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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Volume 148, Number 0


Two students discuss athletics Editorial: It’s OK to be uncom- Relating college to your
and community. Page 3. fortable sometimes. Page 6. far-away family. Page 7.
2 Saturday, August 25, 2018

On making friends
In regards to the first-year brick at Bowdoin
After months of pre-college that the sheen of first-year commitment to appreciating Compiled by Kathryn McGinnis
by Nell Fitzgerald anxiety, the immediate acces- excitement quickly begins to difference—in whatever form
and Surya Milner sibility of a group of friends is dim; parties in college-house that may take—by stepping
Orient Staff I loved how small Bowdoin is, and it’s really
comforting. We imagine that, basements become slightly outside the bubble that Bow-
In Bowdoin terms, there before arrival, the entire Office gross, work mounts and you doin gives us. We believe that
may be no social group as for- of Residential Life (ResLife) might realize that you don’t difference is best appreciated
cool that I can walk by 10 people and say
mative and unilaterally dealt staff sat together, analyzing our have that much in common when the diversity of the first- ‘hi’ to at least half of them.
as the first-year floor. We all traits and hobbies, hand-select- with the companions we used year floor moves from a situa-
receive room assignments, ing each member of our floor to to feel deep kinship towards. tion to a choice, a knowing of —Abby Kelly ’19
move en masse and occupy create a perfect microcosm of One afternoon, you might catch when to take a step beyond the
barren little rectangles that Bowdoin and magically ensur- sight of the ResLife Instagram quiet comfort of your floor and
almost exactly resemble ev- ing that each of us would mesh. and learn that two interns, just into the uncertainty of others.
eryone else’s (save, maybe, the From our early vantage sophomores, made roommate Other Bowdoins. It might be I recommend putting yourself out there and
elevator triples in Winthrop points, these people are Bow- decisions. You try to ignore up or down one flight of stairs
or the larger-than-life doubles doin. They soften the sharpness the nagging feeling that rises, or across campus, part of a new
talking to people in your classes or other
of Osher and West). of the myriad of rectangular the annoyance at repetitive extracurricular or simply sit- places on campus–you can walk by some-
Our floormates, too, can buildings, of choosing classes, brunches and rehashing the ting next to you in a class. We’re one so many times and never know what
seem larger-than-life. They’re of conjuring just one more un- same hook ups again and again. not telling you to reject your
the first people we meet, and believable factoid for your hun- ResLife designs the first- first-year floor or to prioritize good friends you could become later.
many of us take solace in get- dredth round of Two Truths year floor to ensure that we other people in your first few
ting to know the members of and A Lie. For a few weeks, our proceed through our under- weeks on campus. But we’re —Callie Burkhart ’21
our floor, a group of people floors get every meal together, graduate education with an ap- also encouraging you not to
that stays constant throughout show up at every party togeth- preciation of difference. While limit yourself, to put yourself
the awkward first few days. er and convene late at night in members of this posse of ap- in uncomfortable situations, I remember going home from fall break
Meeting our floormates can be the common room to gossip proximately thirteen people to introduce yourself to that
a deep thrill—living with your and order Domino’s. “This is might very well become our friend crush that sits next to and feeling so disconnected from my high
peers for the first time! Liv- college!” we think to ourselves. closest college friends, not all you in class. The payoff might school friends. I think I met just a better
ing with a different sex for the The thrill is exhilarating. of them will—some will trans- be the closest, most meaningful
first time! Sharing a bathroom But your first-year floor- fer, others will face suspension relationships of your life. caliber of people at Bowdoin.
and—to the horror of many mates, formative though they and even more will simply... Nell Fitzgerald and Surya
parents—a shower with twelve may be, are only Bowdoin, fade. And that’s OK. Milner are members of the Class
—Aisha Rickford ’20
other people for the first time! abridged. In time, you’ll find We urge you to continue that of 2019.

Dating isn’t dead at Bowdoin perience with a senior followed

On religious life
at Bowdoin
by Mitchel Jurasek by a long conversation about Compiled by Amanda Newman
Orient Staff
the importance of maintaining
While awkward mornings, a positive relationship—that
“walks of shame” and special person never acknowledged me I definitely see both my faith and my
Spotify playlists all play signif- again. To this, I call bullshit. If participation in the group as almost an
icant roles in the complexity of two people share intimacy—
Bowdoin’s contentious hookup often sweat and maybe other anchor in my life. It’s really given me a
culture, it seems that the debate fluids—both should have the community of people I share a pretty sig-
over the sanctity of relation- decency to at least wave while
ships plasters our discussion of in line for food at Thorne. nificant part of my life in common with,
intimacy on this campus. If you Always remember, of course, so it’s definitely been a grounding factor in
flip through previous issues of that hooking up or dating re-
the Orient, you can find many quires consent. Unless both
that sense.
columnists and Opinion writers
who shame hookups on cam-
parties are enthusiastic about
any activity, you shouldn’t be
—Tom Lucy ’19, co-chair of the Catholic
pus and complain about their doing it. Last year, a group of Student Union
inability to find others willing students circulated a petition,
to date. Some blame the lack of which received over 800 sig-
dating on campus on the stress natures, calling on the College
of the academic workload, the do to more about preventing It doesn’t matter whether or not people
time commitment of extracur- sexual assault. If you or some- consider themselves religious enough
riculars or even a hypothetical one you know experiences sex-
that we as a school have made ual assault, there are resources,
to be members of Hillel; it’s more about
dating a cultural taboo. While both for reporting the crime Jewish community. It’s become a type of
all of these may hold some and receiving medical treat-
weight, I’m happy to relay that ment as well as emotional and
family to me at Bowdoin and it’s really
in my own observation, both psychological support. offered a sense of home.
hookups and dating are alive There are also plenty of re-
and well at Bowdoin. sources to support healthy and —Zoe Aarons ’19, co-president of Hillel
Yes, it’s true, I have no fool- safe sex. Free condoms can be
proof statistics. However, I have found across campus and the
the time-earned experience of Health Center, which also can
going through dates and hook- provide birth control prescrip- Whenever I’m at a meeting, it is just a
ups on campus and watching MOLLY KENNEDY tions, STI testing and assistance
friends’ similar experiences. I a weird mix of a fading high some telecommunicative way, in getting PREP. relaxing time to decompress and be in a
did the math, and about a third school mentality and an enter- and then, boom. You’re both College is a wacky place new atmosphere and interact with people
of my friends are currently in ing-adulthood cognitive state, asking for consent for a kiss, where you have a ton of el-
relationships. From that, I think which makes dates even trick- maybe more. (Yes, at Bowdoin igible people to experiment very similar to me and from very similar
we can concur that dating is not ier as people figure out that a kiss is considered hooking relationships with. Some may backgrounds.
dead on campus. I myself went schedules are complicated and up). This will often happen go through Bowdoin never
on many dates last year and had first years and seniors are miles at parties, where alcohol and hooking up, while others may —Mamadou Diaw ’20, board member of
my fair share of hookups. I did apart in maturity. The import- other substances need to be as- reach the famed Bowdoin Sev- the Muslim Student Alliance
this as a student who identifies ant thing to remember is that sessed before you or any of your en (hooking up with a person
as a gay man at Bowdoin, which all anyone really wants out of a friends make the judgment on in every year you overlap with).
means my “pool of fish” is a lot date is some quality time with whether that kiss is a good idea. While on this campus, you will
smaller than my straight peers. another person. My favorite Although, hookups can happen probably fall in love, have your Students get involved in these activities in
That being said, everyone will dates last year were long walks other times, too. During finals, heart crushed, experience the different ways: some like to join them for
have different experiences at around Brunswick—when con- you can sometimes see two best kiss or sex you have ever
Bowdoin. versation dropped I could pick sleep-deprived studiers run out had and likely try something holidays and festivities, and for others the
The exact science of a date is it up by pointing out something of the library and back to one you never thought you would weekly meetings are a big part of their day
more difficult to pin down than that we were strolling past. of their dorms to “relieve some do. No matter the case, be pre-
your average hookup. Dates im- Hookups are a more stress.” pared, be consensual and try to to day community at Bowdoin.
ply some type of preparation, a straightforward algorithm. You However, hookup culture have fun while you’re at it.
place, an activity and an outfit. meet someone, you both talk isn’t all fun and games at Bow- Mitchel Jurasek is a member —Eduardo Pazos, Director of Religious and
At Bowdoin, people maintain or mutually express interest in doin. I once had an intimate ex- of the Class of 2021. Spiritual Life
Saturday, August 25, 2018 3

Balancing Bowdoin as a student-athlete

Finding friendship and support—on and off the team
this instance they truly enhanced I jogged back to the stadium she others audition for an a cap- The young leaders on that
by Caroline Shipley its stressors. With a good deal of was exactly who I heard. Sara by Hugh O’Neil pella group. As a student-ath- team taught me that despite
Orient Contributor Orient Contributor
scheduling and some careful rear- and my three other captains were lete on the men’s basketball devoting large portions of our
The impact of athletics on my rangement, by Thursday morning waiting for me at the track. They Arriving to Bowdoin as a team, I initially felt as if my time to basketball, pursuing
Bowdoin experience can best be I had two exams finished, two to had driven from Bowdoin in first year in the fall of 2015, I path had already been chosen athletics at Bowdoin does
described by a food metaphor. go and an afternoon race at MIT. the middle of finals week to sur- recall feelings of pure jubila- for me. I would make friends not necessarily preclude you
Running for Bowdoin enhances But, as I warmed up along the prise me at the race. I screamed, tion and excitement coupled on the basketball team, spend from succeeding in other ar-
my life here like a January dis- Charles River, an unfamiliar lone- jumped and fell down on the side- with mild anxiety and fear. I most of my time playing bas- eas of student life. In short, I
tance run enhances the first bite liness snuck up on me. walk. I’m still not sure that I have assume most incoming first ketball and the rest of my time quickly found that my time at
of Tollhouse cookie pie. It enrich- Before coming to Bowdoin, I ever been so happy to see anyone years experience this ad- would be devoted to academ- Bowdoin did not need to be
es every flavor, makes each bite was relentlessly independent in in my life. mittedly clichéd cocktail of ics—my bewilderment would specialized if I did not want it
more satisfying and leaves you athletics. I loved to run alone, lift I ran a personal record that emotions upon walking into vanish, and I would seamless- to be. There are so many ways
extra hungry to experience it all. alone and pursue my goals indi- day and ultimately qualified for their first-year dorm, meeting ly conform to a predestined for student-athletes to remain
Athletics have created a scarcity vidually. I believed that running nationals, but what I remember their roommates and saying lifestyle at Bowdoin. involved in the broader Bow-
of time and an emphasis on team- would reward this singularity, best about that night was the car goodbye to their parents. Al- While many of my predic- doin community, while also
work that make each moment making it the perfect sport for ride home with my teammates. though the passionate efforts tions came true, the notion maintaining positive contri-
more valuable and each emotion me. Warming up that afternoon We drove Bowdoin-bound along of Bowdoin’s orientation team that athletics strictly pi- butions to their respective
more compelling. The cold is I couldn’t find that independence. Route 1, windows down to a pink and Residential Life staff geon-hole students into one teams.
colder on an icy distance run, the In its place I felt an aching de- New England sunset. It glowed swiftly quell many of these community and a singular Whether you are a stu-
heat is hotter at a late May track pendence on the teammates who like it had been drawn in strokes initial sentiments, when the lifestyle at Bowdoin is wrong. dent-athlete or not, this mes-
meet and the Brunswick sunset had been beside me all year long. of highlighter, and my exhaustion dust settles it is not uncom- I had this realization, as many sage will apply to you during
more breathtaking between re- These were the girls who shared and satisfaction enhanced every mon for first years to retain first-year student-athletes will your time at Bowdoin. As you
peats of Steeplechase Hill. Hours the joy of a Steeplechase Hill sun- hue. I had never been so happy to sensations of disorientation have, as I got to know the up- embark on the next few weeks
at Hawthorne-Longfellow Library set, the chill of every ice bath and head straight for H-L on a finals in a sea of diverse Bowdoin perclassmen on my team. My of your first year, Bowdoin
(H-L) are fewer and more frantic, the exhaustion of an interval day week night, returning to its frenzy personalities and potential team exposed me to several will without a doubt inundate
while nights out with friends are at the track. They were captains, with my uniform on and team- trajectories at the College. role models who appeared to you with potential activi-
sweet with post-race pride. Run- best friends and teammates, three mates in tow. We had, of course, That is where I found myself perfectly balance basketball, ties, new and old, curricular
ning has built friendships that are of whom I had run with all the stopped in Portland for a Dunkin’ during my first real week at academics and personal en- and extracurricular. Some of
richer and deeper, and each mile way to a national championship. Donuts caramel swirl iced coffee. Bowdoin, post-orientation: deavors at the College. While you may choose to embark
through the woods exaggerates As the only Bowdoin woman I sipped it there beside my team- lost. Comparable to so many these young men would later on everything you can get
the exhaustion of a busy Bowdoin competing that day, the loneliness mates, frantically typing edits to of my peers, I did not know assure me they “did not have it your hands on; others will
day. ached in the empty space usual- a policy paper and smiling as I where I fit in at Bowdoin. all figured out,” I nevertheless find themselves initially too
One evening last spring cap- ly filled with pre-race chatter. I wondered how a such a simple Fortunately, Bowdoin has learned that my experience at stressed to add more to your
tured all of this. The story began turned up my music to fill it. thing could taste so good. several mechanisms in place Bowdoin as a student-athlete schedule (this was me!). The
two weeks prior at New England I only know one person with a Caroline Shipley is a member of to further accustom and di- would not resemble the life of point is that there are nearly
Division III Championships, voice loud enough to cut through the Class of 2020. rect first years. Some students anyone else, unless I wanted a million lives you can lead at
when I fell off pace in my 1500m “Old Thing Back” by Matoma, are drawn to the Outing Club; it to. Bowdoin. Choose the one that
race and finished seven seconds blasting at full volume. That works for you, and enjoy it.
slower than I had the week before. person is Sara Ory Hugh O’Neil is a member of
I chose to rest through the next ’19, and as the Class of 2019 and captain
meet and take one final shot at of the men’s basketball team.
qualifying for nationals at the
“last chance meet” on the
Thursday of finals week.
While athletics do
heighten the beauty
of Bowdoin, in


