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Commercial Trench
Type 6 curb profile

Abrasion resistance of top

surface similar to Portland
cement concrete

Continuous inlets
prevent ponding at
low points, helping to
reduce road surface

Modular one-piece polymer

concrete curb system with

radius secton and ramps
Tested to resist front
impact. Complies with
AASHTO Curb Loading

4” internal width trench

up to up to up to up
968 psi 1,859 psi 1,549 psi 2,78

CurbDrain Leaflet

Monolithic polymer concrete integrated curb unit

and trench drain

CurbDrain is designed to address a number CurbDrain matches Type 6 curb profiles
of drainage problems commonly seen in both to ensure an aesthetic result in most
urban and rural applications. The continuous applications.
line of inlets provides safe, effective drainage
and reduces risk of ponding at low points The CurbDrain system offers a wide range of
along the curb line. options to fit most layouts, while maintaining
the drainage function.
Disruption to vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and
buried utilities, during installation is minimized.

System Layout
Closing Cap
Polymer concrete cap closes end of
Radius Curb
Radiused external faces and tapered ends
provide smooth transition around an external
radius of 12.5 or 25 feet. Radius curbs have
a small dimple on the end to enable easy
identification while parts are still on skid.
Other radius dimensions
and internal radii can be
achieved by mitering
ends. 2

Catch Basin
Two part catch basin has ductile iron top
with hinged access cover and polymer
concrete base. Allows
connection to large
underground pipes.

Cover can be right

or left handed to
match traffic flow -
if a vehicle mounts
the curb and cover
is open, the cover
Standard Curb
will hinge shut
One-piece curb unit with two
and not damage
inlets per 2’ section. Inlets provide
open area of 8.71 sq. in. per linear foot.
Neutral depth system with 4” (100mm) internal

Typical Applications
• Urban roads
• City centers
• Housing developments
• Parking lots
• Industrial areas
Access Curb
Drop Curbs Curb unit with ductile iron cover provides
Drop curbs allow continuation of drainage flow access into system for maintenance. Unit has
through curb at pedestrian crossings or other drill-outs on rear to fit 4” and 6” Schedule
drop curb locations. Available ‘right’ and ‘left’ 40 pipes. Front face is ‘blind’ - no inlets.
format. Connects standard curb and center Cover can be right or left handed to match
curb. A choice of gradient available for: traffic flow - if a vehicle mounts the curb
Non - ADA driveway access and cover is open, the cover will hinge shut
1 ADA compliant flared angles and not damage vehicle. ACO recommends
2 (2-part unit) access curbs are used on all runs, quantity
will vary depending upon layout

Cross Curb Channel

Monolithic 4” internal width, neutral depth
drain provides perpendicular drainage across
pavement. Invert matches CurbDrain units.
Choice of gray or black to match concrete or
asphalt road surface. Must drain into access
curb to ensure access into channel. Tested to
EN1433 Load Class C (up to 1,162psi).

Center Curb
Allows continuation of water flow through
lowest part of drop curb areas. 2 options:
a Driveway center curb with drainage inlets
- 1.65 sq. in. per ft. Ideal for vehicle
driveways, etc.
b Walkway center curb without drainage
inlets. Ideal for ADA and pedestrian

90° Outside Corner

Allows continuation of flow around 90°
corners. Flow velocity will reduce. ACO
recommends placing access curbs nearby
for easy maintenance.


Parts Table
Description Part Length Invert Depth Overall Depth Weight
No inches mm inches mm inches mm lbs
Standard curb unit 92399 23.62 600 8.11 206 15.00 380 77.0
Radius curb (R12.5’) 92386 23.56 598 8.11 206 15.00 380 86.0
Radius curb (R25’) 92396 23.56 598 8.11 206 15.00 380 86.0
Driveway drop curb - left 97282 23.62 600 8.11 206 15.00 380 73.0
Driveway drop curb - right 97327 23.62 600 8.11 206 15.00 380 73.0
Driveway center curb - with inlets 97309 35.63 905 8.11 206 10.08 256 107.0
ADA walkway drop curb - left 1 of 2 92407 29.53 750 8.11 206 15.00 380 94.3
ADA walkway drop curb - left 2 of 2 92403 29.53 750 8.11 206 12.56 319 88.5
ADA walkway drop curb - right 1 of 2 92405 29.53 750 8.11 206 15.00 380 94.3
ADA walkway drop curb - right 2 of 2 92402 29.53 750 8.11 206 12.56 319 88.5
ADA walkway center curb 97316 35.63 905 8.11 206 10.08 256 106.1
90° Outside corner 97966 13.14 334 8.11 206 15.00 380 65.0
Closing end cap 97293 1.97 50 - - 15.00 380 16.0
Cross curb channel - gray 97968 48.00 1,223 8.11 206 9.09 231 106.0
Cross curb channel - black 97970 48.00 1,223 8.11 206 9.09 231 106.0
Access curb 92395 23.62 600 8.11 206 15.00 380 83.0
Catch basin 92390 23.62 600 42.56 1,080 44.00 1,118 528.0

CurbDrain - Testing
Slip-Resistance Testing Impact Testing Other ACO Infrastructure
Testing performed on curb surfaces. Testing performed on CurbDrain. Products
• TraffikDrain - 4” internal width trench drain
• ASTM D2047-04 Standard Test Method for • To emulate vehicle impact a custom test was with high intake grates
Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish-Coated created. A CurbDrain was positioned to allow a
• HighwayDrain - 8” internal width monolithic
Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James weight to be dropped perpendicularly onto the
trench drain
Machine. face from various heights. The test area was
covered with part of a tire to simulate reality. • BridgeDrain - 8” internal width fiberglass
• Results for ACO CurbDrain surfaces:
An electronic magnet was used to raise, hold bridge scupper
Dry: Static Coefficient of Friction = 0.83
Wet: Static Coefficient of Friction = 0.84 and release a weighted bar at required height. • Qmax® - high capacity slot drainage
Five drops were made on the same unit from
increasing heights. Results showed the unit
A static coefficient of friction of 0.50 or
could withstand 114 lbs dropped from a height
greater is generally accepted for classifying a
of 6’-4”.
walking surface as ‘slip-resistant’.

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