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We Saved the Club! Quiz © Copy right 2011 Photoc opiable

What can you remember from the story? Answer the questions.

1. What sport did they play the day before?

2. What did they watch after the game?

3. How did Coco feel during the evening?

4. Who came into the house?

5. What did he want?

6. Why didn't the kids hear the man break in?

7. What or who did the man fall over?

8. What did the kids do to the burglar?

9. What else did the man fall over?

10. Where did he fall into?

11. Who came to interview the kids after the burglary?

12. Where did the story appear?

We Saved the Club! Quiz © Copy right 2011 Photoc opiable

Activity Instructions
Language Focus: Unspecific
Vocabulary Focus: Unspecific
Level: Kids
Skill: Reading
Time: 15 minutes
Organisation: Students work in groups of 1-3
Stage: Reading comprehension
Suggested Method:

1. Copy one handout for each individual student and distribute them.

2. This quiz can be done individually, in pairs or in small groups. It can be done
books open with the handout for comprehension purposes. Alternatively, it can be
done books closed after to see what the learners remember. Set students a strict
time limit and monitor while students do the quiz.

3. For feedback, students can write the answers on the board or tell you them in a
circle. The quiz can be marked by redistributing the handouts with students or
groups marking each other's.

1. Football 7. Coco
2. Fireworks 8. Chase him
3. Scared 9. Some footballs
4. A burglar 10. The goal
5. A computer 11. A journalist
6. The fireworks were too loud 12. In a newspaper