Join the Orient today—no experience necessary!

The Bowdoin Orient is hiring people interested in writing, photography, coding,
art, design and more. Come to our info session to learn about how to join
Bowdoin’s award-winning, student-run newspaper:
7:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 29, in the Pickering Room (Hubbard 213)

orient@bowdoin.edu bowdoinorient.com @bowdoinorient

4 Saturday, August 25, 2018

Resources for low-income and first-gen students

or the Quantitative Reasoning from intramural athletics to
by Kodie Garza Program through a link on artistic, intellectual or creative
Orient Staff
the Center for Learning and pursuits. Certain groups, such
The transition to college Teaching homepage. The tutors as Pursuing Our Purpose and
can be rather arduous, espe- are all fellow students who are Quest for Excellence, were
cially if you are the first in happy to help you out and who specifically created to support
your family to pursue a degree can empathize with the chal- students from backgrounds
or you come from a low-in- lenges of Bowdoin coursework. traditionally underrepresent-
come household. Partaking in If you are looking to revamp ed in higher education.
such a huge undertaking with your resume, take a profes- If you start to feel over-
little to no guidance or finan- sional photo for your LinkedIn whelmed by stress, schedule an
cial support makes an already profile or discuss prospective appointment with Counseling
stressful process even more internship opportunities, you Services by stopping by in-per-
difficult, especially if you are should make an appointment son during business hours or
unaware of the resources Bow- with Bowdoin Career Plan- calling 207-725-3145. If your
doin has to offer. ning through the link on their situation is urgent, stop by the
As a Bowdoin student, there homepage or visit them during Counseling Service Offices at
are a number resources avail- their walk-in hours, which are 32 College Street during emer-
able to you, such as the Center Monday through Friday from gency hour, which is Monday
for Learning and Teaching, 2-4 p.m. through Friday from 3-4 p.m.
which is housed in Kanbar Another crucial resource KODIE GARZA The College covers the cost of
Hall, and Bowdoin Career is the winter clothing fund, ical procedure, text books, art to update or maintain their locate the book you need in counseling, so do not let that
Planning, located in Moulton which provides low-income supplies, or need money for aesthetic while working with- one of the libraries on campus prevent you from getting im-
Union. The Center for Learning students from warmer cli- emergency travel. Requests in the confines of a budget. or in Bowdoin’s library loan perative treatment.
and Teaching offers a variety mates with financial assistance can be submitted through a Another way to maintain your network, check the Curtis Me- Transitioning to college can
of useful academic programs, to acquire proper winter gear. link on the “Emergency Fund- budget while coping with the morial Library in town before be overwhelming for anyone,
including the Writing Project, To take advantage of this fund, ing Process” web page or by cost of an education is to uti- purchasing it from the Bowdo- and more so for students who
the Baldwin Program and the email your dean. Don’t brave emailing your dean. lize the college (and in some in Virtual Bookstore. come in with fewer resources.
Quantitative Reasoning Pro- the winter with a sub-par jack- During college, students are cases college house) libraries Overall, it is important to If you are struggling, remem-
gram. If you ever find yourself et or questionably waterproof introduced to new influenc- for your textbooks needs. remember that your mental ber that you aren’t the first stu-
struggling with one of your boots. Beyond helping you es and ideas, so it is perfectly Most of the textbooks you stability is your top priority. dent at Bowdoin to face these
writing assignments or your prepare for the Maine winter, natural for one’s style to shift. need for your classes, especial- One of the best ways to cope issues. The College has ways to
math, economics or science the College’s emergency fund Estilo, Thredup and Goodwill ly in STEM classes, are often with a high stress environment help—you just have to ask.
homework, reserve an appoint- can likely help if you are un- offer an excellent selection of put on reserve in one of the like Bowdoin is to participate Kodie Garza is a member of
ment with the Writing Project able to pay for an urgent med- clothing for students wishing college libraries. If you cannot in extracurricular activities — the Class of 2021.

