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La ang bn mat ee a re Ve Sarg sete ed oe ee cay oo ee a ee ee eta cates 25 pele oe a a fe a ey Mat 8 Er wel pt ines Soci heltetn ts Se otecirs ee ae Sec mer oee commen oem ee See red we ih a oe Son ooh gg er eee ra ree! ee ner oe te ear pred gees eee ae ee a ae oe lle toe =e i ee oo eels ae Pe eats 2 ial oe cea ae ceey ea Se anime tea Toe 2 ad Sante wari ay hos Aa earn bt ts cee scrap ak b's wa ere es aaa eerie Pep era eats Se pitt ie eee cr reticiag ol ee ee eee gan ete See ee te et eae ns apep ac Some eee aac er Se acenn nae ese ee ere Se ae a ett eta ae Saree esr ees a Te A te a ane err een er eetoter | ie ts fm te el se a Ue nan boil pa ma yt os pe Ce eee eae at sees RE URT Bans | Biigiiona: Bak Bae ed wih fatone atthe nd. Tho people a6 gon SEBO) ego secu ice eed owe ‘ence We [itds of Laden Thee aman men and Re Sater hose sal boss ft These Boren Te, bat ne tres, and some ave ck a eye al tn se oppo the si thy bre aon ced tthe pbs ples hi Kan meine a ty me Som TS un lees sen ogee td sped Th PPE odds thy av conn Bade ese » best dene ace af wood at a a They ean cnoge ae asad ceo bs rere the dg Beh see a ee te tram wave to wove. The Ladron aug 4 ee oS ich they rade, that Gee ee 00 cher Sop a he word ot thers 2 spear poi ‘women, $60 poo Ue Seer, March te 50, we ae en wig te acs ef ee heed gus fom the nds of Helo M Uiind mond Zama [Soma The folowing day. the Aan cone land whch ts th SEITE US a Ste right ofthe stovesentoned lad, tn order ar ee and get wre sed hve forest He bad So eee ef ine shows for he ack and tad sow hile for Tee onT ony aerncon, March 18, eb «boot coming teoard wth ine renin i. Therefor, the capa geerl oF Siena ose should move or say od witout bs persion, When the men tached the sh, ther hel went imei tothe cpu gener ging sgn of oy Bena a ou ara Fe ce won orstely2dsed othe resin wih us while the rat went to ge some oes who were fig. nd 3 hey all tae, The capa gene seing hat they were rsoeabla en, tired fer ty be et before thm, ad ve then ed ap, ton comb, bl, ery bc, ad er hinge When hy the capa coun hey peated ya ar palm wb wich they eal aac ares, gr moe then one palm Tong. Tener] tod che which wer smaller and me diate, nd to coconut They bed obi se than bat mado sigue wit ther hans {ha hey woul bing tmy on od cbt anny oe tly of food ib four ay ‘acon ar the fut ofthe al ue. Js swe Bave bend, weal and vega, tose people et everthing fom Unt ne. ‘Thy get ne Ising Ty «lee Tent £f the sid pl atthe top called palit, from wich dis capingenerl desired to 4 rast vorser A90No THE WORD a Iqoor which resembles white mit. That Liqor sweet but sme Sree and {ir gathered] ia canes (of bamboo) as thick as the lal there ‘They ten the Bao to the ee at evening for 10S cporning and la moring for the evening, That palm bears a Trait pumely the coconut which Is as. large a9 the head er tacesbouts is outside ask is green apd thicker" than She fngem, Certain filaments are foond in that husk, whence Is Fae Ome or binding togser thie bows. Under tbat husk there erv‘bord shel, much thicker than the shell of the walnst, which {hey bum aed make therefrom a powder that is wef to them Undet that sbel there is a white manrowy substance one finger ia (Dicknes hich they eat fresh with meat and fi as we do bres, i Whar a taste resembling the almond. It could be dsed and Imade into bread. There ira cen, sweet water ia the middle of {hat marrowy substance which is very eefreshing, When that water [ands fora while after haviog been clleced it congeals and becomes fie an apple. When the natives wih to make ol, they take that niomut, aad allow the masrowy substance and the water to putely Then they bel st and ie becomes oi ike butter, When they wih fo make vioege, they allow only the water to puts, and theo plsce tip the fun, aod a vinegar results Uke (tbat made