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WNMHGB Character: Lieutenant Hamaré Negasi-D’Abo

Wherein your humble scribe knocks out a lifepath generator-produced character for the Trek-themed,
Microlite20-powered, Where No Man Has Gone Before. Because he’s geeked out about seeing the next Star
Trek film this coming weekend, that’s why.

Hamaré Negasi-D’Abo was born on the frontier world of Balthaz II, in the midst of her mother’s research to
devise a cure for the Garrosh Fever, which was plaguing a number of Federation worlds at the time. Before
Hamaré was two her mother had returned to Earth where she continued her scientific pursuits in relative safety
while Hamaré’s father, Negasi Haile-Mariam, served in the Ethiopian parliament. Hamaré’s childhood was
typical and she had many friends while growing up.

Her early Starfleet career was almost singularly without incident, with her time at the Academy and her first
tour of duty – spent stuck behind a desk pushing papers – yielding nothing of the sort of adventure often
associated with the active and exciting life she expected when she enlisted.

Just as Hamaré was finishing her second tour and thinking of leaving Starfleet to pursue a career in private
research, she was involved in the Tre’gok Klasq incident of 2329. It was Hamaré’s keen instincts and insight
into behavior patterns that helped to uncover the Klingon spy, thus preventing numerous civilian deaths.

Upon her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade Hamaré was assigned to the Constitution Class
USS Constellation, serving under Captain Esai Hernandez. In her first tour aboard theConstellation the ship
found a mysterious alien device orbiting Dannav III. Once again, her quick thinking, empathy, and
communications skills proved critical to saving the day and preventing the destruction of the ship.

Her second tour aboard the Constellation was highlighted by an assault on the ship perpetrated by Klingons.
Hamaré was key to the successful handling of this incident and her commanding officer, the Vulcan T’Madh,
realized at this time that her young protegé was capable of greater things than merely serving as a sensor
monitor and data analyst. It was T’Madh who recommended Hamaré for her new postion, aboard the Miranda
Class USS Rio Grande. T’Madh maintains active contact with Hamaré and serves as something of a mentor to
the newly-minted Lieutenant.

Lt. Hamaré Negasi-D’Abo / Human / Blue Shirt (Science) 6

XP 0 HP 34 AC 14 AP 3
STR 11 (+0) DEX 12 (+1) INT 16 (+3) CHA 14 (+2)
Skills: Communication (T) +9, Engineering +4, Knowledge (T) +9, Medicine +4, Physical +4, Subterfuge +4
Talents: Behavioral Analysis, Trained Skill (Communication), Empathy, Exploit Weakness, Plan
Melee Attack Bonus: +6; Ranged Attack Bonus: +7

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WNMHGB Character: Lt. Commander Yzel’k
Wherein your humble scribe presents a character for Where No Man Has Gone Before, his favoritest Star Trek
game ever.

Born on Federation colony Madera III to an archaeologist, a doctor, a Federation Yellow Shirt and a free
trader, Yzel’k soon moved to Iza V with his charan and shreya while his zhavey was assigned to a tour aboard
the USS Majestic. Sadly, his thavan was killed in a freak shuttle accident before Yzel’k was born. While on Iza
V, young Yzel’k had an adventuresome time, exploring the remote valleys and caves with his pet throvak
(which is a lot like a sabertooth tiger that never gets bigger than a large house cat).

Eventually, Yzel’k felt the call of Starfleet and shipped off to the Academy, to his zhavey’s delight and his
charan and shreya’s chagrin. By entering the sciences, though, Yzel’k brought some degree of harmony and
balance back to his family. While at Starfleet Academy, Yzel’k took a course from Dr. Roger Korby, which
ultimately led to his decision to pursue Archaeological Medicine as his focus.

Yzel’k’s post Academy career has been an eventful one indeed. While assigned to the
USSTaurus (a Hermes Class ship) he not only discovered a conduit to the Mirror Universe – which he
narrowly rescued the ship from – but also displayed great sacrifice in not using the mysterious alien device
time travel device the crew discovered to save his thavan’s life.

While posted to Starbase 9, Yzel’k uncovered a Romulan spy and prevented the destruction of several ships
and the base itself. Later, back aboard the USS Taurus as part of a diplomatic envoy, Yzel’k took part in a
heroic rescue mission when a distress call was received from the USS Tian An Men (a Miranda Class vessel).

Captain Serena Carroway of the Tian An Men was so taken with Yzel’k’s performance during the rescue of her
ship (and he with her uncommon beauty) that she specifically requested he be assigned to the Tian An
Men during his next tour of duty. While serving as chief science officer for Captain Carroway, Yzel’k once
again took part in a rescue mission when the ship responded to a distress call from a civilian transport ship.
Yzel’k was personally responsible for saving the lives of all 500 passengers and crew of that ship.

