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RULE 1 General Provisions


Ordinary Civil Actions Appeals

RULE 2 Cause of Action RULE 40 Appeal from MTC to RTC
RULE 3 Parties to Civil Actions RULE 41 Appeal from RTC
RULE 4 Venue of Actions RULE 42 Petition for Review from RTC to CA
RULE 5 Uniform Procedure in Trial Courts RULE 43 Appeal from CTA and QJ Agencies to CA

Procedure in Regional Trial Courts Procedure in the Court of Appeals

RULE 6 Kinds of Pleadings RULE 44 Ordinary Appealed Cases
RULE 7 Parts of a Pleading RULE 45 Appeal by Certiorari to SC
RULE 8 Manner of Making Allegations in Pleadings RULE 46 Original Cases
RUL1 9 Effect of Failure to Plead RULE 47 Annulment of Judgments or Final Orders and Resolutions
RULE 10 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings RULE 48 Preliminary Conference
RULE 11 When to File Responsive Pleadings RUL1 49 Oral Argument
RULE 12 Bill of Particulars RULE 50 Dismissal of Appeal
RULE 13 Filing and Service of Pleadings, Judgments and Other Papers RULE 51 Judgement
RULE 14 Summons RULE 52 Motion for Reconsideration
RULE 15 Motions RULE 53 New Trial
RULE 16 Motion to Dismiss RULE 54 Internal Business
RULE 17 Dismissal of Actions RULE 55 Publication of Judgments and Final Resolutions
RULE 18 Pre Trial
RUL1 19 Intervention Procedure in the Supreme Court
RULE 20 Calendar of Cases RULE 56 A. Original Cases
RULE 21 Subpoena B. Appealed Cases
RULE 22 Computation of Time
RULE 23 Depositions Pending Action Provisional Remedies
RULE 24 Depositions Before Action or Pending Appeal RULE 57 Preliminary Attachment
RULE 25 Interrogatories to Parties RULE 58 Preliminary Injunction
RULE 26 Admission by Adverse Party RUL1 59 Receivership
RULE 27 Production or Inspection of Documents or Things RULE 60 Replevin
RULE 28 Physical and Mental Examination of Persons RULE 61 Support “Pendente Lite”
RUL1 29 Refusal to Comply with Modes of Discovery
RULE 30 Trial Special Civil Actions
RULE 31 Consolidation or Severance RULE 62 Interpleader
RULE 32 Trial by Commissioner RULE 63 Declaratory Relief and Similar Remedies
RULE 33 Demurrer to Evidence RULE 64 Review of Judgments and Final Orders or Resolutions of the COMELEC and COA
RULE 34 Judgment on the Pleadings RULE 65 Certiorari, Prohibition and Mandamus
RULE 35 Summary Judgements RULE 66 Quo Warranto
RULE 36 Judgments, Final Orders and Entry Thereof RULE 67 Expropriation
RULE 37 New Trial or Reconsideration RULE 68 Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgage
RULE 38 Relief from Judgments, Orders or Other Proceedings RUL1 69 Partition
RUL1 39 Execution, Satisfaction and Effect of Judgments RULE 70 Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer
RULE 71 Contempt