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You are going toread a magazine artic/e about exercising in water. Choose from
the list (A-1) the sentence which best summarises each part (1:-7) of the artic/e.
There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at
the beginning (0).
Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

A You are unlikely to cause yourself an injury in


B lt is not as easy as it looks.

C Aqua fitness can do more than simply help

heal injuries.

D You can lose weight and enjoy yourself at the


E You can strengthen your heart and muscles by

training every day.

F Your body will adapt to exercising in water.

G Don't worry about what you look like.

H Exercise in water puts less pressure on the


The idea of exercising in water is not new.

aerobics. Lydia Campbell, a carry a little more excess
0 I fitness expert, says there are weight than you feel
no conclusive studies on why comfortable with or just feel
The last thing many people it has a less drastic effect on embarrassed because you
expect to do in a swimming your heart, but there are haven't exercised before, there
pool these days is swim. The sorne factors that partly is no need to be anxious as
latest fitness phenomenon to explain it. Lydia says, 'Water is everything is hidden beneath
make a big splash at the local supportive, as we all know, the water level!
pool is aqua fitness. The and with blood flowing more
properties of water have long easily, there is less stress on
been known to make it one of the heart.'
the safest and most effective Getting used to moving in
media in which to exercise. water takes a little time
Physiotherapists have used it because of the gravity changes
for years and, even as far back There are other benefits to on the body. Running in water
as the Romans, the value of working out in water such as wi ll be easier if your body has
water for healing has been the fact that your muscles are lots of muscle, but don't
recognised. less likely to ache the worry about this not being the
following day, the water has a case, as the exercisi ng i n
massaging effect on the body, water will strengthen muscles
and of course, there is always anyway. Soon you will be able
Today 'aqua fitness', as it is the possibility of getting a bit to move more strongly
known, has seen exercising in slimmer. lt is generally thought through the pool.
the swimming pool that an aqua fitness workout
progressing from merely being can use from 450 to 700
an activity for the recovery of calories an hour. And don't
an injury. Aqua fitness has forget, water is fun - Classes usually start with a
become a valuable training aid exercising to music in water is warm-up aimed at stimulating
even for professional athletes a unique experience! and raising the body
who use it to reduce the risk temperatu re. Using the
of overtrain i ng. However, properties of water in an aqua
that's not to say that workout can create an
exercising in water isn't ideal The reassuring element of effective training programme
for the rest of us too, from exercising in water is that, that might change sorne
the young to the old, from the apart from doing you good, it previous ideas about how easy
fit to those who do suffer is relatively difficult to do exercising in water is. Try
from complaints such as anything that is going to harm running in shallow knee-deep
arthritis. you. water. lt's easy, but try running
in thigh-deep water and things
suddenly get more difficult ­
1.. 2 ._l _ ,1 1 5
1 chest-deep water is even
Exercising in water raises the As far as modesty is harder, as the water resistance
heart rate less than land concerned, if you miss a step, increases.

Source: Carne, Paul et al. 1996. Cambridge Practice Tests for First Certificate l. United Kingdom: Cambridge
University Press.

KEY lC 2H 3D 4A SG 6F 7B