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Most  Recent  Produced  Work   Education  

A  CLOCKWORK  ORANGE   Graduate  Musical  Theatre  Writing  Program  

Music  by  Fred  Carl  /  Book  &  Lyrics  by  Ed  DuRante   Tisch  School  of  the  Arts,  NYU,  MFA  
Theatre  Royal  Stratford  East  (London,  UK)      
  Graduate  Film  Program  
Writer  /  Director  /  Film   Tisch  School  of  the  Arts,  NYU,  MFA  

JAKE  GETS  PAID  -­‐  Feature    

Yale  University,  Political  Science,  BA  

BLACK  REPUBLICAN  -­‐  Short    

2  MANHATTANS  -­‐  Short   Awards  

MAN  IN  POLYESTER  SUIT  -­‐  Short  

New  York  Foundation  for  the  Arts  Filmmaking  Fellowship  

DYZYGOTIC  -­‐  Short    

AMERICA  -­‐  Short   NYU  Graduate/Professional  Opportunity  Fellowship  

THE  SHINY  MEN  -­‐  Short   ASCAP  Foundation  Yip  Harburg  Scholarship  
DIGGER  -­‐  Short    
Jan  Peerce  Fellowship  
Documentary  Production    
HBO  New  Writers  Award  
Director/DP  -­‐  LENNY  KRAVITZ  Documentary    
Director/DP  -­‐  WYCLEF  JEAN  Documentary   Selected  Theatre  

Music  Video  Production   MAN  IN  POLYESTER  SUIT  written  by  Ed  DuRante    
  • Playwrights  Horizons  -­‐  Directed  by  Pamela  Berlin  
Director/DP  -­‐  JANET  JACKSON  -­‐  Testimonial  Video   • HBO  New  Writers  Project  -­‐  Directed  by  Michael  Bloom    
Director/DP  -­‐  JERMAINE  DUPRI  -­‐  EPK  -­‐  Virgin  Records   • MTV  Diversity  Project  -­‐  Directed  by  Kira  Arne    
Director/DP/Editor  -­‐  VIRGIN  RECORDS  -­‐  Promotional  Video   • Talking  Drum  Theatre  Co.  -­‐  Directed  by  Ed  DuRante    
Director/DP/Editor  -­‐  SIRE  RECORDS  -­‐  Promotional  Video      

Director  -­‐  JOHN  WAITE  -­‐  Music  Video  -­‐  No  Brakes  Records  
• Music  by  Miriam  Daly  /  Book  &  Lyrics  by  Ed  DuRante  
Director/Editor  -­‐  KIELY  WILLIAMS  -­‐  Music  Video  –  Nine  Lives  Ent.  
• Opaline  -­‐  Workshop      
Director/DP  -­‐  H.I.M.  -­‐  EPK  -­‐  Warner  Music  Group      

Art  Director                One  Act  Musical  about  The  Black  Panthers    
TOM  PETTY  website  
  • Music  by  Miriam  Daly  /  Book  &  Lyrics  by  Ed  DuRante    
Writing  Residencies   • Tisch  School  of  the  Arts  -­‐  Reading      
• Directed  by  Chris  Grabowski    
CATWALK  ART  RESIDENCY  -­‐  “Peg  Leg  Bates”  musical      

RHINEBECK  WRITERS  RETREAT  -­‐  “A  Clockwork  Orange”  musical   EAST  VILLAGE  PEOPLE  –  Written  by  Ed  DuRante    
  • Playwrights  Horizons  -­‐  Reading    
Script  Coordinator   • Directed  by  Jim  Simpson    
BROOKLYN’S  FINEST  dir:  Antoine  Fuqua      

  2  DIVAS  &  THE  DOG  -­‐  Written  by  Kira  Arne  /  Directed  by  Ed  DuRante    
Executive  Producer   • New  York  Theatre  Workshop  /  Just  Add  Water  Festival    

BLUE  OWL  FLICKS     HOMEBOYS      Written  &  Directed  by  Ed  DuRante    
6  Short  Films  About  the  Life  of  Bar   • Playwrights  Horizons  -­‐  Reading  
Sponsored  by  Maker’s  Mark  Bourbon      

  THE  L  WORD      Written  by  Ed  DuRante    

Director  of  Creative  Production     • HBO  New  Writers  Project  -­‐  Directed  by  Michael  Bloom    
EYESTUDIO.NET   • Theatre  for  the  New  City  -­‐  Directed  by  Kira  Arne    
WIRE  webseries     • Kampo  Cultural  Center  -­‐  Directed  by  Ed  DuRante    
• PKE  Theatre  -­‐  Staged  Reading  -­‐  Directed  by  Mel  Johnson  
Written  by  Charlie  Huston  /  Directed  by  Ed  DuRante    

Management  Programs  Associate   EULOGY  FOR  A  MISSING  PLAYER      Written  by  Lynn  Nottage      
• Talking  Drum  Theatre  Company  
• Directed  by  Ed  DuRante    
• Coordinated  Government  Advocacy  efforts    

• Edited  the  Managers  Bulletin   FIT  TO  BE  TIED      Written  by  Ed  DuRante  &  Kira  Arne  
• Wrote  Censorship  and  Arts  Funding  updates  for   • Naked  Angels  
American  Theatre  magazine  
   IN  WALKS  ED      Written  by  Keith  Glover    
Writing  Instructor   • Playwrights  Horizons  -­‐  Reading  
THEATRE  ROYAL  STRATFORD  EAST  (London,  UK)   • Directed  by  Ed  DuRante