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Lance Wiggins
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ATRA Staff

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Table of Contents
Ford 69
Harsh, Erratic or Slow Downshifts/Upshifts..............71
Erratic Shifts or Shuttle Shifting................................72
Erratic Tranmission and Engine Operation................73
1-2 or 2-3 Flare Shift.................................................74
No Reverse, 3rd or 5th Gears.....................................75
PCM Reflashes for Various Concerns.........................76
No Upshift.................................................................77
Dummy Pressure Switches........................................78
High or Erratic Line Pressure.....................................79
Oil Fill Procedures.....................................................80
Harsh 2-3 Shifts........................................................83
4R100, 4R70W w/ Transfer Case
Erratic Speedometer Reading.....................................85
Chatter Type Noise....................................................86
4R70W/E and 4R75E
Low Speed Tie-up......................................................87
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop.....................................88

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70 Ford
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Ford 71

Harsh, Erratic or Slow Downshifts/Upshifts
These shift concerns have been caused by several bores wearing out in the valve body.
Always inspect the valve body bores carefully. If worn bores are found the valve body
needs to be replaced or repaired. Always reprogram the TCM with the latest updates.

A bore that is worn has a shine to A bore that is a dull aluminum

it and may have visible ridges. color is in good shape.

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72 Ford

Erratic Shifts or Shuttle Shifting
1996-2006 Ford Taurus with an AX4S/AX4N transmission may experience erratic shifts
or shuttle shifting on acceleration from a stop. This condition may be caused by an
erratic VSS/OSS signal coming into the PCM. Check the VSS/OSS signal going to the
PCM. If the VSS/OSS signal is erratic be sure to inspect the wiring from the VSS to the
controller. If the wiring is OK, replacing the VSS sensor may correct this concern.

Early VSS

Late OSS

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Ford 73

Erratic Transmission and Engine Operation
2004-2007 Ford Freestar vehicles may be experiencing erratic transmission operation.
These may include harsh or delayed shifts/engagements, no reverse, erratic engine
operation, engine overheating, engine lean condition, misfire (possibly leading to melted
electrodes on the spark plug) and rough idle.

These symptoms may be caused by water leaking down through the cowl panel (cowl top
vent) and entering the PCM through the PCM connector cover.

Prevent water build

up by removing the
cowl drain plugs
and resealing the

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74 Ford

1-2 or 2-3 Flare Shift
Shift concerns such as a 1-2 or 2-3 flare may be caused by the intermediate piston
cracking. These cracks are very difficult to see. Replacing the intermediate piston with
an updated piston (4F1P-7E005-AA) will usually correct this condition.

The cracks in the piston may be very difficult to

see. Replacing the piston on every rebuild is a
good idea.

Thanks to Tom at Earl Brothers Transmissions, Toledo, OH.

© 2010 ATRA. All Rights Reserved.
Ford 75

No Reverse, 3rd or 5th Gears
The Ford Edge, Taurus, Sable, Taurus X and the Lincoln MKX may experience no reverse,
3rd or 5th gears. Trouble codes P0733 (3rd gear ratio error), P0735 (5th gear ratio error),
P0756 (Direct clutch system fault) may be present with the malfunction indicator light
(MIL) on.

To diagnose this condition is simple. Unplug the transmission. Does reverse come back?
If the reverse engagements return then the sun shell is not the issue.

If the forward engagements are good with the transmission plugged in chances are very
high that line pressure is NOT the problem.

Ford has released an updated intermediate sun shell assembly (7T4Z-7A019-A) to

correct this problem.

The weld holding

the sun gear to
the shell breaks.

The updates sun shell

assembly comes with a
new #3 thrust bearing.

Thanks to Nick Medlen from Reliable Transmissions for the broken shell
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76 Ford

PCM Reflashes for Various Concerns
6F50N equipped vehicles may exhibit a harsh driveline clunk at low speed below 10 mph
during stop and go driving. This may be due to a PCM calibration issue. There is a new
calibration to improve low speed stop and go driving feel.