What is your favorite class at Bowdoin?

Current students share some of their best experiences in the classroom.

“ “
My favorite class at Bowdoin so far was definitely my freshman seminar Human Being and Religious Toleration & Human Rights, a seminar in the Religion Department taught by
Citizens taught by Prof. Paul Franco. While the course-work was challenging, featuring texts Professor Pritchard in the Spring of my Junior year, was definitely the most challenging course
from Plato to Locke and Rousseau, I found the class to be incredibly rewarding. Professor I’ve taken to date, but also my very favorite. This seminar never failed to blow my mind every
Franco’s knowledge and dynamic teaching style brought alive ancient philosophers through Tuesday and Thursday (even at 8:30 in the morning)! Our readings ran the gamut of subjects and
engaging Socratic style discussions. He truly cares about each of his students and takes the perspectives. Professor Pritchard’s lectures and guidance shed light on really difficult concepts.
time to get to know you on a personal level. As an added bonus, he likes to teach the class at And both classroom conversations and written assignments proved to be spaces in which I could
the top of Coles Tower which has spectacular views of campus and beautiful sunsets. grapple with both academic and personal questions about religion and social justice. Now, I’m

Also recommend taking an EOS class; fantastic professors and meaningful hands on inspired to pursue graduate work in religion after Bowdoin.
learning. Take advantage of the class fair during orientation to get to know the professors in —Viviane Kostin ’19, religion major and education minor
different departments and ask them about their courses and major/minor opportunities.
—Steven Upton ’20, education and French double major, Earth and Oceanographic

Science minor
So far, my favorite class I've taken at Bowdoin was definitely my Japanese Popular Culture
class I took last fall. It was taught by a visiting professor, Christopher Born, who also taught
my Japanese language class. The way that Prof. Born taught the class was very engaging and
interactive; he really let us guide the conversation in any direction we wanted. Also the fact that
Oceanography, taught by Collin Roesler and Cathryn Field, is the best class I have ever we were learning about Japanese food, music, anime, etc. made the class even more memorable.
taken. Every lecture, lab activity, homework assignment, project and exam was extremely well Telling friends that part of my homework assignment was watching a Ghibli film was pretty cool.
designed and made learning feel like it did in elementary school: exciting, fascinating and Professor Born really encouraged our creativity in thought and in writing. He even let us have
happy. This class taught me a new way of thinking through first-hand interaction with real the option for our final to do something creative like a short film, artwork or a short story that

data, thought-provoking conversations and an appreciation for curiosity and questions. Both incorporated something we learned throughout the semester instead of a typical paper.
Collin and Cathryn cared so deeply about our learning and always made their students a top —Bethany Berhanu ’20, Asian Studies and psychology double major
priority. This class inspired me to be passionate about things I’d never thought twice about
before and pushed me to grow significantly as a scientific thinker and communicator. I spent
90% of my time last semester on this class because I wanted to and because I couldn’t stop
thinking about all that we were learning! Every aspect of the class was carefully intertwined My favorite class at Bowdoin was the Psychology of Trauma and PTSD with Professor Kelly
to create a holistic, challenging and authentic learning experience and each assignment and Parker-Guilbert. I loved how the class was a mix of lectures and discussion and we even had

project added a new and intriguing piece of the puzzle that is the world’s oceans. a variety of guest speakers attend. The subject matter was very interesting and I found myself
—Zoe Dietrich ’21, undeclared wanting to learn more out of genuine curiosity about the material rather than to study for an
exam. Professor Parker-Guilbert was a true expert and had lots of case studies/real life experience
to add color to her lectures. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to take such a unique

class in my time at Bowdoin!
Health Psychology with Professor Michael Buccigrossi was the BEST class I’ve ever —Marina Stam ’19, psychology and economics double major
taken in my LIFE! Every Tuesday and Thursday, I scurried through the doors of Kanbar
and took my seat among my peers. For the following 85 minutes, we were mesmerized
by Professor Buccigrossi’s passionate explanations of the vagus nerve’s role in the upward
spiral phenomenon, gratitude’s holistic effect on well-being, and the importance of social The best class that I’ve taken at Bowdoin so far is Fundamentals of Music (or Fun Music, as I
connection. Each week, equipped with knowledge from our fiery lectures with the God of like to call it) taught by Professor Robert Greenlee. I took this class my sophomore spring and it
enthusiasm, we were sent off to research a nuanced point of interest and write a 250 word was such a wonderful change of pace to my usual classes. Robby is one of the most enthusiastic
argument supporting our view. The following week, our class engaged in a supportive and professors I have ever had and he made every class exciting and interactive. From dabbling with
fun discussion about the topics we researched. This education style fostered MAXIMUM African drumming and looking at their influences on modern music to analyzing songs that
intellectual freedom as we were given the opportunity to explore a topic that excited us! were meaningful to us (re: Breaking Free by Troy and Gabriella), walking into Robby’s class was
This made our weekend reports a blast and a half! Prior to taking Health Psychology, I was always a welcome surprise. This class was a great introduction to Bowdoin’s music department
a budding neuroscience major. After day one of Health Psych, I was fully committed to the and I’ve since taken two more classes with Robby. It also is a great way to fulfill that crucial VPA
psychology path with a surge of excitement! requirement.
—Will Bucci ’19, psychology major and music minor —Amber Rock ’19, biology major
Saturday, August 25, 2018 5

Places to explore: Bowdoin, Brunswick and beyond

Androscoggin River Bicycle Path: It’s a great
place to take your bike and explore the river. It has
great views, and you can watch people kayaking
along the dock. Dog-lovers should know about the


dog park along the path. It’s also a great place to

watch the sunset reflect off of the river.

