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Storekeeper Documentation


● Add and maintain records of available products.

● Add and maintain customer details.
● Add and maintain description of new products.
● Add and maintain new entered category of products.
● Provides a convenient solution of billing pattern.
● Make an easy to use environment for users and customers.

Project category:
The Project is based on the concept of MVC (Model View Controller).

Technologies and tools :

Backend Language: Java

Framework Use : JavaFx (Java based desktop application framework)

Front-end : FXML (XML based user interface)

CSS (CSS use for styling the fxml)

Database Management System: MySQL DBMS

Installation process:

Installation process for windows:

XAMPP installation
Storekeeper installation

Step 1 : Double click on the StoreKeeper.exe file

Step 2 : Now you will see this windows, Click “Install” to continue the installation. It will start
installing Storekeeper.
Step 3 : Now it will be installed in desired location.

Installation process for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint):

MySQL installation :

Step 1 :​​ Open terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and write

sudo apt-get install tasksel

Step 2 :​​ Now lunch taksel by typing

sudo tasksel

you will see this window.

Now select Lampp(Lampp is a localhost for linux it also include MySQL) from the list by up/down
arrow. Choose MySQL by pressing space. Hit enter to install.
Storekeeper installation

Step 1 : Double click on the StoreKeeper.deb file

Step 2 : Now click on “install” button to install our software

Step 3 : You may need to give you admin permission to install storekeeper.

Change MySQL password:

To use storekeeper you must change your MySQL root password. To change your mysql
password please follow the instruction.

Open up your web-browser and type “localhost/phpmyadmin”.

[login with user-id and password if necessary]
Now click on “User”, you will see “User overview”. It's look like this

Now find a localhost root user

Click on to edit privileges, Then click on to change the MySQL root password .

***you are not able to see change password button if you have old version on phpmyadmin, in
this case please scroll to find the “Change password” Options.

Now give password “​samit0713​​” and hit Enter/ please the button
Operation :

[** To use storekeeper, make sure your mysql server is on. If your server is not online you are
not able to use our application ]

Launching Storekeeper :

Double click on Storekeeper shortcut to lunch application. Now you will see Storekeeper Login

Registration :​​ Firstly you need to create an account to login

storekeeper(note : first account will be super admin account it will never delete). To create an
account click on from Login Screen to create super admin account. Put your username, full
name, email and password into the registration form.

Login :​​ To login storekeeper you need username and password. So put your username into
User Name text field and put your password into password field and click Login or Hit Enter.
You will able to see our very simple Home Screen after login.
Use Hamburger icon to show/hide right dashboard.

Organization Setup :​​ Click on Settings user dashboard and then click on Org->Org.
Details.Now fill up the form and then click save to save your information.
User Account Setup : Click on Settings and Then Account->My Account. Now fill up the form
and then click save to save your information.

Add Employee : Click on “Employee” from the dashboard then click on Employee > Add
Employee. Now fill-up the form by employee details and give your employers password (Your
employee will change this password them self later).
User Permissions : Click on “Employee” from the dashboard then click
on Employee now select employee to give him some permission. To give user permission click
on now select click box which permission you want to give.
And finally click on update.
Store :​ Click on “Store” . You will see your total sock in a table.
Search :
You can search any item by typing “Product ID” or “Product Name”. You can also customize
your Advance search: search using our advance searching system under the search box.

You can refresh store table by clicking button.

Storekeeper have some awesome features to add Supplier, Brand, Category and custom Unit
and RMA.

**​To add an item you may requited Supplier,Brand,Category,Unit,RMA and added date.
Store : Click on button to add new item. After clicking add new button you will see a
form. Please fill up the form to add an item. You can add a single product or multiple
product in a time.

Update : To update an item please select an item and now click on button.
Delete : To delete an item select item and now click on button. And click “ok” on the
dialog window.
Sell : To sell a product click on “Sell” from dashboard. Now click on

Select customer and then scan your item bar-code into Product id bar code. Other
information will shown automatically.