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1. Be sure to use the proper forms. Which forms should be used?

a. the long ones
b. the correct ones
c. the usual ones
d. the revised ones

2. He is going to the grocery store. What will he buy?

a. posts and wires
b. milk and bread
c. chairs and tables
d. nails and lumber

3. Each night, I read fifty pages in my book. When do I read my book?

a. every night
b. every other night
c. twice a week
d. once a week

4. They are supposed to do the job quickly. How are they supposed to do the job?
a. well
b. fast
c. cheaply
d. quietly

5. The instructor said, “I will be absent tomorrow.”

a. He’ll be back tomorrow as usual.
b. He doesn’t need to be absent.
c. He’ll be in class early in the morning.
d. He won’t be in tomorrow.

6. The airman walked to the back of the building.

a. He walked to the side.
b. He walked to the front.
c. He walked to the center.
d. He walked to the rear.

7. The doctor told Kim to eat more vegetables.

a. Kim should et more beef.
b. Kim should eat more cherries.
c. Kim should eat more spinach.
d. Kim should eat more pastry.

8. We need your signature on this contract.

a. Please, hold it.
b. Please, leave it at home.
c. Please, take it.
d. Please, sign your name.

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9. The doctor told his patients that he’d see them in a moment.
a. The doctor will see his patients in a short time.
b. The doctor will see his patients in the winter.
c. The doctor was in a hurry.
d. The doctor was leaving on a trip.

10. That man is a government agent.

a. That man understands the government.
b. That man opposes the government.
c. That man represents the government.
d. That man pays the government.

11. Gary added the numbers. The was 120.

a. time
b. product
c. pressure
d. total

12. Which of these things is alive?

a. a house
b. an animal
c. the sun
d. a book

13. The train was in motion when we jumped on. What can you say about the train?
a. It was moving.
b. It was in the station.
c. It was late.
d. It had stopped.

14. How did that bottle get broken?

a. It was empty.
b. It was handled carefully.
c. It fell on the floor.
d. It fit in the case.

15. Jerry asked, “Whose pen is this?” What did he want to know?
a. the color of the pen
b. what the pen cost
c. the owner of the pen
d. when the pen was lost

16. Sam arrived at the theater at one but the movie didn’t begin until three. How long did he
have to wait?
a. 3 o’clock
b. for no one
c. two hours

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d. because it was late

17. Mr. Leslie’s job is to regulate the machines. What does Mr. Leslie do?
a. He makes the machines.
b. He controls the machines.
c. He oils the machines.
d. He sells the machines.

18. Alan doesn’t know how to operate the vending machine. What should he do first?
a. pull the knobs
b. insert the coins
c. read the directions
d. make the selections

19. This matter requires immediate action. When should you act?
a. in a few minutes
b. after a while
c. after careful thought
d. right away

20. I will put the parts together. What will I do?

a. unite them
b. put paint on them
c. name the parts
d. separate them into units.

21. Which of these might be made of plastic?

a. a salad
b. a bar of soap
c. a candle
d. a comb

22. The student was looking at the rainbow. What was he looking at?
a. a drop of water
b. colors in the sky
c. a waterproof coat
d. a stub from a ticket

23. What is the highest part of a room?

a. the wall
b. the door
c. the ceiling
d. the floor

24. There are many caution signs along the highway. What do these signs mean?
a. to drive dangerously
b. to turn around

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c. to drive carefully
d. to stop at once

25. Why do you need a water pump?

a. to turn the water into steam
b. to heat the water
c. to get the water out of the well
d. to measure the water

26. The little boy lied.

a. He didn’t hide the shoe.
b. He cried.
c. He got sick.
d. He didn’t tell the truth.

27. Jim doesn’t like to eat alone in a restaurant.

a. He enjoys eating vegetables.
b. He enjoys eating with friends.
c. He enjoys eating by himself.
d. He enjoys eating a snack.

28. Ralph owes the bank a lot of money.

Ralph is in .
a. movies
b. debt
c. class
d. transit

29. Mr. Jones said, “I cannot afford a car.” What does Mr. Jones mean?
a. He has enough money to buy a car.
b. He needs a car.
c. He doesn’t have money to buy a car.
d. He doesn’t need a car.

30. George always asks a clerk to get the item he wants. Who does George ask?
a. the owner
b. a friend
c. the store manager
d. a store worker

31. If she sat next to me on the bus, where did she sit?
a. in front of me
b. behind me
c. beside me
d. across from me

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32. Helen’s examination indicated she had several cavities. Where were the cavities found?
a. in her eyes
b. in her ears
c. in her throat
d. in her teeth

33. This example is comparable to the first one. What kind of examples are they?
a. They are completely different.
b. They aren’t related.
c. They are very much alike.
d. They aren’t similar at all.

34. It rained almost everyday last month.

a. It rained during the weekend.
b. It rained every day.
c. It rained nearly every day.
d. It rained all week.