Thomas Point Beach: Small “beach” close to

campus, about a 20-30 minute bike ride. It’s a very
close “beach” right in Brunswick and very shallow ROUTE 1

and with a minimal stretch of sand. It’s better to


canoe here or catch horseshoe crabs. (If you get



really lucky, you’ll catch a couple hundred or thou-


sand horseshoe crabs on this beach.)


Sixteenth floor of the Tower: The view from


the top floor of Coles Tower looks great in the fall


when the trees change colors. Also excellent for

sunrise and sunset viewing. SIMPSONS POINT ROAD

Mere Point Boat Launch: It’s a bit of a trek by

bike (seven miles), but a great swimming spot once
you arrive. Get your swimming in before the end of
September, though.

Simpson’s Point: This beloved perch on the water

is right at the end of Simpson’s Point Road. Great
for a swim when the tide is high in July, August and
September; otherwise, a serene spot to watch the


Doubling Point Lighthouse: About 20 minutes

away by car, this lighthouse in Arrowsic offers pic-
turesque views of the Kennebec.

Baxter Basement: Catch a glimpse of the base-

ment before it gets trashed for the year, if you can.
Enjoy the decades-old stench of alcohol and the
lack of sweat on the walls.

Bowdoin Pines: Across from Pine Cemetery and

behind Cram Alumni House are a few twisting
paths and trails that run next to the train tracks.
They make for a nice, shaded walk, but given how
much the College references these “whispering
pines” you’ll probably be underwhelmed.

Stowe House (not Inn, Hall nor Barn): It’s the

former home of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the site
at which she wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a National Get off of Maine Street: There are some sweet Harpswell Cliff Trail: About 20 minutes from
Historic Landmark and a National Underground little businesses off of Brunswick’s main drag: on campus by car. Really beautiful, short hike if you
Railroad Network to Freedom site. Stop in to chat Union Street, check out Dog Bar Jim for coffee ever need to get off of campus for an afternoon.
with Cathi Belcher, the museum guide, who knows and Union Street Bakery for sandwiches and baked
everything there is to know about Stowe and her goods. Then continue down Cumberland to Wild- The Book Barn: Open on Saturdays only, this
time in Brunswick. It’s the building with mint green flours, Brunswick’s very own gluten-free bakery. hole-in-the-wall used-book store is tucked behind
shutters next to Stowe Inn, if you’re a little lost with Maine and off of Lincoln Street.
all the Stowes. The Peucinian Room: In the basement of Sills,
this spot feels like a Swiss ski chalet, but it is actu- Fort Andross Flea Market: Check out this some-
Senator Angus King’s house somewhere on ally the former meeting room of Bowdoin's literary what-overwhelming odds-and-ends extravaganza
Page Street: Not something to “explore”—please club. They still hang out here sometimes. in the Fort Andross Mill at the bottom of Maine
don’t bother him—but certainly a fun fact. Street. Open only on the weekends!
Lighthouse Deli: Go here for terrific breakfast
Brunswick Commons: A wooded area filled with sandwiches (order the “Polar Bear”) and even bet- The (former) Brunswick Naval Air Station:
trails behind Farley Field and extending all the way ter customer service. Enter at the end of Pine Street by foot or bike. If
out to Middle Bay Road. Great for running, walk- you go left, you can follow the path all the way to
ing and biking. You will get lost the first few times. The Swinging Bridge: A Brunswick staple with Brunswick Landing, where you can find the Bruns-
beautiful views over the Androscoggin. Once wick-based brewery, Flight Deck, a couple cafés
Top floor of Hubbard Stacks: It’s a quiet study you’ve made it to Topsham, follow down the path and a school. You will pass a doggie daycare, and
space, and it’s where all the seniors are. They’ll to the right and eventually find yourself at the all thirty of the dogs will rush to the fence barking
most likely be confused as to what you are doing Frank J. Wood Bridge, which will deposit you back at you. If you go right, the path continues for a half
there, but don’t let that stop you from hunkering on Maine Street in Brunswick. mile or so, and then you have to turn around.
6 Saturday, August 25, 2018

