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Tm al el ese) TEN eSnTUt _ DETAIL & SCALE SERIES The “Detail & Scale” series of publications was the first to focus its attention on the many physical, details of aircraft, such as cockpit interiors, radar and avionics installations, armament, landing gear, wheel wells, and ejection seats. These details are covered more thoroughly than in any other series, and are presented in the form of close-up photography and line drawings. Special considera- tion Is given to the detail differences between the variants and subvariants of the aircraft. This detailed coverage is supplemented with scale drawings that show five full views. Charts and mounts of technical d making this series one of the most complete technical references on aircraft that is available. Although a brief historical summary is always (ed, itisnotintended to be all inclusive. It wil, however, provide the most important dates and events in the developmental and operational lite of each aircra For scale modelers, a complete modeler's sec- tion is provided that reviews all the presently available scale model kits of the aircraft, and covers the decals available for these kits. Other features ‘such as how to do conversions and how to make kit corrections are also often included. The “Detail & Scale” series is detalled, tech- nical, and accurate, providing the most com- prehensive coverage of this nature that is available anywhere in aviation publications. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Wayne Wachsmuth was born in 1935 in rural Pennsylvania, where he grew up on a dairy farm. His, interest in aviation was kindled during World War Il. When able, he took flying lessons, and he soloed at the age of sixteen. He joined the U:S. Air Force in 1987, entering through the Aviation Cadet program. Progressing through flight training in the T-34, T- 28, and T-33, Wayne won his wings and was com- missioned in April of 1959. His first assignment was to the 310th Bomb Wing (SAC) as a B-47E co-pilot, and he served in the 310th until Its deactivation in early 1965. While assigned to the 22nd Bomb Wing (SAC) as a B-52 co-pilot, Wayne attended B-52 training at Castle AFB flying the B-52D and B-52F. After reporting for duty with the 22nd, he flew the B-52B, but after six months, he transferred to the 28th Bomb Wing (SAC) during a change of equip- ‘ment and personnel The 26th Bomb Wing was one of two original cadre units that took the B-52D to Southeast Asia to ‘The author was a captain flying F-111As when this photo- graph was taken at Nellis AFB, Nevade, perform the ARC LIGHT missions, and over the next three years, then Captain Wachsmuth was to accumulate over 2000 hours of time in the B-52C and -D while flying over 130 ARC LIGHT missions. During the same period, Wayne upgraded to pilot and then instructor pilot in the B-52, and in June of 1969, he was chosen to be in the initial cadre for the FB-111A. He entered that program with the 340th Bomb Group (SAC), and checked out in first the F-111A and then the FB-111A. He served as a flight instructor with the combat crew training unit until its move in the fall of 1971 to Plattsburgh Air Force Base. \ Moving with the school, and now assigned to the 380th Bomb Wing (SAC), Wayne moved from flight Instructor to academic instructor, then to Chief of ‘Academics, to Chie! of Training, and finally he rved as Chief of the Tactics Instructors for both the FB-111A and the KC-135. In 1978, he requested and was assigned to the position of Air Force Liaison Officer to the New Jersey Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. He attended the Coast Guard National Search and Rescue School as part of the job qualification. He served there until his retirement in the grade of Lieutenant Colonel in 1987. Wayne is an avid modeler and has been a member of the International Plastic Modelers Society since 1967. He has served as Head Judge at the IPMS/USA national convention's contests for many years. In 1987, he was presented with a special award for his contributions to the society. He is also a member of the IPMS/Canada, the American Avi tion Historical Society, the Air Force Historical Foundation, the Friends of the Air Force Museum, the Daedalians (the fraternity of American military pilots), and The Retired Officers Association. Wayne now resides in south central Pennsylvania with his wite Kathy and son Paul. Wayne Wachsmuth [TAB] "8 B00Ks Blue Ridge Summit, PA Airlife Publishing Ltd. England