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Hydraulic Mining Excavator RH 120-E

RH 120-E
More than 300 Units
TEREX O&K‘s RH 120 excavators are the most
successful hydraulic shovels in the market. More than
80 RH 120-E‘s have already been delivered and more
than 200 of the C-model have been commissioned world
wide. These numbers speak for themselves. Long term
productivity of 2,000 tonnes per hour is standard, while
digging under test conditions 3,000 tonnes per hour is
often exceeded. The RH 120-E is the preferred loading
tool for 100 to 150 ton trucks, having a rated standard
bucket capacity of 15 m³.

Meeting all Challenges
The range of applications is as diverse as the world wide High digging forces,
well-balanced kinematics
locations, such as hot climate regions or arctic zones.
and an efficient hydraulic
The RH 120-E works in coal pits, copper, gold or iron ore system work to achieve a
mines and even in large quarries. A variety of buckets is short cycle time.

available to suit the working conditions, for example coal

and heavy rock shovels or ripper backhoes for free dig-
ging applications.

The most successful

Mining Shovel ever

Diesel or Electric Drive available
Easy access to the main components means quicker
service. Less effort for maintenance and repair reflects
in better availability, which gives the client added load-
ing time and therefore production. The RH 120-E is
designed to be service friendly. The superstructure
layout along with individual technical details support
the RH 120-E‘s claim to being a practical machine.

Proven Twin Engine Concept

The RH 120-E is driven by two engines. The advantage
of the TEREX O&K system is: The excavator is kept fully
operational even if one engine should fail. Thus all func-
tions are workable with only one drive train thanks to
the parallel hydraulic system. Due to a stable hydraulic
pressure the digging forces remain constant maintaining
a working speed of approximately 55 per cent compared
to the regular performance. The benefit is the option to
move the machine away from the digging face into a
safe area and to carry out the necessary repair works.
Moreover the production doesn‘t come to a complete
shutdown. There is the option to fit either Caterpillar or
The main valve block is located on top of the boom to create
Cummins engines to the RH 120-E. additional space on the superstructure. Rotary distributor, slew
motors and gearboxes are easy to reach.

The radiators are separated and
Caterpillar C18 engines can hydraulically driven in order to
be fitted to the RH 120-E as provide access from three sides
an alternative. to each engine.

Optional Electric Drive

If operated as mainly a stationary machine, the electric
drive is a good alternative for hydraulic shovels, which The electric version contains the same amount of pumps but only
is beneficial in terms of maintenance and running costs. one motor and pump transfer gearbox compared to the diesel drive.

The Cab has ample space and contributes to operator ef-

ficiency. The pneumatically cushioned seat is multi-adjust-
able. A second seat for training purposes can be folded
down. Excellent visibility is ensured by an eye level of 6.1 m.
All operation and service data are monitored and checked
by the Board Control System and can be displayed on the
screen. Therefore all important information is clearly visible,
any irregularities are immediately detected and the operator
is alerted visually and audibly. The large colour screen is eas-
ily legible thanks to the most advanced transflective technol-
ogy, even in cases of direct sunlight. Various languages are
also available.

or Backhoe
The TriPower linkage is the character- • Increasing crowding force throughout the
istic of each TEREX O&K face shovel and entire crowding action
the central pivot point for boom and bucket • Automatic parallel shovel guidance when
cylinders as well as for the connecting rod to crowding at any digging height
the superstructure. TriPower supported hy-
draulic forces allow the use of smaller-diam- • Constant-angle bucket position at any
eter cylinders, thus resulting in much faster boom position and automatic backtilt limiter
work cycles. TriPower benefits at a glance: for a high degree of fill at all times

• Increased effective lifting forces

• Constant boom momentum
• Pressure free retracting of boom and
stick cylinders
Lifting Height
with TriPower

ut T

Boom Momentum

Only TriPower keeps boom momentum constant throughout the

entire lifting height. TriPower makes up for losses incurred by
conventional systems.

TEREX O&K also offers for the backhoe attachment a wide

range of buckets i.e. for coal or free dig applications. Large
dimension castings at the pivot points can handle the
enourmos forces transferred from the digging process. The
manufacturing procedure allows for internal welding of the
If required the RH 120-E is
steel structure. Monoboom and dipper stick are stress re-
capable of loading trucks
lieved after welding. The same is true of course for the front operating at the same level as
shovel attachment. the excavator.

The RH 120-E undercarriage meets all requirements for operations
in a mining environment. High stability during digging is as important
as speedy travelling to move to different loading areas. Two individual
travel stages are available, depending on the ground conditions. The
one piece track pad/link castings are connected via hardened and full
floating pins with bushings. The offset mounted travel gearboxes are
supported in a cast bearing to ensure best possible flow of forces. The
triple-race-roller bearing is directly mounted to the carbody base plate
to reduce the stress in the steel structure. The first travel stage provides high tractive force
and helps for excellent gradeability.

Encapsulated, powerful
two stage travel motors
are the key to mobil-
ity. Easy access to the
components through
hinged doors.

The gaps between

the bottom rollers are
protected against the
ingress of rocks.

Base for
Stability and Mobility

All running surfaces of sprockets, Track pad and link are

idlers, rollers and pad links along manufactured as one single
with teeth contact areas of casting.
sprocket and pad links are

RH 120-E:
Accepted Reliability
and Proven Performance

Coal, Columbia Coal, Indonesia Coal, Spain

Coal, Scotland Coal, Canada

Granite, England Limestone Free Digging, Germany

Coal, Philippines

Coal, USA Iron Ore, Kazakhstan Coal, Australia Coal, Scotland

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