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But none of these things move me,

ANNOUNCEMENTS neither count I my life dear unto myself,

Welcome to worship! Joy - one of the most so that I might finish my course with joy,
rare and sought after experiences today. A direct
result of divine grace, joy can only be lived and the ministry, which I have received
when sharing. Experience it with us today!
Bible Project - The New Testament is here! If of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of
you are a lover of the Gospels, the Epistles or the grace of God.
John’s Revelation, join us in HJMC every
Wednesday at 6:30p or online live streaming at Acts 20:24 KJV
Transfers Second Reading: Lucian, Livia &
Alex Sirbu from LL University Church; Elena
Matu from Inland Spanish Church, Colton.
Transfer First Reading: Sandi Teichman
from Loma Linda University church. to serve you
PrimeTimers’ annual potluck outing to JULIO TABUENCA - Senior Pastor
Whitewater is tomorrow. Meet early in church 909.771.4179 | juliotabuenca@gmail.com
parking lot before 10 o’clock departure time.
Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University CRISTIAN IORDAN - Worship & Media
Seminar coming! 9 week path to financial 909.796-0222 ext. 225 | campushill@gmail.com
freedom. Sundays, starting Oct. 7th from 6-8:15
pm. More info, contact Christine Bautista. SHIPHRAH FEPULEA’I - Young Adults & Women
C H C He a l t h M i n i s t r i e s w i l l h o s t a 760.224.4404 | pastorshiph@gmail.com

community Health Fair at Muscoy Elementary
School (2119 Blake St., SB) on October 21, from GABRIEL KATRIB - VisitaMon
11a to 4p. Medical, dental, blood pressure, flu 909.478.9707
vaccination, fitness check, nutrition & health
HOPE McKENZIE - Head Elder
education offered. Volunteers and donations 909.723.0914
are needed. For more information contact
sbwiafe@gmail.com or 909-855-1217. JUDI WRIGHT - AdministraMve Assistant
Unveiling: Women, Faith, and Sexual 909.796.0222 | campushill.office@gmail.com
Abuse - bringing healing to women of faith. 11057 Hill Dr. Loma Linda, CA 92354
October 26 & 27, 2018, Riverside Convention RITA BENDER - Office Assistant
Center, Exhibit Hall A, 3637 Fifth Street 909.796.0222 | campushill.office@gmail.com
Riverside, CA 92501.
Book Signing for Dr. Naomi Modeste is October 13, 2018
scheduled for Sunday October 21 in Hammond-
Jewell Music Center, 1 to 4p. (No credit cards OFFICE
Constituency Update: On last Sunday,
October 7, all officers of the Southeastern
11:00 AM
California Conference were voted back in. The Monday - Thursday
overall spiritual tone of the meeting was 9:00AM to 5:00PM
appreciated by all.

Study Time
According to Thy Gracious Word, by G. Martin
Angelica Prodan

PRAISE MUSIC Sanctuary Choir & Congregation


Theme: Oneness in Christ
Leader: Bashar Fargo
Teachers: Tim MaVngly, Don Johnson,
CHILDREN’S SONG Caroline Sieka
Emmanuel Ogunji, Tom Gibson, Dorothy
CHILDREN’S STORY Lourdes Gudmundsson
Highlight: “Feeling God’s Hands”
Lesson: Causes of Disunity
OFFERING APPEAL Shiphrah Fepulea’i
Memory Text: “ ‘The fear of the LORD is the
beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of
the Holy One is understanding.’ ” (Proverbs OFFERTORY Sanctuary Choir | Barbara Kreaseck: Alto Soloist
9:10, NKJV). O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, by J. M. Martin
Today’s Instrumentalists: 

Diane Kovach Sabbath School
Don Benedicto 11 o’clock Service Adan Rodarte

Sunset: 6:17 SPECIAL MUSIC Sanctuary Choir

Next Week: 6:08 Lord Most High, by H. Sorenson

MESSAGE The Gospel of the Grace of God

Julio Tabuenca

CLOSING SONG To God Be the Glory, 341

Sanctuary Choir & Congregation

BENEDICTION Julio Tabuenca

POSTLUDE Fantasia and Fugue, by P.F. Boëly

Angelica Prodan