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Mark Powell Se0ee@ In company Upper intermediate MACMILLAN Unit and topics 1. Business or pleasure? 4 Networking Corperate entertainment Making conversation 2 Exchanging information p19 Meetings Providing accurste Information 3 Material world pis Talking points Success & failure Ethies & investment 4 Voice and visuals p20 Presenting {Giving presentations 5 Problems on the phone 20 Desk work Customer complaints Solving problems 6 Leading meetings B90 Mootings: CChairing meetings 7 Information age 736 Taking points Information andt 8 Promoting your ideas pio Presenting Innovation Presenting new ideas 9 Rolationship- building p36 Networking First impressions Visiting a colleague's Discussing corporate entertanmert ‘Shag information to select appropriate corporate events for cients Avoiding saving ‘no! Paying 8 rexshing compliments Keeping up a conversation Doserbing attudoe to & content ef mectings Paraphrasing information Pointing out scropancios Saying complex numbers & figures Dialogue-bulcing using the language of meetings Broaleng bad nowe & wring a ropor Doinga qui on the billonaie festive Discussing what success means Discussing ethics & investment Doing a quiz on how to command attanfon ‘Ging feadback on a presentation Using visuals in a presentation Analysing the voila in presentations Ginga speech Discussing phone usage & its usefuiness Deaiing wit chaterers Complaining & dening wth complaints. Toning down farnas? Spectating about a problem ‘ving protleme on the phone Discussing dynamics of meetings Disageeing diplomatically Charing a meeting Discussing the retabity of information Discussing the truth behind news eactines Discussing the reli of statitcn ‘Exchanging opinions onthe information economy Discussing attitudes to pubic spesking Desorbing what makes a good tak Discussing novation in your company Presenting an idea fora product or service Discussing fet impressions CCompioting a questionaire ov networking Practising networking skis Voting a coleague's heme R Information on four corporate evento n the UK L People chating at corporate ents L Radio pogramme on the cclapse of Barings Bark FR Atco en the Vioo Fund People discussing imestments Beck estat onthe Kenedy ‘Nikon debate 1 voce mat [LProsenters ging iniormation in diferent ways 1 Reco prograrwne: deme for business L Speeches fom fve fis R Avice cn ‘chattres’ 1L Semeore deaing wth a ‘ustomer complaint 1 People discussing ¢probier People solving a problem L Radio programme: aterative approaches te meetings FR Article on behaviour in meetings L Bxracts rom a meeting FR Nowspeper aticies FR Book extract on the reliably of 1L People taking about the ruth behind rewspaper headlines I Aricle en Ewen 1L People gvng their opinions on the information economy L Presenters taking about what LL People comparing eucionce ‘expectations of presentations RR Visbste extract Intaproneurs L Prasentation: a new idea RR Aricle: Fst imoressions RR Aricle on gotfand business 1L People chating at got 1 Cenworaution etract: visting ‘someone's hone TTerse raiow —— Comersaton Langage of mmoetngs Moda\vete Language ct resentation: Complex Phone, fax and ‘question ema: ‘ermation Linking & ‘contrasting ideas companioa & Mativer Soci Engish sentences a @ 14009 soosone Moctings Worst-case scenarios ‘Company orises @ 11 Branded panet ps0 ‘Talking points Brand awarenoss Goobatisation @ 2 Emaiira vee Desk work Witting e-mail Email stylo @ 2 vron impact pos Presenting openings Rhetorical techniques Gosings GB 14 Outanc about pr Notworing Business travel Teling anecdotes. @ 15 Bisiceas veo ‘Talking points Management trends Leadership @" ‘eeconterereing Ora ok ‘Teleconferencing @ 17 Nevetatng deals Nogotisting Cia Talking points Future technology Futurists! predictions nd tasks: ‘Dscussing making decisions in cout shuations sing a quiz on lfeand-doath docsions ‘Ging advice on worst-case scenarios oF workplace alommas, Inserting missing aries in two texts Hong a criss management meeting Discussing ‘the surplus society Fact orhoax: scussion Discussing issues rating to gobaksation ‘Choosing brand names for efent cups Corectng enorsinan ena Shotering & simptiying an e-mail ‘Adkgng the personal touch to an e-mail CChooking an approsrateo-mal ete ‘Answerng e-mail Idntiyg affective prasontation openings Icentiying thetoricaltectriques Rephrasing to addimpact eontiyng woye of losing a presentation Producing a party political broadcast Dacussing business travel & packing habis Identifying eipsis in comersaton ‘Stking up a conversation “aliog en ancedoto (Chatting overa business lunch Dacussina business & ranagement books Inventing & presening a management tr Doing a short quiz on the secret of eadership Choosing a row CEO Decussing potential uses of tae- & 60 ‘conferencing faites, ‘Completing the minutes of a tdecorterence Hovaing@ teleconference Negotiting a ticky situation dentityng negotiating tactios Negotiating a contract, Decussng the tkelhood of predictions SSpoculting ebout he future Summaiving &dleeuosig tho ideas of cb “Communication skills | R Website tract: Worst-case scenarios 1 Advoo on suring worstaso scenarios | Beats tom decision-making mecings FR Company crises 1 case stuty: Coxa-Coa cis R Bock extract on ‘the surpis sooety’ 1 Rado programme: Banded! Newspaper atl: Logomania Magazine adract: Pro Logo 1 Pecole ciscussing gkbatsation Rtas on e-mailing Newspaper atl: Bad spating 1s the hey to success 1 Rado programme: The biggest e-mal Dandors ever mado Flock exact on opening 2 Presentation 1 Presentation openings LL Extracts tom poltica speeches 1 Closing remarks trom four Presentations R Artie on Bhuten R Extacts tom The Accidental Tourist 1 Pope taking chou hole worst ‘hing experiences 1 Conversatons ever inch R Atl: A Licence to Print Money 1 People dscussng the meaning of business buzeweords| Bock extract on howto besome aguu Fi Profioe ofa business loaders Newspaper artle: Jt lag hater's guide o business travel An unexpected phone call 1 An emergoncy tecontererice R E-mais about afim shoot 1 Anaysi of a negotiaton 1 Brac fom negotations People taking zbout negotiating strategy R Avie onthe music business 1 Meeting: sgning @ new bane! RR. Extact fom Bitish Telecom's 2001 Technology Timeline Predictions of sk futurists LL People discussing issues raised by Sx futists Future forms. Prepostional