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Grade: 3 Week 23rd – 27th Sept., 2018

Adjectives. Use the correct adjectives to describe a noun.
English Progressive Test:
Topics: The Rescue Vocabulary Words, Nouns
Test will be taken on 26th of September 2018
Number and Place Value
•partition 2, 3 3-digit number
Mathematics Place value of the number
Progressive Test:
Topics: Number name, counting in multiples of 3 and 5.
Test will be taken on 25th of September 2018
Food Pyramid
●Able to draw their food pyramid and say if their food intake for the day was
Science healthy or unhealthy.
Progressive Test:
Topics: Food Groups
Test will be taken on 27th of September 2018
Locational knowledge
Oceans and Continents
• Locate and name the continents and oceans on a World Map.
• name and locate countries and cities of the world, geographical regions
and their identifying human and physical characteristics,
• Locate the main countries of Asia inc. UAE.
Geography • Identify capital cities of Asia.
• Identify continents and oceans of the world and locate it.
• Locate and name the countries making up the gulf countries, with their
capital cities.
• Identify longest rivers in the world, largest deserts, highest mountains and
Compare with UAE.
Progressive Test:
Topics: Landforms
Test will be taken on 27th of September 2018
Computer Science E-Safety. How to use internet safely and smartly.
‫ المفردات والتراكيب ( – الجملة‬+ ‫ هل تحلم الحيوانات ؟ ) قراءة‬: ‫النص المعلوماتي‬
Advanced Arabic ‫ الملء فقرة خارجية – الواجب كتابة فقرة من أربعة‬- ( ‫السامية والجملة الفعلية ) نحو‬
‫ أساطر عن حب الوطن‬.
‫ عند الفاكهى‬: ‫درس‬
General Arabic ‫الكلمات الجديدة للدرس – كتابة وقراءة الكلمات وتوظيفها مع هذا وهذه – حل ورقة عمل للدرس‬
( ‫الملء ) سايارة زرقاء – قلم أحمر – ممحاة – علبة – أدوات‬
Islamic English Honoring Parents
Islamic Arabic .‫درس اداب التلوة – يطبق اداب التلوة ويلتزم بها في تلوة القران الكريم‬
Moral Science Value: Family Bonding
Moral Education Discrimination – How to Avoid it
Recognize the names of the tribes that settled in the UAE before the
UAE English Union.
Classify the crafts jobs people in the UAE practiced before the union.


UAE Arabic ( ‫درس النظام البيئي في كوكب الرض ) ارسام كواكب المجموعة الشمساية‬
Urdu Urdu Alphabets alif mad a to zuay
French La Salutation
Note: Regularly check the notebook and the diary for home works.

Note : Al ain City tour Students shall wear regular uniform with extra water . We are going on a tour
around Al ain

Progressive test shall be conducted on whatever is covered in book .