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Trinidad and Tobago has been experiencing many very hot days,
sometimes humidity levels are very high which makes the air very
uncomfortable. The rains have been coming a lot heavier than in
previous years and have caused mass damage ranging from road
fatalities to damage to both private and public
infrastructure. In Trinidad and Tobago we experience two types
of weather patterns which are called the rainy season and the
dry season. During the rainy season Hurricanes are formed and
most storms and flash fl oods occur.

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It is caused by factories that pollute the earth and cause the
greenhouse effect.
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"^es, there are less green plants and less rainfall. There is also acid
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Yes, people using river water may be affected by acid rain. In
South Africa there are lots of people who live in rural areas
and use river water as their water supply.
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Everyone should be responsible.

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Green house gases and global warming.
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Our plants aren¶t good because of climate change. Plants don¶t
grow well, rain is scarce and the greenery is not as green as it¶s
supposed to be.
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"It will cause acid rain which will affect buildings, this
might affect where I live.
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Everyone has to keep the environment safe and the government has
to play a role

From India

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I distinctively remember the 2005 floods in Mumbai. People were
stuck at home for two days without anything to do. A lot was
washed away; people, houses and trees. 3 days later, (finally)
there was rest, rest not of the calm and peaceful, but that of
the calm of the remains of a battle in which thousands lost
their lives; some helping and some helpless. I had gone to
London and I was coming back alone at the time of the floods.
Only after the plane took off I received the news that the
Bombay airport was flooded and we couldn¶t land. I was
terrified! The captain of the plane said we would probably land
either in Delhi or Ahmedabad. I got even more scared! After
circling Bombay for about fifteen minutes the pilot said it was
finally safe to land. Luckily we landed safely. Parts of Mumbai
are below the sea level at high tide (over 4 meters), these
parts tend to be waterlogged as the drains cannot cope with the
continuous rainfall. Currently in 2009, Mumbai is suffering
one of its worst droughts. There was a 30% water cut in the
middle of July!! July is usually the month in which the clouds
break out in all their fury, but now it¶s all dry. In a month
where lakes overflow by over 10% the water level is less than
half!!! A few years ago there was a flood in Mumbai and my
father was stuck in his office for a day and night. He could not
come out because the water level was very high. We could not
contact him because the phone lines and cell phones were not
working. It was very scary. He waded in the flood water s and
came home the next day. We also witnessed a horrible cyclone
which kept us glued to the TV but just narrowly passed our city.

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Yes, I have missed school many times, again, because of floods.
It really was quite boring because all we could do was sit at
home. During the floods we missed a week of school and some
other times a day or two because of heavy rain. The Mumbai
floods of 2005 are the worst in my memory. The Maharashtra state
government declared 27 and 28 as a state holiday for the
affected regions. The government also ordered all schools in the
affected areas to close on August 1 and August 2. The Mumbai
Police commissioner requested all residents to stay indoors as far
as possible on July 31 after heavy rains disrupted the city.
+ ! # ! #   !  *" Yes, India is
affected by climate change. Climate change is expected to
increase the frequency and intensity of severe weather events.
Developing countries suc h as India lack the infrastructure
necessary to respond adequately to such events. Diseases such as
malaria are likely to have wider ranges, impacting more people
in the developing nations. Changing rainfall patterns could
devastate rain -fed agriculture on which so much of the
population in developing countries depends to survive. I think
we are definitely affected by this climate change. Firstly,
because of the climate change, many crops don¶t grow well.
Therefore it is tougher to get food so the prices in the market
go up. That affects us. Yes, I am affected by climate change.
It is very hot in Mumbai and I cannot bear the heat. I come home
by bus and I get headaches because it is very hot. I have to
switch on the air -conditioner or the fan.

From Istambul
¦n our country because of the rain the biggest part of ¦stanbul had
been under water. Most of the emergency teams couldn't reach
the houses and cars that were stuck in the middle of the flood.
The schools were closed for a couple days. Lots of people died
in the flood and most people lost their homes. I think all of
the human populatio n will be affected by climate change. We can
make it slower but we can't avoid it. We have to look after the
nature world to protect it.

Escuela de Educacion Tecnica 692, Argentina

Students age 16-17: "The climate where I live is a big deal
since there are many disasters that affect us and the
enivronment." "In 2000 we suffered a great flood. Two people
died and many houses flooded." "During that great flood classes
were cancelled and teachers had to help people, some schools
housed the peopl e who had been affected by the flood." "We all
have to look after nature, to be careful with water and to be
conscious that it is our responsibility."