It’s normal for the vehicle to roll while stopped on a slight incline, with the vehicle in drive
or reverse gear and the brakes not applied. There is a new calibration that will improve
the hold capability on a slight grade and improve the ability to creep in drive and reverse.
Customers should be advised that using the brake is still the best way to avoid rolling on
a incline, grade or hill.

Go to www.motorcraftservice.com for the latest calibration files.

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Ford 77

No Upshift
While working on a Ford F-series truck with cruise control you may experience a no
upshift condition and possibly code P0500 may be set in the PCM memory. If the cruise
control servo is interfering with the VSS signal, disconnecting the cruise control servo
will usually correct the VSS concern. If disconnecting the cruise control servo corrects
the VSS concern, replacing the cruise control servo assembly is recommended.

Unplug the wires from the back

of the Cruise Control Assembly

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78 Ford

Dummy Pressure Switches
From the first run of Torqshift transmissions, the solenoid bodies have had pressure
switches built into them. These pressure switches have never been used by the
computer as an input. Early Torqshift valve bodies had five pressure switches and the
late Torqshift only has one pressure switch. These pressure switches can come apart
and leak pressure. Always inspect the pressure switches for breakage. New plugs are
available from the aftermarket.

Aftermarket plug OEM plug


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Ford 79

High or Erratic Line Pressure
High or erratic line pressure can be caused by Pressure Regulator Valve bore wear.
If the small end of the valve bore is worn this will allow balance oil to leak off causing
high line pressure.

If the large end bore closest to the spring wears out this will allow converter charge oil
into the boost area of the Pressure Regulator Valve. This may show up on a pressure
gauge as erratic line pressure rise with steady EPC voltage.

Currently the fix is to replace the stator or repair the stator.

Small end bore wear Large end bore wear can lead
causes high line pressure to erratic line pressure with
steady EPC voltage

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80 Ford

Oil Fill Procedure
The N/W/S transmissions do not have a fluid level indicator stick. When checking fluid
level it must be set at a specific oil temperature. To correctly set the fluid level, use the
following procedures.

1: Use a scan tool to monitor the

Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT).

2: Start the engine.

3: Note: Engine idle speed is

approximately 650 rpms. Run engine so
that the transmission fluid temperature
is between 27- 47°C (80-120°F).

4: Move selector through all ranges

allowing to engage in all gears.

5: Place the range selector in “DRIVE”.

6: Make sure the vehicle is on a level


7: Hold the larger fluid drain plug with a

wrench and remove the smaller (center)
fluid level and fill plug with a 3/16-inch
Allen Key.
8: Install the fluid level and fill plug
adapter into the fluid drain plug.

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Ford 81

Oil Fill Procedure (continued)
9: Prior to filling the fluid transporter/evacuator/
injector with clean transmission fluid, make sure
the canister is clean. Fill with clean automatic
transmission fluid.

10: Hang the fluid transporter/evacuator/injector

under the vehicle. Position it upright and close to
the transmission.

11: Connect the open end of the fluid hose from

the fluid transporter/evacuator/injector to the
fluid level and fill plug adapter in the bottom of
the fluid drain plug.

12: Apply a maximum of 206.85 kPa (30 psi) to

the open end of the vacuum/pressure hose from
the fluid transporter/evacuator/injector. Fluid
will immediately start flowing out of the fluid
transporter/evacuator/injector into the
transmission fluid pan.

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82 Ford

Oil Fill Procedure (continued)
13: Add one pint of transmission fluid into the
fluid pan. Stop the process by releasing the air
pressure and removing the air nozzle from the
end of the hose.

14: Inspect the fluid level in the fluid

transporter/evacuator/injector. If the fluid
drains back into the canister, the transmission
is full. If no fluid drains back, more fluid will
need to be added. Repeat steps until full.

15: Pull extra oil out by using a vacuum pump

on the open end of the vacuum/pressure hose.

16: Allow fluid to drain till drips or small stream

is noticed at 27-29°C (80-120°F).

17: Reinstall the small (center) fluid level indi-

cating plug with a 3/16 Allen Key.