from] Eihte wine, Milk can ako be made from it, for we made rome We scraped thet merrowy svbrtance and then mined the scrapings vith ie own water whith we suaioed through a loth, and so (bist milk ike goat's milk. Those palns rexemble datepalns, but altboogh not sooth they are less knoty than the Inter A family of 10 persons ean be supported on two tees, by utling fone of them during one week and the other during the ater 8 days oc the wine; for they did otharwze, the trees would dry up. They dase a century Those people became very famibar with us. They told ur many thinge, theie names and thse of some of the islands thet ‘ould be teen from that place, Their own island was called Zalvan’ Sod iti not very Inge. We took great pleasure with them, fe they were very pleasant and conversable, In order to show them fetter honor, the eaptia-genral took them to his ship and showed {bem all is merchandise-slover, eonamon, poppe, ginger, nutmeg, nace, gold and all the things ia the ship. He, had some mortars fied for them, whereat they exhibited great fear, and tied (0 jump out of the sip. They made sigs to us that the abovesaid articles "aa siping et seroto rearerTA s ein at pce where we wee gong, When tay wee about gr in a OS Thee nae wey pcealy ond eat, 4.98 tte thr eka acording the promise The vlad where Soot Ted Homa yHeon) fo echt we were led Treo cece er, we caled Acgus foo wo prin se tring ace of Coo Sig”) for ee a buns Sei (fold which we fovnd the des We ete ey wc hr, 08 ge oes wih fk four rat aan ond and evmbling pine weds There Se en Mame of them good and chess bed. These set and eefore we called then the enya no, they ete dacovered othe Sunday sechipagy of Se Ip 10 degen of nutes toward he Asc of St Late Toda f cna hundred and syne ders tom the ie of emaseton. ee ere iay, March 2, thowe men came as they bad ws ewe te wih evn fet ang 9 Fem Ty inorder to sow oy tat hee wre fo Balog and cored ent ga of pee ot ig i al one aie rm ter The sigur was #9 We puch apne (tattooed). He wore two gold ening 9 git a wha we Bers many gold amiets on ther arms td Uhak tboo the neds Wa stayed thee one week, sod during (SE bumpin wat aha dal oe ch. odo a cen acon water fom hs a ud, whch com> dann ee ny. Tre ee peole Ug cea ONE wo se ie ers 50 urge tha Sey am pass thet ars ae ee there prone ae capo, tht to sy, besten ee a ws anh woven from the back ofa ee aboot Te Bote exept sore of the cel who wear ction doth em: ela wih sik at Ge ends by means of a aeedle. They are BERS tnd pated. “They ancnt themselves with enconat ond oak yotaned dias a pretest agin san and wind. They ve wa Bin hair ta tals tothe wait, and se daggers, hive, and wer tnamented with gl large sed, fscines’ aves, and ‘Ehiny new Wat sevembe sal, aod their beats are ke crs. by he aternoon of holy Mooday, the day of our Lady, March weave wile we were on the plat of weighing achat, T went TERT ado othe spt fh and puting my feet pon a yard leading sea Tae the soveteom, they sipped, for it was raloy, and com be many lands pe Taian tem ft das, wile el bly tnd frog «foe conc a Eel efi eo a eee 28 rst vovsce ascin@ Tie WORLD seqomaly fel othe sa, 9 thet no one sy me. Whe Twas SPUD Yet ay tte baad fnppened to exch bo of te dev ac othe anton, which we daging ithe water 1 bel Srrighy and beg to ery ut #9 lly that Iwas rescued by SEAT sent Tus lard nt tele inded, tough sy Begrbue though the ere of that foot of chat (the Vga. ‘Ft same dy wre shaped or course foward the west soulvest even Tour indy, samely Cento, Wsanghen, Toon, aod konron! ‘On Thusdey morning, March tweny-2ght at we ba senate co land the ight ben, we ancored oer i We st 2 rll bont whch the aaiver call oloto [bsota) with elght men IE, approncing the foihip. A save Belonging the gti focal! win wet a ane of Zamats (Suma, whch oa fr Sy called Tapobaen, spoke t them, They immediately oder