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Manuscript Number: CEJ-D-17-05945

Title: Novel carbon nanofibers based copper /zirconia catalysts for carbon dioxide
hydrogenation to methanol: Effect of copper concentration


1. The incorporation of zirconia should be confirmed using XPS.

2. Following changes should be made
 On page no.2, line 13, suffered should be replaced with witnessed
 On page no.2, line 18, replace many with numerous
 On page no. 7, line 17, In Avogadro’s number write apostrophe ‘s’ in normal
form avoid superscript.
 On page no.22, line 7, write maximum instead of max
3. On page no.3 , line 56, author mentioned that catalyst activity was initially increased
with increasing Cu content up to 15 wt.% however, further addition of Cu depressed
the activity profile, explicitly give reason for the same.
4. What is ‘t’ in t-ZrO2?
5. Name of company from where chemicals procured should be mentioned explicitly in
“Material and methods” under experimental section.
6. All instruments used for characterization should be written only in section “Catalyst
7. From TEM images, one cannot anticipate the shape of the crystal therefore for
greater clarity please go for HRTEM characterization.
8. BET adsorption- desorption isotherm should be added.
9. Explain in detail how XRD pattern reveals agglomeration of CuO.
10. All the references should be in same format.