even
terminate the contract without paying and compensation.
Article 15. Absence from work without asking leave and violation of working
15.1 If Party B is absent from work without the consent of the employer, Party
A will regards this absence as absenteeism. If the absenteeism of Party B lasts within
half a day(including half a day), Party A will deduct Party B’s 1-days salary of the
current month and give a written warning; If the absenteeism of Party B lasts for
more than half a day (no more than 1 day), Party A will deduct Party B’s 3-days
salary of the current month and give a written warning; If the absenteeism of Party
B cumulative total more than 1 day (including 1 day), Party A has rights to dismiss
Party B and deduct Party B’s current month salary.
15.2 In the event of any of the following by Party B, as determined by Party
A, Party A reserves the right to terminate the Contract and resort to legal means for
15.2.1 Absence from work without the consent of the employer for 3
consecutive working days (including 3 working days);
15.2.2 Absence from work without the consent of the employer for a
cumulative total of 5 working days within a contract year;
15.2.3 Other serious violations of rules concerning teaching, which cause
serious damage to Party A;

15.2.4 Other acts that seriously violate working disciplines and relevant rules.;
15.3 In the event of any situation as listed in 15.2, which cause economic
losses and severe damages to Party A, then Party B should take the obligation of
compensating Party A.

Chapter VII. Amendment, termination and cancellation of the contract

Article 16. Amendment of the Contract

16.1 After the signing of the Contract in accordance with the law, both Party
A and Party B should fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Contract faithfully.
Neither Party A nor Party B can amend the Contract without agreement of the other
16.2 The Contract can be amended if the amendment is agreed upon by both
Parties after consultation. The Contract continues to be valid if both Parties cannot
agree on the amendment.
16.3 While the Contract is in force, if some of its terms become no longer
enforceable due to new laws, regulations and policies issued by China or the local
city, the Contract shall be amended in accordance with the new laws, regulations and
16.4 While the Contract is in force, if objective conditions on which this
contract is based change so that the Contract becomes no longer enforceable, the
Contract can be amended if the amended if the amendment is agreed upon by both
Parties after consultation.
16.5 According to Article 16.2 and 16.4 above if one party hereof intends to
amend the Contract, he shall serve the other party written notice with regards to the
amendment requirements, and the other party shall make a written reply to the party
that requires the amendment to be made within 10 working days (including 10
working days) upon receipt of such notice; no reply within 10 days will be regarded
as disagreement to amend the Contract.
Article 17. Termination of Contract
17.1 The Contract is terminated automatically if any of the following occurs:
17.1.1 The Contract expires and Party A and Party B have not renewed the
Contract until its expiration;
17.1.2 Party B reaches the mandatory retirement age, which means Party B is
no longer able to get the related working permit from Chinese government;
17.1.3 Laws and regulations of contract termination of other circumstances ;
17.1.4 Any other circumstances occur under which the Contract must be
terminated as required by law.
17.2 When the Contract terminates upon expiration of its term, Party A should
inform Party B 30 days in advance in written form.

Article 18. Cancellation of Contract
18.1 The Contract can be cancelled upon agreement by both Party A and Party
B following consultation.

18.2 Party A is entitled to cancel this contract Party B is found to be in any of
the following circumstances, under which Party A will not pay any economic
compensation for canceling the contract:
18.2.1 Party B is proved to be unqualified for the work during the probation
18.2.2 Party B is in serious violation of work discipline or of Party A’s rules
18.2.3 Party B commits serious dereliction of duty or practices graft, causing
substantial damage to the employer
18.2.4 Party A considers Party B as unqualified to be a teacher
18.2.5 Party B is complained (in written form) by more than 50% (including
50%) students
18.2.6 Party B is sued for criminal liability in accordance with the law gets
administrative or judicial detention and receives compulsory detoxification
18.2.7 Party B is proved guilty of fraud failing to reveal information related
to this Contract or Party B’s work;
18.2.8 Party B’s illness or injury or continuous sick leave more than 30 cannot
resume normal work.
18.3 If Party B intends to cancel the Contract, Party B should give Party A 90
days’ prior written notice or 10 working days’ prior written notice if Party B is in
the probation period. After approval by Party A, Party B should go through the
termination procedures as required by Party A and settle all relevant fees.
18.4 Party B should compensate Party A economically if Party B relieve this
contract according to the term 18.2 in this contract.
18.5 Party B can inform Party A at any time to cancel the Contract if one of
the following things occurs:
18.5.1 If Part A used deception to induce Party B to sign the Contract;
18.5.2 Party A does not pay salary or dpes not offer working conditions
according to the Contract.
18.6 Once following situation happen to Party B, Party A could give a 30 days
written notice to Party B to terminate the contract.
18.6.1 Party A considers Party B as unqualified to be a teacher;
18.6.2 Party B is complained (in written form) by more than 40% ( including
40%) students

18.6.3 Student drop rate exceeds 30% (including 30%) because of Party B s
teaching accidents.

18.7 During the period of prior notice stipulated in this Contract Party A is
entitled to ask Party B to continue to work and Party B should do work arranged by
Party A in accordance with the Contract and the requirements of Party A. Party B
refuses to work for Party A as requested, Party A has rights to deduct Party B’s wage
according to the number of days.
Article 19. Handover and return of property
19.1 Upon termination or cancellation of the Contract, Party B should carry
out the procedures to hand over his work. If damage is incurred upon Party A
because Party B has not properly handed over his work, refused to hand over his
work or only partially handed over his work, Party B should bear the liability to pay
19.2 Party B should return all documents and other articles that he is using or
are in his possession but belong to Party A.
19.3 After Party B carries out the procedures to hand over his work, Party A
should pay relevant fees in accordance with the law or the terms of this Contract and
issue a demission certificate to Party B.