Embracing Discomfort College is a time to be politically active

For almost every incoming first year, a distinct moment occurs at least campus can be a way to meaningful- pendent—entering the job market,
once during orientation week. You look around, at people who appear to by Nell Fitzgerald ly engage with these issues. Over my living by ourselves for the first time,
be more comfortable than you, and feel alone. Thoughts flash, different for Orient Staff time on the campaign trail, I talked even becoming sexually active—it’s
each first year: this place is whiter and wealthier, smaller or bigger, than the “Please take us off your list; we to dozens of Mainers a day, witness- important to feel supported by the
place I’m from. Most of all, your home friends and family are gone, and a don’t need any help deciding our ing factors that have contributed to legislators and policies that can af-
sense of disquietude comes over you. politics.” the declining economy and pushed fect these decisions.
Initially, you’ll probably find it tempting resist this discomfort, to take It was the third time in a row that them to vote conservatively: high Something you’ll hear often over
the easy road—becoming best friends with your floormates, spending your someone had slammed a door on premiums on health care, discon- your four years at Bowdoin is that
weekend nights in college house basements drinking beer you don’t like, me and my co-campaigner, but the nect from the more urban part of the students are extremely involved,
taking a math class, intro psych and whichever language you studied in reproach of the statement made the state and job loss due to the closure constantly busy. Becoming political-
high school. Whatever it is that everyone around you seems to be doing, rejection slightly harsher. Over the of mills, once the fulcrum of small- ly active on campus doesn’t have to
you might just want to go along and do it, too. next several months, while working town economies. It’s easy to learn mean becoming a full-time intern
As former first-years, we understand the urge. But as people who sur- on a political campaign in Maine’s about these issues in a classroom, on a campaign. It can mean phone
vived that first year, we want to tell you that sometimes doing the things second district—north of Lewiston but witnessing them firsthand elicits banking for 20 minutes a week or
that make you uncomfortable can be the most rewarding. and considerably more conservative a level of empathy and understand- knocking on doors once a month,
Embracing discomfort at Bowdoin will mean different things for differ- than the Brunswick area—I came to ing that is impossible to foster from but holding yourself to those obli-
ent people. It might mean joining an activity you’ve never tried before but realize how little I understood about our sheltered classrooms. gations. (During the 2016 election,
have always wanted to (or maybe something you’ve never wanted to try, but the state that I considered home. Aside from connecting with the countless Bowdoin students can-
had the chance and the spare time to—you might end up loving it or just Bowdoin students exist in a bub- Maine community, becoming politi- celled their campaign shifts, blaming
meeting someone cool). Maybe it’s signing up for a class you’re not sure ble, largely removed from the sur- cally engaged and informed on cam- mountains of work and the belief
about, or applying for a job, internship, or research opportunity that you rounding Maine area. A report by pus can make a difference in deter- that “it doesn’t matter; she’s going
think might be totally out of your league. Maybe it means actually raising the Equality of Opportunity Project mining policy in a state where you’ll to win anyways.”) Register to vote in
your hand in class when you have an idea that sounds good, even if you’re published in the New York Times live for an important phase of your Maine and become informed about
not 100 percent sure you’re right. Maybe it means speaking up when you last year said that the median fam- life. In 2016, many Bowdoin students local politics—in the upcoming mid-
disagree—be that in the classroom, with your peers or with the actions and ily income of a Bowdoin student is campaigned and voted for whether term, Maine has a contentious gu-
norms of the College. It might just be eating lunch alone because you need $195,900, while the median family or not to legalize marijuana. The bernatorial race and a Senator up for
some time to study or recharge (no shame in the Netflix lunch, either). income of Maine hovers around measure passed, and this past Feb- reelection, both sure to be exciting.
A corollary to this is that it should be OK—even encouraged—to $47,000. In 2016, Trump won 47 ruary dispensaries began to spring Over the next few weeks, you’ll see
talk about the moments at Bowdoin that make you uncomfortable, even percent of the popular vote in Maine, up throughout the state. Students students campaigning around cam-
when you weren’t seeking that discomfort. Coming out of high school, while one Orient article found that also supported a ballot measure to pus for every cause and candidate
where many of you were the top of your class, some of you will struggle he won a mere six percent of the increase Maine’s minimum wage imaginable. When you see someone
academically for the first time ever. Don’t pretend you know what you’re Bowdoin student body’s vote. to $12 per hour by 2020, a decision advocating for something you care
doing. Ask for help. Go to office hours. The same goes outside the academic Regardless of who you campaign which will affect many student-em- about, stop and join them.
sphere. You don’t need to act like you love every new activity you try, or that for or which party you side with, ployees in the next year. As many of Nell Fitzgerald is a member of the
you’re happy every single day of the long Maine winter. Confide in someone becoming politically active while on us are becoming increasingly inde- class of 2019.
when you have a bad day.
Of course, there’s no need to be constantly seeking out discomfort. It’s

Bowdoin Life Pro Tips

about developing an awareness of when you’re playing it too safe and rob-
bing yourself of experiences you might enjoy. It’s about knowing when
you’re uncomfortable because you’re nervous and when you’re uncom-
fortable because the situation is not for you. We’re not saying to abandon
everything you’re good at or enjoy—just be willing to make room for new • Download the Bowdoin Din- views website when picking classes. breakfast run into the dining hall and
things, new people, new opportunities. Be yourself, but leave yourself space ing app and have both dining halls’ Your bowdoin username and pass- grab some fruit and coffee in a to-go
to grow here. menus at your fingertips. You will word is your login. cup.
waste a lot of time planning your next • Email professors for more infor- • If you don’t need somewhere
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and every seventh coffee is free. ple and places outside of Bowdoin’s good study spots.
• Showing your student ID at Wild immediate sphere. • “Strawberry Soup” is code for
Oats will give you a 10% discount • Smith Union and Kanbar are “Strawberry Smoothie” at Bowdoin.
on Sunday. Pastries are half off after open 24 hours a day—useful for late Definitely give it a try.
2pm. Always. night studying. Just make sure you • There are librarians on staff
• The Health Center provides have your OneCard with you; secu- whose main purpose is to help you
free condoms, dental dams, cough rity officers do rounds to make sure with research. They are your friends
drops, decongestant, painkillers, you’re a student. and will help guide you through
hand sanitizer and other self-care • It’s not weird to sit and do work all the library’s resources. Don’t be
ESTABLISHED 1871 products. alone at breakfast—trust us. afraid to consult them if you have a
• The Health Center also provides • Go to the beach while it’s still paper to write.
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Saturday, August 25, 2018 7