Too! him, came slong te ship, unwiing to eater Dut cing 2 ostion 1 Some ite stance, The eapan see that Gey would ear thew them ou 4 fed xp and oer gy ted fo 0 it of woud, "They reeved. tem very gly, and wert away ‘judy fave ther hag, Abt two Boor ier wo se to tanghet coming. They ae lrg bots and ae 0 called (by tote eons) They were fll of men and the og was Inthe ger of Tia, being vented under waving of mats When the hing cane sear the fogs, the save spoke to him. The King undentood im for in thre dics the Kage Kaew more languages thin {he te people He craved some of ht ment ener the sips tute always remained fo his Bolonghes, at some He diane from the ship unt i own mea eturoed, and a scons they frtmed he departed, The eaptingeneral towed gest honor © {he'men who cteed the sip, and gave them sme present, fr stich the Kg wished before depatueto give he catia a Igo Warot gold ata basket! of ginger Te ater, however, thaoked ‘ie hig heariy but would not ere Ja the soca we ston inthe sigs (aod anchored] nen the dweligs of the Kg. Newt dey, bly Friday, he caplalageneral sat his sve, who sete out iverpee, ashore in + sll boat to atk the log {Phe hd any food to have cased to the ships; and to sty that they would be well ised with, for be (and his mea) bad come tovhe ind ot finds and not as eoemies. The king came With Sicoreght men in the same bos and eatred the ship. He embraced Pabaly Dino, Cabugnn, buon, and Mane serena PArETTA a the captain general to whom be gave three porcelsin jars covered Dea Tver Sad fll of raw ee, Bro very atge dorado and ober Tings The captain genera gave the hing 4 garment of ed and elise cath rae io the Tush fashion, and a fine ro cap, and Uelheotbers (he Kings soen}, some kaives and to others, mirrors ‘Then the copia geaeral bad a collation spread for them, and bad Tartine told tough the slave that he desired to be cart eas) with Than tat is to sy, brother. The King replied that be also wished Di at sams felations with the caplain-geneal. Then the cap 1 awed fim cloth of various colors, linea, coral {oraments) Ia Stay other ales of merchandise, and al the arilery, some are he bad discharged for brn, wheret the natives were greatly frightened. "Then the captain geoeral had a man armed as 9 sldie, ad paced hin in the midst of tice en armed with swords 2nd dag ee who struck bien on all parts of the body. Thereby was the iy yendered. almost speechless. The caplao-general_ tld in TR ght slave that one of those armed men wa wor ome un org ore San men, ‘The king aaswered that that was a foct, The Spt genera said that e had two hundred men in each ship who rec armed in chat manner’ He showed the King cuirasses, sword wea buckles, and had a review made for him. Then he led the hing {the deck of the ship, that i Tcated above atthe ster: and bad Is seechait and compe brought. He told the King through the interpreter how he had found the strait in order to voyage thither Eni ow many moons he had been without seeing land, wherest the Hing wos astovshed, Lasly, he told the King that he would like, UU were pleasing to him, to send two of his men with him so that he might show them some of his things. The biog replied that he war agreeable, and I went ia company with one of the other en, ‘When I reached shore, the king raised bis hands toward the sky ‘and then turned toward ws two, We did the same toward him 05 Aid all the others, The king took me by the hand; one of Bs ‘ils tock my companion: and thus they led us under a bamboo tovering, where there was Balonghat s long a eighty of my palm lengths, and resembling a fusta. We sat down upon the stern of that Irolonghet, constantly conversing with sighs. The king's mem stood bout usin a cele with swords, daggers, seats, abd buckles, The king had plate of pork Brought in and a large jt filed with wine Ta Svs exagwatin to inptes the waves