35. The flight attendant asked us to please move ahead in the plane.
a. She wanted us to gather in the center.
b. She wanted us to walk toward the front.
c. She wanted us to sit on one side.
d. She wanted us to show our tickets.

36. We had to skip chapter three because there wasn’t enough time.
a. We read it thoroughly.
b. We studied it carefully.
c. We omitted it entirely.
d. We had sufficient time.

37. Mary’s deaf.

a. She can’t hear.
b. She can’t walk.
c. She can’t talk.
d. She can’t see.

38. Ralph’s an expert mechanic.

a. He’s a careless mechanic.
b. He’s an honest mechanic.
c. He’s a skilled mechanic.
d. He’s a busy mechanic.

39. He is neither sick nor poor.

a. He is just sick.
b. He is only poor.
c. He is sick and poor.
d. He isn’t sick or poor.

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40. The rain interfered with our plans for a picnic.
a. It helped our plans.
b. It made us change our plans.
c. It increased our plans.
d. It didn’t bother our plans.

41. The entire country watched the rocket take off on TV.
a. They saw the weather balloon.
b. They saw the spacecraft.
c. They saw the official helicopter.
d. They saw the race car.

42. Marie has a constant headache.

a. It comes and goes.
b. She has it some of the time.
c. It fluctuates back and forth.
d. She has it all the time.

43. Our teacher has an abundance of energy.

a. She has a portion of energy.
b. She has a limit of energy.
c. She has a minimum of energy.
d. She has a lot of energy.

44. Tom will fry potatoes for lunch.

a. He will put them in the oven.
b. He will put them in hot water.
c. He will put them in a sauce.
d. He will put them in hot oil.

45. Let’s wind up this job as soon as possible.

a. Let’s start it.
b. Let’s finish it.
c. Let’s turn it around.
d. Let’s start the fan.

46. How will a new job enable him to buy a car?

a. He will need it to get to work.
b. He will know how to drive then.
c. He will earn enough money.
d. He will have many new friends.

47. The drawing had many vertical lines. Which way did the lines go?
a. from left to right
b. up and down

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c. from one corner to the center
d. around the drawing

48. The animal’s growth was surprising. What was surprising about the animal?
a. the way it moved around
b. the way it changed color
c. the way it got bigger
d. the way it found food

49. Mr. Samuels asked what stage our project was in. What did he want to know?
a. why we were doing the project
b. when the project would take place
c. who would participate in the project
d. how far the project had progressed

50. The weather is unusually warm.

a. It will get warm.
b. It isn’t warm at all.
c. It isn’t so warm.
d. It is very warm.

51. My upper teeth hurt.

a. They are in the back of my mouth.
b. They are at the top of my mouth.
c. They are at the bottom of my mouth.
d. They are in the front of my mouth.

52. Paul’s avoiding Frances.

a. Paul doesn’t want to leave Frances.
b. Paul doesn’t want to forget Frances.
c. Paul doesn’t want to believe Frances.
d. Paul doesn’t want to see Frances.

53. We regret that you had the accident.

a. We are pleased.
b. We feel better.
c. We are nervous.
d. We feel sad.

54. When you have a homework assignment, you should never put off doing it.
a. You should remove it immediately.
b. You should not cancel it.
c. You should put it away.
d. You should do it without delay.

55. Aunt Nelly walked over to the couch.

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Aunt Nelly wants to .
a. start dinner
b. sit down
c. wash clothes
d. stand up

56. Why did the police set up a barricade?

a. to let the people through
b. to speed up traffic
c. to block traffic
d. to clear the road

57. M: You look tired.

W: Well, it was a long trip.
What do you learn about the woman?
a. She has lost her job.
b. She has traveled quickly.
c. She has traveled far.
d. She has gone the wrong way.

58. M: How are you going to Europe?

W: I’m going by ship.
She’s going by .
a. plane
b. boat
c. train
d. foot

59. M: I think I’ll ask Homer to do it.

W: Don’t ask him. He’s too lazy.
What is the woman saying about Homer?
a. He is not a good man.
b. He doesn’t like flowers.
c. He cannot think very well.
d. He does not like to work.

60. M: I’m hungry. May I help you with dinner?

W: Oh, thanks. You can put the plates on the table.
What did the woman say to do?
a. put silverware on the table
b. sit down at the table
c. put the dishes on the table
d. clean off the table

61. M: How’s your brother doing in his new job?

W: I hear he’s been very effective.
What did the woman mean?

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a. Her brother is a strange man.
b. Her brother is good at his job.
c. Her brother has left his job.
d. Her brother has been made ill by his job.

62. M: Can I help you?

W: Yes, hold the bag while we’re in the store.
What does the woman want the man to do with the bag?
a. fill it up
b. carry it
c. buy it
d. put it down

63. M: Why won’t this equipment run?

W: Because there is a short circuit in it.
What did the woman mean?
a. The electricity isn’t flowing properly.
b. Some parts need lubrication.
c. There isn’t enough fuel.
d. It’s been running too long.

