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What factor is most important when the supervisor evaluates Measurable objective criteria

a subordinate during the annual performance cycle?

According to contemporary machine tools risk assessment “Zero Risk” does not practically exist
models, what is true regarding “Zero Risk”?

What would not be covered under a contractors completed The homeowner trips over a wrench left behind by a
operations liability policy? plumber



What verb or action word does not meet the criteria in a Understand
learning objective to be as specific as possible? The word is
not observable and measurable?
What would be most inappropriate for a supervisor to do Providing definitive comments about the workers potential to
when evaluating a subordinate during an annual employee fail in industry or business
performance report cycle?

What is not a method of performing task analysis? Developing the task procedures from scratch

1. Observing the task is ok

2. Performing the task-ok
3. Reviewing company written SOPs and policies

What is least important requirement for training objectives? Training objectives should be written

What are examples of disaster recovery/business continuity Plant is destroyed: recover critical information that had been
planning? stored offsite; establish temporary facility from which
operations can be conducted.

What represents general parts of an insurance contract? Declarations; definitions, insuring agreement, exclusions,
conditions and endorsements
What is a needs analysis? An analysis that is a thorough study of an organization or
specific job/task to determine how training can help the
organization to improve its safety, effectiveness or efficiency
or if the specific job/task can be enhanced

What would be most important when defining training goals? Job task analysis

Instructor’s actions have a major impact on how a student Observers will more likely imitate a model, when they see
reacts to the instruction being presented. What is false the model being punished for their actions??
concerning how a student will react to an instructor’s actions
or reactions? NOT TRUE

An implied warranty is an implication by a dealer that the Making it look like a product that will accomplish the
product is suitable for a specific purpose. The statement of purpose
warranty can be made in many ways and would not include?

A learning objective is a brief, clear statement of what the Lesson plan

trainee should be able to do as a result of training. What does
not have to be developed prior to learning objective
List four parts of any legal contract? Agreement, consideration, purpose, competent parties

Define the “Pareto Principle” Identifies the “vital few”, whether customers, customer needs,
product features, or inputs to help assure that resources and
attention is concentrated where they will do the most good.

What does a training program to train an operator on a A description of the design specifications for the equipment
specific piece of equipment not have to include?

What is the primary purpose of the ISO 19011 to provide Managing and conducting quality and environmental
guidance on? management system audits

What is not considered a major premise when conducting a Cost benefit ratio of risk reduction options
risk assessment to estimate, evaluate, and reduce risks
associated with machine tools?
What lists basic elements of a safety plan? List of actions, implementation schedule, cost

Name the three basic legal principles that can be used by Negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty
plaintiffs in product liability cases?

What is most correct when referring to the case study method Case studies are good problem solving tools
of training?

What is not a basic training need of adults? The need to change the material to fit their understanding of
the requirement

In a business or industrial setting, there are powerful reasons A change in behavior does not lead to a change in attitudes.
to focus on behavior before attitudes. What is not a reason??