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Email: riteshahya@yahoo.com
Resume of Ritesh Ahya


 Data Center planning ,relocations and merging.

 Rolling out virtualization throughout the organizations
 Leading the Infrastructure team for last 10 years.
 Excellence in executing complex projects
 Merging IT divisions of various companies .

March 2004 to Date Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Director Infrastructure

 Heading IT infrastructure for Amneal group of companies , total of 7 group companies , with turnover
hovering around $1B
 Managing team of professionals for IT Storage, Virtualization, Compute, Network and Security
 Reporting to group CIO and CEO.
 Managing 20+sites across the globe.
 Decisive leader, results-oriented professional, recognized for taking major initiatives and conceptualizing
 Strong Experience of handling large Infrastructure projects. Capacity Planning, Infrastructure Architecting,
Server Consolidations, Virtualizations, Data Centre Migrations & Planning, IT Strategy & Roadmaps
 Responsible for various team, for testing , building and delivering solutions in IT infrastructure space
,especially storage, backup and virtualization.
 Devising strategy, plans and IT budget for Amneal Group of companies.
 Acts as an advocate for the Business, as the ultimate authority on the architecture designed to address business
 Participating in team review and goal setting for the team.
 Managing 4+PB storage under the management , 6000 VM, huge backup infrastructure.
 Managing team with Equipments from EMC , DMX4/VMAX/VMAX2/VMAX3,ISILON, VNX/UNITY,
VPLEX, Netapp, data domain, AVAMAR, NETBACKUP, Cisco UCS, Vxrail.
 Managing large VOIP network.
 Driving the company strategy with very advance technologies and
 Managing multiple global sites and disaster recovery
 Working with OEM vendors to build teams around IT infrastructure and Security practices.
 Managing various vendor relations

Apr 1999 to Feb 2004 ABLE LABS Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Manager Systems

 Designed, Architected IT Infrastructure for Virtualization, Compliance Archiving and reporting, Disaster
Recovery, Backup and Recovery, Server , Storage, and Network infrastructure..

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 Designed, architected and implemented complex infrastructure solutions, for SAP Landscape, Oracle and
Microsoft Applications landscape.
 Designed server consolidation, storage consolidation, virtualization, backup and recovery, network
infrastructure for the clients.
 Delivered solutions for Virtualization, Storage, Server Consolidation, Disaster Recovery, Archiving and
 Designed and Implemented infrastructure solutions including but not limited to Server , Storage, Network
Cloud and Virtualization infrastructure components, for SAP, Exchange, Oracle RAC database, Sharepoint
 Designed backup, disaster recovery and high availability environments using various methods such as backup
environment using Netback-up, HA using VERITAS Cluster, DR using replication mechanisms
 Designed infrastructure for N+1 availability , locally or globally using various methods of clustering and
Traffic Managers
 Designed Storage Infrastructure with EMC DMX, clarion .
 Designed Server consolidation for the AIX/ , Solaris , HP-UX platform, VMWARE 3.x onwards.
 Designed cloud infrastructure using VMWARE/Citrix Technologies.
 Designed and optimized Server and Storage environment for various applications.
 Designed and deployed Backup and recovery infrastructure for Netbackup
 Collaborates with senior decision makers to define and implement business and IT Strategies

June ‘97 to May ‘99 Rolta India

Customer Engineer

 Installation, Configuration & User management in HP-UX 10.x, Solaris 2.x, Windows NT.
 Configuration of the different peripherals & N/w equipment on HP, Sun & NT system.
 Reloading of the OS in case of corruption of the existing OS.
 User creation & user management as per the requirements.
 To ensure the complete security of the system. Backup procedure & restoring data.
 System activity reporting & monitoring using GlancePlus/UX and other integrated tools of HP-UX.
 Support to system in case system crash, or hardware failure and solving problems related to N/w.
 System disaster recovery management. Backup of the systems using Omni back – II and other tools.
 Installation of ITO, Integration of Network management tools with ITO.
 Installation and configuration of HP Open View NNM. Integration of NNM and Ciscoworks.
 Installation and configuration of Cisco 26xx, 36xx and 3com routers, T1 lines.
 Configuration of Access list in Cisco routers for traffic management policy.
 Configuring LAN/WAN, Network traffic optimization.

Bachelors of Science

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