18: Check the operation of the transmission by

moving the range selector level slowly through
each gear, stopping in each position and
allowing the transmission to engage.
Always use Manufacture Specific Fluids
High Fluid Level
May cause the fluid to become aerated, due to
the churning action of rotating internal parts.
This will cause erratic control pressure,
foaming, loss of fluid from the vent tube and
possible transmission damage.
Low Fluid Level
Can result in poor transaxle engagement,
slipping, or damage. This could also indicate
a leak in one or more of the transaxle seals or

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Ford 83

Harsh 2-3 Shifts
Installing a 0.75:1 ratio planet set in place of a 0.71:1 ratio planet set will cause harsh
2-3 shifts. Brain deading the computer will soften the shifts for a few miles but the
harsh shift will eventually return. May also cause a TCC slip code.

Large Sungear = Small pinions on the OD Planet
Small Sungear = Large pinions on the OD Planet

5R55W provides the following gear ratios:

Reverse: 3.07:1
1st : 3.22:1
2nd : 2.41:1
3rd : 1.54:1
4th : 1.00:1
5th : 0.75:1

5R55S provides the following gear ratios:

Reverse: 3.07:1
1st : 3.22:1
2nd : 2.29:1
3rd : 1.54:1
4th : 1.00:1
5th : 0.71:1

5R55N provides the following gear ratios:

Reverse: 3.07:1
1st : 3.22:1
2nd : 2.41:1 (early production) or 2.29:1 (late production)
3rd : 1.54:1
4th : 1.00:1
5th : 0.75:1 (early production) or 0.71:1 (late production)

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84 Ford

Harsh 2-3 Shifts (continued)
94 Teeth 72 Teeth
0.71:1 Ratio 0.75:1 Ratio

38 Teeth 24 Teeth
0.71:1 Ratio 0.75:1 Ratio

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Ford 85

4R100, 4R70W with Transfer Case

Erratic Speedometer Reading
1997-1998 Ford F150, F250, Expedition and 1998 Lincoln Navigator, may have erratic
transmission operation or erratic speedometer operation. The malfunction indicator
lamp may be illuminated and code P0503 (VSS) may or may not be stored in the PCM.

A loose speedometer drive gear, located on the transfer case output shaft, may be
causing an erratic VSS signal to the PCM and the instrument cluster. Replace the
speedometer drive gear with a tighter fitting new design speedometer drive gear.

Part # F7TZ-17285- AA

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86 Ford

4R100, 4R70W
Chatter Type Noise
1997-1998 Ford E150, F150, F250, Expedition or 1998 Lincoln Navigator with a
limited slip differential, may experience a chatter type noise or feeling coming from
the rear axle while turning. This concern may be caused by the differential limited slip
clutch packs being gauged too tightly. Install a Traction-Lock Clutch Pack Kit to correct
this concern.

Parts #'s are F75Z-4947-AA (9.75 ring gear) and F75Z-4947-AB (10.25 ring gear)

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Ford 87

4R70W/E and 4R75E

Low Speed Tie-up
4R70W/E and 4R75E low speed tie-up (1st gear coast under 10 mph). This may be
caused by a damaged 2-3 (molded rubber design) accumulator piston. To verify the
concern tap into the direct clutch pressure tap. If there is pressure in 1st gear the
accumulator is damaged. Replace the accumulator piston to resolve this issue.

3rd Clutch Pressure Tap

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88 Ford

4R70W/4R75E 2001- On
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop
In 2001, Ford eliminated the reinforcement plate on the valve body below the third gear
accumulator. The reduced clamping force against the separator plate has caused cross
leaks that stroke the 3-4 shift valve at idle, causing a neutral condition at a stop.

Use the following instructions to modify 2001 and up valve bodies to accept a plate from
an AOD transmission.

Stock valve body without

reinforcement plate

Stock valve body with

modified reinforcement

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Ford 89

4R70W/4R75E 2001- On
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop (continued)

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90 Ford

4R70W/4R75E 2001- On
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop (continued)

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Ford 91

4R70W/4R75E 2001- On
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop (continued)

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92 Ford

4R70W/4R75E 2001- On
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop (continued)

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Ford 93

4R70W/4R75E 2001- On
Falling Out of Gear at a Stop (continued)
Use the bolts and reinforcement plate from an AOD.

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94 Ford

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