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This agreement is hereby made between _______________________________(hereafter referred

to as “the Renter”) and _________________________________(hereafter referred to as “the


The OWNER hereby rents to the RENTER acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and

The Owner hereby agrees to rent the following vehicle to the Renter:

{Car Make, Model, Year, Color, License Plate #, VIN #}

The Renter will rent the car from {date} at {hour} to {date} at {hour}.

The Renter agrees to pay a base fee of Php _________________ payable prior to the release of
the car, plus {amount} _______________per mile over {agreed mileage}.

In case of cancellation, 50% of the rental shall be charged if the RENTER fails to cancel his or
her reservation or trip 2 days before the rental date.

EXCESS HOURS: Use of the vehicle beyond the agreed return time specified herein shall be
subject to the penalty rate (P 250.00) per hour unless an extension has been requested and
approved. No fraction of time is allowed for the 24 hours rental. A fraction is allowed after the
first 24 hours and we shall charge you 10% of the daily rate per hour thereafter ( minimum charge
is 250 Php).

RENTAL EXTENSION: The renter can request for an extension to his specified return time,
while the rental is in progress. If the extension is beyond 6 hours, we shall charge you an
equivalent to 1 day rental in the amount of (P_______________) as requested by the renter and
approved by at 3 hours prior to the return time, or be charged to the agreed return time, unless a
Rental Extension has been requested and paid by the Renter.

Any delay in the return of the vehicle without any advise whatsoever , we will automatically
report the vehicle missing to the PNP anti-carnapping group.

The Renter agrees to return the vehicle in its current condition (minus normal road wear-and-tear)
to the Owner on the return date and hour, with {fuel expectation}. The Renter is also free to turn
the vehicle in at _____________________________________.

The Renter understands that the vehicle is for use only in

{locations}______________________________ and cannot be taken to other locations.

Driver’ fee:___________________________
Food must be provided to the driver, if out of town, lodging must be provided to the driver as

In case the Renter wants to drive the vehicle:

The Renter swears and attests that {he/she} has a legal, valid license to drive this type of vehicle
in the Philippines, and that there are no outstanding warrants against said license. The Renter’s
driver’s license is: {driver’s license number}__________________.

The Renter agrees not to allow any other person to drive the vehicle, except for authorized drivers
listed and approved here.
{Other Driver’s Name}:______________________________________________ {other
driver’s license number}._____________________________________

The Renter agrees to use the vehicle only for routine, legal purposes (personal or business). The
Renter further agrees to follow all city, municipal and national rules and restrictions regarding use
and operation of the vehicle.

In case of Damage to Vehicle:

Renter must secure Police Report, photocopy of driver’s license, and will pay
P________________ Participation Fee + 10% of the total part’s replacement and 50% of the
daily rate, exclusive of insurance liability. In case of loss or total damage to the said vehicle, the
Renter shall shoulder 30% of the current market value, exclusive of the insurance liability within
7 days from date of accident/loss.
PARKING FEES/TOLL FEES/TRAFFIC FINES is for the account of the renter.

Flat tires while on rental:

Flat tires incurred by the Renter while on rental, vulcanizing charges shall be for the account of
the Renter.

Lost/Damaged Keys:
Renter’s failure to return car keys is automatically charged with fee of P200.00

Release of Liability:
The owner is not liable or responsible for any losses of any valuables left in the car.The Renter
agrees to hold harmless, indemnify, and release the Owner for any damages, injuries, property
loss, or death caused while the Renter operates this vehicle. The Renter will be held accountable
for any damages or cleaning fees incurred while renting the vehicle. The Renter has had the
opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the renting term begins and confirms that it is in good
operable condition.

The Owner swears and attests that the vehicle is in good working order and has no liens or
encumbrances. The owner shall not be responsible for any unforeseen happenings beyond human
control during the duration of this Contract (like broken bridges, unpassable roads, etc. caused by
commotion, typhoon, or any other natural calamity) that may damage or prevent the car from
reaching the destination on time.

Course of Action:
In the event that the Renter does violate a stipulation on this agreement, the owner may request
and demand the restoration and the return of the car before the termination of this agreement, it
may be instituted in the City of Malaybalay at the option of the owner. It is understood that the
Renter shall defray all Court’s costs, attorney’s fees, and legal interest. The Owner shall charge
you an interest of 5% a month for account over 30 days plus all other costs.

That the parties herein agree to adopt all the stipulations, terms and conditions appearing on this

_______________________________ ______________________________
Renter Signature Owner Signature