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更更改營業地址/聯聯絡資料通知書 表格 Form
Notification of Change of Business Address / Contact Information
《建築物條例例》(第 123 章)
Buildings Ordinance (Chapter 123)
建築物 (管理理) 規例例 第 45 條
Building (Administration) Regulation 45
• 請以正楷填寫,並在適當⽅方格內加上『√』號。 填寫前,請細閱《注意事項》。
• Read the “Matters to Note”, complete in BLOCK LETTERS and tick the appropriate boxes.

致建築事務監督 To the Building Authority

本⼈人/我們為 I am / We are

認可⼈人⼠士名冊內的 註冊⼀一般建築承建商
Authorized Person in the list of Registered General Building Contractor
建築師 ⼯工程師 測量量師
Architect Engineer Surveyor 註冊專⾨門承建商,⼯工程類別:
Registered Specialist Contractor, works category:
Registered Structural Engineer

註冊岩⼟土⼯工程師名冊 註冊⼩小型⼯工程承建商 (公司)

Registered Geotechnical Engineer Registered Minor Works Contractor (Company)
註冊檢驗⼈人員名冊內的 註冊⼩小型⼯工程承建商 (個⼈人)
Registered Inspector in the list of Registered Minor Works Contractor (Individual)
建築師 ⼯工程師 測量量師
Architect Engineer Surveyor

I/We hereby give you notice of change of my/our business address / contact information as follows:

姓名或公司名稱 (中⽂文)
Name or Company Name (Chinese) 姓⽒氏先⾏行行 Surname first 新營業地址 New Business Address

姓名或公司名稱 (英⽂文)
Name or Company Name (English) 姓⽒氏先⾏行行 Surname first

新電話號碼 New Tel. No. 新傳真號碼 New Fax No.

新電郵地址 New E-mail Address

註冊編號 Registration No.

改⽤用新聯聯絡資料⽇日期 Date of Change to New Contact Information
註冊屆滿⽇日期 Date of Expiry of Registration

⽇日 dd ⽉月 mm 年年 yyyy
⽇日 dd ⽉月 mm 年年 yyyy

獲授權簽署⼈人姓名 (中⽂文)# Name of Authorized Signatory (Chinese)# # 如為註冊⼀一般建築承建商/專⾨門承建商/⼩小型⼯工程承建商 (公司),須填寫⼀一名獲授

# In the case of registered general building contractor / specialist contractor / minor
works contractor (company), please fill in the name of one Authorized Signatory of
the registered contractor. This form should also be signed by the Authorized
獲授權簽署⼈人姓名 (英⽂文)# Name of Authorized Signatory (English)# Signatory.

I/We have read and hereby agree the terms and conditions as stated in the “Matters to Note”
簽署# Signature #

Any false certification or declaration
may be subject to legal action.##

⽇日期 Date

⽇日 dd ⽉月 mm 年年 yyyy

BA24 (06/2016) - P.1/1

注意事項 Matters to Note

## 任何⼈人如作出虛假聲明或就重要事項作出失實陳述即屬觸犯刑事罪⾏行行, ## Any person making a false declaration or misrepresenting a material fact

可能會被檢控。 shall be guilty of a criminal offence and subject to prosecution.

甲. 個⼈人資料 A. Personal Data

收集的⽬目的 Purposes of Collection

1. 屋宇署會使⽤用透過本表格所獲得的個⼈人資料作下列列⽤用途: 1. The personal data provided by means of this form will be used by the
(a) 處理理你在本表格中所呈交的⽂文件的相關事務; Buildings Department for the following purposes:
(b) 處理理執⾏行行有關上述關乎《建築物條例例》及有關規例例的相關事務;及 (a) activities relating to the processing of your submission in this form;
(c) ⽅方便便屋宇署與你聯聯絡。 (b) activities relating to the above administration of the Buildings Ordinance
and related Regulations ; and
2. 你必須提供本表格所要求的個⼈人資料 。假如你未能提供所需資料,可能 (c) facilitating communication between the Buildings Department and
導致處理理你所呈交的⽂文件時出現延誤,或甚⾄至導致無法處理理你的申請。 yourself.
2. It is obligatory for you to provide the information as required in the form. If
獲轉交資料的部⾨門/⼈人⼠士 you fail to provide the required data, delay may be caused in processing of
3. 本署可能會向其他政府部⾨門、決策局、機構或任何⼈人⼠士披露你透過本表 your submission or even result in rejection of the application.
格所提供的個⼈人資料,以作上述第 1 段所列列的⽤用途。
Classes of Transferees
索閱個⼈人資料 3. The personal data you provided by means of this form may be disclosed to
4. 根據《個⼈人資料(私隱)條例例》,你有權查閱及改正你所提交的個⼈人資 other government departments, bureaux, organisations or any persons for
料。屋宇署有權就有關資料索閱的要求收取合理理費⽤用。如要求查閱及改 the purposes mentioned in paragraph 1 above.
Access to Personal Data
4. You have the right of access and correction with respect to the personal
data as provided under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The
Buildings Department has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the
processing of any data access request. Request for personal data access
and correction should be addressed to the Registration Unit of the Buildings

⼄乙. 填寫表格 B. Completion of Form

1. 請填妥表格載列列所有有關的部分,並在表格上簽署。請附上所有證明⽂文 1. Please ensure that all relevant parts of the form are duly completed, and
件。 the form is signed. Please enclose all supporting documents.

2. 所提供的資料如有不全或錯誤,屋宇署將不能處理理呈交的⽂文件。 2. If incomplete or erroneous information is provided in the form, the Buildings

Department may not be able to process the submission.
3. 如對本表格有任何疑問,請與屋宇署註冊⼩小組聯聯絡。
3. Enquiries regarding this form should be addressed to the Registration Unit
of the Buildings Department.

丙. 呈交⽅方法 C. Submission Methods

1. 郵寄/親⾝身呈交 - 本表格應郵寄或親⾝身呈交⾄至屋宇署。 1. By Post / In Person - This form shall be posted to or submitted in person to
the Buildings Department.
2. 電⼦子呈交 - 按本表格上的「提交」傳送本表格 (必須附上數碼證書認證)。
2. Through e-Submission - Click the Submit button to electronically submit
this form with identity authenticated by your digital certificates.

丁. 聯聯絡資料 D. Contact Details

屋宇署註冊⼩小組 Registration Unit of the Buildings Department

地址:九龍旺⾓角彌敦道750號始創中⼼心12樓樓 Address: 12/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon
電話: (由 “ 1823” 接聽) Tel No.: (handled by “1823”)
傳真: Fax No.:
電郵:enquiry@bd.gov.hk Email: enquiry@bd.gov.hk
BA24 (06/2016)

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