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16 October 2018

Dear Parents,

At the beginning of the school year, may I take this opportunity on behalf of the staff, to
welcome all the children back to school. Welcome to our new Junior Infant pupils. I hope
their time in school will be a happy experience for them and that by co-operation and mutual
understanding between home and school, we will be able to work together for the children’s

Junior Infants will continue to go home at 12:00 up to the end of this week. They will then
go home at 2:00pm from Monday, 10th September onwards.

We seek your co-operation with the following:

 Please label all children’s clothing and belongings clearly including lunchboxes and
drink containers if you have not already done so.
 Please make sure that your child has indoor runners/shoes.
 Please check & sign your child’s homework every night.
 All children require an old large shirt/t-shirt (labelled) for Visual Art activities.
 Check your child’s schoolbag regularly for letters.
 Please provide you child with a plastic bottle as they find it difficult to open juice
 Please sign your child’s homework.
 Check your child’s hair to ensure that any infection of head lice is treated at once.
 Staff request that money for book rental and outstanding art and craft money etc to be
forwarded to the class teacher.
 Please comply with the following procedure when forwarding money to the school:-
o Money should be placed in a sealed envelope.
o The child’s name should be marked on the outside.
o The amount in the envelopes should be clearly stated.
o The purpose for which the money is forwarded should also be clearly stated.

If you change address or phone numbers, please inform the school so we can update the
school records. This is most important as we often need to contact parents by phone.

Please find attached our list of foods & drinks recommended & not recommended in our

If there is anything that is concerning you about your child at school, and you feel you need to
discuss it with their teacher, please contact the secretary/teacher for a “meeting request form”
as it is not always possible for teachers to meet with parents before school due to supervision
duties and class preparation.
The Board of Management will not accept responsibility for children in the school-yard
before 9:15am or after 3:00pm.

The BOM recommends that all pupils avail of the Schools Personal Accident Insurance. If
you wish to avail of this Insurance, please find enclosed a form for each child, please
complete this form and forward either €6.00 or €9.00 depending on whatever option you
chose by Friday 14th September which will be the final date for accepting forms.

In accordance with Section 18 of the Education Welfare Act 2000, when a pupil is absent for
part or all of a school day, parent/s must notify teacher or Principal of the reasons for the
pupil’s absence. If a pupil is absent for more than 20 days during the school year, the school
authorities must inform the Education Welfare Board who consult with parents and other
appropriate persons. In order to comply with the Act, staff and I need your cooperation with
the following:

 If your child is absent, please write a note to teacher stating the reason and give it to
your child on the day your child is returning. It is unnecessary to phone as well.
 If your child has to leave the school during the school day, please write a note or enter
into “Leave early page” in their homework diary.
 We also operate a “sign in, sign out book”, please sign same also.

The Department of education and Science has introduced Guidelines and Procedures for all
schools in relation to Child Protection and Welfare. These guidelines promote the welfare of
all children. The Board of Management has adopted these guidelines as School Policy.
Consequently if there is a matter of concern in relation to the abuse of children we are obliged
to report this to the local Health Board, who will assess the case and provide the necessary
support for the child concerned.

Dancing starts Friday 7th September - €2 per lesson.

Yoga started this Tuesday 4th September - €2 per child.

Congratulations to Pearses hurlers Dean Reilly, Oisín Flannery and Jack Barrett who were
part of the All Ireland Minor Team. We are so so proud of our past pupils. Looking forward
to them calling into school with the Cup!

Hope all last year’s 6th Class are settling well in Secondary School!

Any old library books are welcome at any time during the year.

Also enclosed is our School Calendar.

Looking forward to your continued support throughout the new school year.




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