Later during the same tour, Yzel’k and the rest of the crew of the Tian An Men discovered a new civlization – a
race of bird-like humanoids living in the rainforests on the moon of Daneb IX. When communication with the
Danebixians proved difficult, it was Yzel’k who puzzled out their language, showing great creativity in the

For his next tour, Yzel’k was transferred to the USS Saratoga (a Miranda Class vessel) under somewhat
mysterious circumstances, though records indicate that his relationship with Capt. Carroway of the Tian An
Men had become somewhat strained. While aboard the Saratoga Yzel’k’s quick action in a battle with
Romulan forces saved the life of that ship’s captain, Commodore Adam Inman. During that same tour,
the Saratoga discovered a new civilization on Fimiri II, a hostile group of humans from a lost colony ship from
the late 20th Century who had established a culture based on the teachings of Ayn Rand. Yzel’k used his keen
knowledge of that author’s writings to save a number of his crewmembers lives.

Lt. Commander Yzel’k now finds himself posted to the USS Daedalus, under the command of Captain Hal
MacMillan, where he is expected to serve as chief science officer.

Name: Yzel’k
Species: Andorian

Class: Blue Shirt

Ship Position: Science
Rank: Lt. Commander

Level: 7
XP: 0
HP: 44
AC: 14
Action Points: 2

Str: 10 (+0)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Int: 18 (+4)
Cha: 12 (+1)

Communication +4
Engineering +4
Knowledge +10 (Trained)
Medicine +10 (Trained)
Physical +4
Subterfuge +4

Exploit Weakness
Trained Skill (Medicine)

Melee Attack Bonus: +7

Ranged Attack Bonus: +8

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WNMHGB Character: Ensign Max Cevallos
Wherein your humble scribe knocks out a lifepath generator produced character for the Trek-themed,
Microlite20-powered, Where No Man Has Gone Before. Because he wanted to, that’s why.

Born aboard the USS Hura, en route to Bregus V, Maximilian Cevallos y Ruiz was raised on that frontier
world by his parents, the famous infectious disease researchers Martin Cevallos and Beatriz Ruiz. His parents’
work occupied much of their time, leaving Max to wander and explore.

Despite their encouragement to pursue his own interests, Max felt compelled to try to live up to his parent’s
legacy and endeavored to focus on the biosciences in school. Unfortunately, as his parents had already
surmised, Max simply wasn’t of a scientific bent.

Several years of frustration later, Max opted to join Starfleet to try to find where his talents truly lay. While at
Starfleet Academy Max’s innate skills at oratory began to show, and he quickly rose to prominence as a
masterful debater.

After graduating near the top of his class, Max was assigned to the USS Constellation, and on his first tour of
duty the ship and its crew were party to the discovery of Wengstromm’s Anomaly. Max showed great
creativity and inventiveness in his approach to his post as junior navigator aboard the Constellation.

Remaining aboard the Constellation for his second tour of duty, Max continued to prove himself a capable
navigator as well as a keen judge of character. While on a mission to Saraya II, Max played a key role in
uncovering a plot being hatched by the Constellation‘s Chief Security Officer, Commander Sarah Jane
Coleman, to use a weapon of mass destruction against that planet in an effort to touch off hostilities between
the Federation and the nearby Gorn Empire. Through Max’s efforts, the lives of countless civilians were

Ensign Cevallos now finds himself assigned to the USS Daedalus, under the command of Captain Hal
MacMillan. Despite his relative youth, Max is expected to serve as senior navigator aboard this Miranda class
cruiser as it patrols the area the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Looking back on his life as he begins this new chapter, Max still feels regret that he failed in his efforts to be a
doctor like his parents. He does hold a certain sense of pride in having saved the vast majority of an entire
planet’s population, though – a feat which his father and mother frequently bring up as an example of their
son’s unique place in the universe.

Name: Maximilian “Max” Cevallos y Ruiz

Species: Human

Class: Yellow Shirt

Ship Position: Navigation
Rank: Ensign

Level: 4
XP: 0
HP: 31
AC: 13

Action Points: 3

Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Int: 13 (+1)
Cha: 14 (+2)

Communication +7 (Trained)
Engineering +3
Knowledge +7 (Trained)
Medicine +3
Physical +3
Subterfuge +3

Measure of a Man
Inspirational Speech
Life of Riley
Trained Skill (Knowledge)

Melee Attack Bonus: +5

Ranged Attack Bonus: +5