64. M: When are you going to mail that package?

W: Just as soon as I finish wrapping it.
What is the woman doing to the package?
a. covering it
b. filling it
c. opening it
d. addressing it

65. W: Why are you whispering?

M: My throat is very sore today.
What is the man doing?
a. He is speaking softly.
b. He is screaming.
c. He is yelling.
d. He is speaking loudly.

66. M: Arlene’s a real live wire, isn’t she?

W: She certainly is.
Arlene is .
a. quiet
b. sensible
c. lively

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d. stubborn

67. He would not work yesterday, but he work today.

a. will
b. won’t
c. always
d. never

68. My father to San Antonio.

a. didn’t not fly
b. don’t fly
c. didn’t never fly
d. didn’t fly

69. James would like a new car.

a. for get
b. to get
c. in getting
d. of getting

70. The river has its origin in Minnesota.

a. waterfalls
b. ports
c. end
d. beginning

71. Manufacturing is usually done .

a. on a farm
b. in a factory
c. in the forest
d. in the home

72. Mr. Jones wants a car for .

a. exercise
b. transportation
c. eating
d. sleeping

73. It was a decision of major importance.

a. small
b. great
c. some
d. military

74. While we watched TV, Mr. Brown a book.

a. was reading
b. reads
c. is reading
d. will read

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75. He has been writing six hours.
a. since
b. at
c. for
d. in

76. The instructor gave an explanation to the student in order him learn quickly and
a. to help
b. for helping
c. help
d. helping

77. I asked him .

a. some help for
b. help some for
c. some for help
d. for some help

78. Sally: Where were you? It’s Saturday, and I’ve been waiting since Thursday.
Peter: I’m sorry, but I told you I’d get here today.

When did the man get here?

a. Thursday
b. Saturday
c. Sunday
d. Tuesday

79. The modern automobile is the result of hundreds of inventions. The wheel is probably the
oldest invention used in a car. The internal combustion engine is a more complex invention
used to power this type of vehicle. By using these and many other creative devices, man
has steadily improved the automobile. According to this paragraph, the development of the
modern automobile is the result of .

a. the internal combustion engine

b. man’s creation of the wheel
c. a combination of many inventions
d. the work of a small number of inventors

80. Did you recognize me in my costume?

a. admire
b. laugh at
c. know
d. envy

81. When you are being introduced to a person, the correct expression to use is “ “
a. Goodbye. See you later.
b. Have a good day.
c. How do you do?
d. So long. Take it easy.

82. What did you do besides exercise?

a. in addition to
b. in place of

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c. with
d. before

83. The driver violated the .

a. steep curve
b. car parts
c. fuel line
d. safety rules

84. pants need to be cleaned.

a. This
b. These
c. Any
d. Such

85. In the future, to improve your writing?

a. will you trying
b. have you try
c. will you try
d. are you trying

86. Do you enjoy to classical music?

a. listened
b. listening
c. listen
d. to listen

87. All the ID cards are listed in the computer.

a. to issue
b. issues
c. issued
d. are issuing

88. Mary tried not to look , but we knew that she was upset.
a. short
b. pretty
c. happy
d. angry

89. He felt that he should help his friends.

a. He felt that he would help them.
b. He felt that he had an obligation to help them.
c. He had a special time to help his friends.
d. He had a certain way of helping his friends.

90. There was an accumulation of dishes on the table. What was on the table?
a. a few different dishes
b. a couple of dishes
c. several valuable dishes
d. a pile of dishes

91. Walter’s setting up the tent.

a. cleaning
b. putting
c. folding

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d. messing

92. He repaired the linkage in the helicopter control.

a. leak
b. connection
c. engine
d. compass

93. You can depend the automobile for transportation.

a. in
b. at
c. by
d. on

94. Students who are good listeners.

a. are interested
b. interesting
c. be interested
d. have interested

95. Gilbert and Douglas their lessons.

a. study
b. are studied
c. were studied
d. studying

96. Ms. Stickler, who is a finicky traveler, is willing to travel to the tropics
that she has access to constant air-conditioning.
a. beyond
b. only
c. if
d. provided

97. In an era of increasing emphasis on the role of global military air power, it became
necessary to increase the distances airplanes could travel. The propeller-driven airplane
with its slow speed and limited range became largely obsolete. It was replaced b planes
with supersonic speeds made possible through jet-propulsion. Today with the introduction of
in-flight refueling, even planes like fighters and Bombers have achieved much success in
increasing their range capabilities. According to this paragraph, greater distances can be
flown by bombers through the use of .

a. jet propulsion
b. in-flight refueling
c. supersonic speeds
d. increasing air power

98. These children know how to time.

a. say
b. talk
c. speak
d. tell

99. What time will flight 708 from New York ?

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a. get over
b. get in
c. get up
d. get by

100. The honor from Belgium declined to attend the award ceremony.
a. -ary
b. -arium
c. -ee
d. -ific

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