Drinking at Bowdoin and the fear of staying in away from home on a beau- flu—not ideal for an asth- that, likely due to genetics,
by Nina McKay tiful campus surrounded by matic. Negotiating catching my body is more affected by
Orient Staff
new, interesting people—even up on work with a cast on my a certain amount of alcohol
When I was in kindergar- if I didn’t really know any of dominant hand and at least than the average person my
ten, I would come downstairs them yet. I went out basical- two orthopedic appointments size. I’ve also learned that it’s
in my pajamas in the morning ly every night I could for the each week became my only important to me to carefully
to find my dad—a psycholo- first couple of months of my priority through the end of consider what I may have to
gy professor specializing in first year, at first because I Spring Break. do the day after a night out; I
substance abuse treatment— enjoyed it. When no one knew When I started going out wouldn’t want to compromise
sitting at the dining room anyone else very well, alcohol again during the second half something important to me by
table working on PowerPoint broke the ice. At a certain of the spring semester, it was being groggy or unproductive.
presentations. He would sit point, though, I started to feel different. I had conquered my I don’t talk to my parents as
me in his lap and animatedly bored. Most nights out felt fear of staying in, so I only much about alcohol anymore,
explain (with graphs) trends pretty much the same, and I chose to go out when I really but I still think about our past
of alcohol consumption by didn’t feel like I knew the peo-
high school seniors over a ple around me well enough to
period of 20 years. In third make interesting conversation When no one knew anyone else
grade, the first time alcohol at Super Snack when the buzz very well, alcohol broke the ice. At
use was touched upon in my had worn off. I kept going out
public elementary school’s anyway, though, because the a certain point, though, I started
health curriculum, my teacher idea of finding something else to feel bored.
asked him to make an age-ap- to do and people to do it with
propriate presentation. He seemed too overwhelming.
brought my stuffed rat into About two months after I wanted to. But I found my- conversations about it, and I
my classroom to demonstrate first arrived at school, I was self excited to go out often, don’t lie when they ask how
how studies conducted on rats forced to begin an abrupt hia- even though I was careful to much I drink.
were used to show how alco- tus from going out and drink- consume a moderate amount Most Bowdoin students
hol affected human brains. ing. I woke up in the middle of of alcohol. I loved dancing abstain from drinking alcohol
By the time I became a teen- a Saturday night with intense with my friends, who by that at various points for various
ager, I’d spent years hearing pain radiating from my jaw point were people whom I reasons. Some never drink at
about the potential adverse throughout the inside of my knew very well. After coming Bowdoin, and some are ath-
effects of drinking too much college as fairly experienced gled with party-related anx- head, which turned out to be home, we would spend hours letes who don’t drink while
alcohol. But at my high-pres- drinkers. iety on two main fronts: the an infected wisdom tooth. I sitting in the Osher 3rd floor in season, but others just pay
sure suburban public high I did my best to forge a idea of a friend getting alcohol was on antibiotics for three common room or in the girls’ attention to what they really
school, underage alcohol middle path. I tried being a poisoning on my watch when weeks, and the numerous ac- bathroom, just talking. We feel comfortable doing on any
overconsumption was essen- designated driver whenever I was sober and the thought of companying side effects last- made sure that our nights out given night. In my experience
tially the norm. Kids would possible—if I was driving, my getting a citation if the police ed until Thanksgiving Break. were ways to let loose togeth- at Bowdoin, you’d have to look
crowd into basements and parents knew I wouldn’t be showed up. With final exams coming up er and bond with one another, much harder to find friends
play beer pong when parents drinking and were therefore At Bowdoin, the social fast, I didn’t do much partying while simultaneously looking who wouldn’t accept your
were out of town, out to din- more likely to allow me to go scene initially struck me as for the rest of the semester. out for each other and making decisions around alcohol—as
ner or upstairs in the kitchen. out. When I started drinking less stressful than my high My second semester start- sure that everyone stayed safe. long as they are reasonably
Friend groups rented houses occasionally during my junior school alcohol consumption, ed with an unexpected bump I haven’t perfected the safe and respect those around
in the mountains after senior year, I maintained rules for mainly because I was much when, on the first Thursday formula for engaging with you—than you would have
prom to allow for several days myself about how often and less worried about the police. back at school, I slipped on alcohol at Bowdoin while to look to find friends who
of unsupervised, near-con- how much alcohol I would I was also overstimulated by ice and tore my scapholunate considering my relationships would.
stant alcohol consumption. consume. But even with my the combination of terror ligament in my right wrist. with myself, my family and Nina McKay is a member of
Many of us went on to start own strict guidelines, I strug- and excitement I felt at living Two weeks later, I caught the my friends. I have learned the Class of 2021.

