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It was a little over three weeks ago when one of my patients called me on the
phone and said with a great deal of excitement:
I would like to send to you an amazing story of an acquaintant of mine who was
cured from leukemia by a medical plant". {snip]
Zvi's story:
I approached a friend who is a nutritionist and asked for his advice. He told
me that I might wish to try artemisinin for my CLL.....
I knew that I have artemisia arborescens (nicknamed "SHIBA" in Israel and drunk
mostly by moroccans) growing right in my garden...
From that day on I started drinking two cups of artemisia infusions a day,
morning and evening. I did not sweetened the tea....
A month after starting to drink the tea there was a complete turnaround in
blood picture. It got back to normal. Nontheless my lymph nodes were still
swollen and painful. I continued drinking the artemisia tea for several
more months, during which time lymph nodes that at some point were large as a
fist continued to shrink all the way back to normal size. The oncologist who
checked me six months ago said that she can not see any signs of cancer in me.
It has been about a year or so since I got my last erythropoitin shot and my
hemoglobin has been within normal range since."
Zvi Orlan
Gubi wrote:
I would like to add that Zvi is around 70 years old,
holds a Phd in biology and a retired biology
teacher. Right after reading his story I called him
on the phone to ask him several more quesions.
I understood from him that the artemisia tea was a
single agent therapy. Zvi did not take any other
supplements, did not alter his diet and did not make
any changes in his life. As a consultant to cancer
patients this is extremely interesting to me.
It means that in such a unique case the cure, in
most likelihood
(I don't rule out placebo effect, but think it is
the least likely of the two) can be attributed to
the artemisia.
There are two types of artemisia arborescens. One is
the moroccan one and the other grows in the pacific
northwest in the USA.
Information and links on Artemisia
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A "REAL" Cure for Cancer at Last
Let us review some of the scientific research papers
published so far on this herb.
From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients
Artemisinin: From Malaria to Cancer Treatment
Source: University of Washington
Ancient Chinese Folk Remedy May Hold Key to Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment
Cancer Smart Bomb, Part I:
An Idea from Ancient Chinese Medicine Artemisinin was found to be most active
against leukemia and colon cancer cell lines. Most promising was artemisinin's
strong activity against drug resistant leukemia lines.
BBC NEWS Wednesday, 28 November, 2001
An earlier study involving leukaemia cells yielded even more
impressive results - this could be because leukaemia cells
have one of the highest iron concentrations among cancer cells.
Pharmacological Research
75 percent cancer cell killing properties in a 8 hours
almost 100 percent killing properties within 24 hours
Artemisinin&#8380;s method of action
Artemisinin contains two oxygen atoms linked together
in what is known as an 'endoperoxide bridge', which react
with iron atoms to form free radicals.
There are a number of derivatives and analogues within
the artemisinin family: