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What is the best application of the meaning of benchmarking?

Researching other organization’s processes and applying the

best features from the other organization’s processes to one’s
own processes

In ANSI/AIHA Z10, what is necessary for an organization’s Top management leadership and effective employee
occupational safety and management system to succeed? participation

The scope of the ISO 19011 standard is to provide guidance Managing and conducting quality and environmental
on the principles of? management system audits

When developing an emergency management plan, what is Protection of life, property, and the environment.
the principle against which strategies and tactics must be

Which statement most clearly reflects the principle of An adsorber is designed so that the contaminant gases or
adsorption in air contaminant control? vapors are retained on the surface of the medium through
which the carrier gas flows
A safety professional is reviewing the recommendations from That one or more effective engineering controls had been
a root cause analysis report. What should the safety considered.
professional ensure was considered before retraining the
employees is submitted as a recommendation for corrective

What type of risk management contract has sections such as Insurance

declarations, conditions and exclusions?

What is a method of reducing losses? Equipping and training a fire brigade

A company manufactures plastic products. Heat is applied to Determine the nature of any health risks and monitor
the plastic pellets (causing visible fumes in the molding employee exposures where appropriate.
process) and mechanical sawing and grinding are done on
some of the finished plastic products. In evaluating
occupational health controls, what should a safety
professional first advise management to do?

What is the best overall technique for a manager to use to Ensure each subordinate supervisor understands his or her
have good working relations among subordinate supervisors? responsibilities and those of fellow subordinate supervisors.
A safety director has been told that if she detects any Functional authority
imminent hazards of specified types, she may immediately
and independently shut down the operation involved. The
directive is in writing and comes from the vice president for
manufacturing. What type of authority is this?

What are the four steps to control risk when a loss scenario is Problem characterization, selection of corrective measures,
identified? implementation, and feedback and control.

What are the axes of a conventional risk matrix? Likelihood vs. consequence

What is a management tool for helping top management Benefit-cost analysis

understand and prioritorize the corrective actions to reduce
the risk of identified loss scenarios?

In an effective organization, who is responsible and Line management

accountable for enforcing occupational safety and health
In choosing an appropriate organization model, a manager There are multiple arrangements that will produce the best
should understand that? results with minimum difficulty in the situation in which the
organization operates

Periodic evaluations of employee performance are most Discussed with him or her and directions for improvement
valuable if the ratings of each employee are?? indicated

What is a project’s scope? Only the work required to complete the project successfully

What best describes a project’s work breakdown structure? A hierarchical decomposition of the work to be performed by
project team resources based on the project’s objectives and
presented in discreet deliverables and milestones.

What should a safety professional recommend to line Performing comprehensive change analyses during the
management when significant process or operational changes decision making process
are being considered?
How can line management help ensure line supervisors are Build written management safety policies and enforcement
held accountable for safety performance? principles into line supervisor accountability

The safety function should give attention to outside Contingency style

influences such as the external environment, community
interest, and other concerns. What is the management style
that reacts to outside influences such as these?

What is true about the composition of a safety advisory The committee should evaluate its performance against its
committee? established goals

When performing a training needs analysis, what is the Will training resolve this organization’s needs?
fundamental question that a safety professional must ask?

Give an example of a well constructed training objective? Each student can describe in his or her own words the 8
standards of the BCSP Code of Ethics and Professional