Bowdoin from afar: sharing college with family who doesn’t relate
inanity. He continued, “I was weeks on campus.
by Surya Milner just a little bit confused. Of all What I felt then was a sub-
Orient Staff
the private schools, why Bow- tle apartness, a sleepy process
My brother and I were at doin? So peculiar. It’s a very pe- of coming to terms with the
the dinner table, waiting for culiar school. Yeah.” He doesn’t fact that the insularity that
our parents to join us so we tell me what’s so peculiar about binds Bowdoin feels, at cer-
could devour the mutton cur- Bowdoin, a place that’s become tain times, like the insularity
ry my mom had made earli- more familiar to me than most of shared experience. Parents
er that week. It was leftovers parts of my parents’ newly-gen- who went to Bowdoin. Parents
and a Monday, but it was also trified neighborhood on the who knew what Bowdoin was.
summer in Austin, meaning east side of town. Siblings who went to Bowdoin.
that each day’s oppressive heat “You went off to Bowdoin Former classmates who now
somehow made all of the typi- and thought that identity pol- go to Bowdoin. Expensive
cally bad signifiers—like Mon- itics held the answer to every- outdoor semester schools that
days—OK. thing,” my dad pipes up from feed into schools like Bowdo-
I had missed a lot of Texas the couch. I laugh, because in. Families that vacation in
that summer: ICE’s family sep- he’s right, but also because Maine. Prep schools that have
arations that riled our national he’s just opened up a topic we decades-long rapport with the
consciousness and progressive have a zero percent chance of College’s admissions depart-
fireball Beto O’Rourke’s in- agreeing on. (Acclimating to ment. Family members that
tensifying run for Senate; my Texas engenders its own breed donate to Bowdoin.
brother’s first summer post-col- of conservatism.) Now, Bowdoin looks like
lege and our family’s first sum- From the kitchen, my mom infinitely unfurling pine trees
mer without our beloved pup, offers an update on the cookies and long walks when the going
Ruffy. I had returned home for she’s about to put in the oven— gets tough. It feels like rants
a brief five days before heading the sole delay in the meal we’ve between fellow Texans about
back to Maine, where I would been waiting to consume. “Let’s East Coast elitism and nights
commence my fourth and final see how these cookies turn KODIE GARZA buried in the third floor of
year of college. out. These are a little bit oilier platitudes on liberalism. I think the fact that we were utterly in its absolute, vast openness. H-L. On both ends, it feels like
As we waited, I turned to than the other ones,” she notes, of how often at Bowdoin we clueless around issues of race Transparent, yet complex. fresh snow glinting on winter
my brother, Prasaad, and asked completely disinterested in the harp on the disconnect be- or identity, opting instead to Back at the dinner table, I mornings and the first warm
him about Bowdoin. What was conversation at hand. tween our insular bubble and indulge in diluted love triangles contemplate Maine. What is it? day of spring.
his perspective on the place Before long, my dad and the greater state of Maine. and MTV’s Teen Wolf. We then And what is it that my nuclear Perhaps Bowdoin is not
that had consumed the past brother are launching into Earlier that day, I had laid pondered Texas as a place and family, who have only visited something I’ll ever be able to
three years of my life? some shared musings on what out a towel at Austin’s natural an idea. After many hours, we twice in brief windows, think it share with my family—some-
“I’ve never visited. So, I they call “Northeastern cul- springs to absorb some sun and still couldn’t put a finger on it. is? It dawns on me that maybe thing they’ll ever really get.
don’t have any observations,” ture”—what that is, it’s hard to catch up with a friend from Three parts the South, the rug- Bowdoin, though my now-per- Maybe, like leftovers and Mon-
he offered, dryly. This is classic tell. Are they thinking of Bean high school. We talked about ged West and middle America, sonal snow globe, is peculiar to days in August, that’s OK.
Prasaad: feigning disinterest boots? No—that can’t be it. I how racially diverse our high Texas stands apart in my mind my family in similar ways that Surya Milner is a member of
before a swift pivot into spirited ask, only to be met with vague school friend group was despite as a league of its own; singular it was to me during my first the Class of 2019.
8 Saturday, August 25, 2018

50 things to do before you graduate

Essential activities for every Bowdoin student (according to Orient staff )
1. Take a nap in every academic building on campus. 25. Do an independent study.
2. Chat with a Brunswick Taxi driver. You never know 26. Heckle Colby at the Bowdoin/Colby hockey game.
who you’ll meet. (“Mules are sterile!”)
3. Make the @bowdoincollege Instagram. 27. Climb the rock wall at Buck.
4. Go to the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity. 28. Try out for one of the four comedy groups on
5. Streak the quad. campus: Purity Pact, Improvabilities, Office Hours
and Bowdoin Night Live.
6. Decorate your room with something you bought at
the Brunswick Flea Market. 29. Get invited to (and attend) dinner at a professor’s
7. Like the Bowdoin Orient on Facebook. (And follow
us on Instagram while you’re at it!) 30. Skip class.
8. Engage in a serious chat on the Swinging Bridge. 31. Pee on every College House.
9. Go to Gelato Fiasco on the coldest day of the year— 32. Swim in the bioluminescence at the Coastal Studies
however many degrees below freezing it is outside Center.
is the discount you get on your order! (ex: if it’s 0ºF, 33. Become real friends with someone you meet at Ivies.
your gelato is 32% off ). 34. Volunteer at a local school through the McKeen
10. Watch a movie at Eveningstar Cinema and at Center.
Frontier. 35. Win an intramural championship.
11. Cross-country ski at the Coastal Studies Center. 36. Take a class in the Massachusetts Hall Faculty Room.
12. Pull an all-nighter and go to Frosty’s when it opens at 37. Go to a concert in Portland.
4 a.m.
38. Attend the Ebony Ball and the Quinceañera.
13. Attend office hours with President Clayton Rose or
39. DFMO (dance floor make-out).
Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster.
40. Complete the Bowdoin seven—hook up with
14. Go to the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Farmers’
someone from every class year you overlap with. (ex:
Market at Crystal Spring Farm.
for the Class of 2022, someone in 2019-2025).
15. “Win” dinner at Thorne—be the last to leave.
41. Visit the glow in the dark rock room in Druckenmiller
16. Be mentioned in the Security Report. Hall.
17. Climb Mt. Katahdin. 42. Ice skate on the quad.
18. Be featured on the photo wall in the Smith Union 43. Drive or bike to Simpson’s Point, Mere Point and
hallway. Wharton Point at sunset.
19. Watch the sun rise or set from the 16th floor of Coles 44. Go to free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s in Freeport.
45. Shotgun in every College House.
20. Vote in Brunswick.
46. Take a class Credit/D/F. (You can do it FOUR times!)
21. Lead an orientation trip.
47. Get drinks with a professor.
22. Make something in the Craft Center.
48. Go to Joshua’s at midnight on your 21st birthday.
23. Host a WBOR radio show.
49. Stay on campus for a Bowdoin Summer.
24. Take a picture with Randy at Ivies.
50. Be quoted in the Orient!
Adapted from the original list compiled by Bowdoin Student Government and the Office of Residential Life.