Chapter VIII. Extension of Contract

Article 20. Extension of the Contract
20.1 Party A and Party B should conduct consultation on whether to extend
this Contract before it expires. If Party A and Party B agree to extend the Contract,
a written agreement should be signed before it expires. The new Contract will be
one-academic year Contract.
20.2 If Party B intends to extend the Contract, he should submit an application
for the extension to Party A at least 60 days before the Contract expires. If both
parties agree, they can carry out the procedures to extend the Contract.
20.3 If Party A intends to retain Party B, Party A should sign the new contract
with Party B 60 days before the contract expired. If Party A agree with the contract
renewal, then Party B should sign the new contract and send it to Party A.

Chapter IX. Legal Liabilities for Breach or Cancellation of Contract

Article 21. Principles governing liabilities for breach of Contract

21.1 Any act that results in the inappropriate, untimely and incomplete
fulfillment of all or part of the obligations stipulated in the Contract constitutes
breach of Contract and the responsible party should be held liable for the breach.
21.2 Regarding the liabilities for breach of Contract, both Parties in this
Contract agree that the breaching party should pay economic compensation to the
non-breaching party in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of China.
21.3 In the event of the Contract terminating upon expiration, neither party
shall be liable for breach of Contract and compensation.
Article 22. Party B’s liabilities for breach of Contract

22.1 Party B is liable for damages it causes to Party A by canceling the
Contract before it expires. Party B should pay compensation to Party A if he/she
unilaterally cancels the Contract before it expires or quits the post without prior
notice, Party B should be liable to pay back all the expenses that Party A paid
including but not limited to health check fee, Chinese residence permission party B,
recruiting fee, transportation fee, insurance fee, and also fees paid to a third party,
Party B, Party B’s former employer and etc., Party B should compensate them in
22.2 Party B should be liable to compensate the economic losses incurred on
Party A due to Party B’s failure to fulfil its other obligations stipulated in the contract.
22.3 If Party B terminates the contract in advance and breaking this contract
as well or Party B is dismissed by Party A, Party A will provide the employment
recommendation letter regulated by Chinese government in accordance with specific
Article 23. Party A’s liabilities for breach of Contract
23.1 If Part A fails to provide Party B with working conditions as stipulated
in the contract or fails to pay Party B’s wages, Party A should pay compensation to
Party B in accordance with the laws and regulations of the central government and
the municipal government of the local city.

Chapter X. Other terms and Agreed upon by Both Parties

Article 24.
24.1 Party A owns the copyrights of the works produced by Party B during
the contract period, either using Party A’s material conditions or being in the name
of Party A’s employee, while Party B has the right to sign the works.
24.2 During the contract period, Party A has rights to use Party B’s academic
background and the video or image date for Party A’s business, Party B should
participate and cooperate with Party A’s marketing and publicity work.

Chapter XI. Dispute Resolution

Article 25. Dispute resolution

25.1 The two Parties shall first settle any disputes which may arise about the
Contract through consultation. If all attempts fail, one of the Parties can appeal to
the committee responsible for arbitration of personnel disputes.
Article 26. Laws
Article 26. Laws applicable
26.1 The laws of China are applicable to all procedures and relevant laws
governing the enforcement, consultation, dispute resolution in relation to this
Contract and its appendixes.
26.2 If the terms or contents of this Contract are in conflict with China’s laws
and regulations, China’s laws and regulations prevail.

Chapter XII. Supplementary Articles

Article 27. Text of Contract

27.1 This Contract shall have two original copies, each of which shall be both
in Chinese and in English, copies of both being held by the Employee and the
Company. This Chinese copy shall prevail, should any wording inconsistency
resulting from translation between the two versions become apparent. The English
copy is for reference only and does not have legal binding force.
Article 28. OFFER LETTER
28.1 The signed OFFER LETTER will automatically be expired after the signing of
this contract.
Article 29. Force of the Contract
29.1 The contract will take effect after both Parties sign but actually starting
date for the salary calculation will be subject to the school open date (refer to 1.3 ).
29.2 Follow 29.1if the signing date of Party A and Party B is different from
each other.

Article 30. Interpretation of Contract

30.1 The HR department of Party A responsible for the management of

foreign staff affairs has the final right to interpret the contents and terms of this
(Content of this Contract ends here)

For Party
and onA: _______________________
behalf of
Party B: _______________________
………………...… Date: __________________________
Authorized Si

Location: ____________________ Location: ______________________

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