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Miss Power’s Weekly Agenda

*Agenda subject to change as unit changes.

Week of: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
October 15-
Language -Daily Writing -Daily Writing -Daily Writing -Daily Writing -Freedom to
Arts Prompt: Prompt: Prompt: Prompt: Write: Choose
complete in complete in complete in complete in any topic
morning journal morning morning morning relevant to
-Introduction to journal journal. journal. classroom
weekly -Vocabulary -Vocabulary -Vocabulary studies and
vocabulary Practice Practice Practice write about it
-Introduction to -Vocabulary -Grammar
grammar unit review game quiz or
of grammar
Reading -Introduction to -Literature -Independent -Literature -Weekly
weekly/biweekly Centers reading of Centers Literature
literature -Intervention weekly -Intervention review and
-Whole group literature: group quiz
guided reading -Complete -Silent reading
-Complete activity -Free Library
activity provided provided
Math Whole group Small Group Whole Group Small Group Whole Group
and and review of unit
independent independent
Science Biweekly unit- Biweekly Biweekly unit- Lab review LAB
whole group unity- small whole group and
group preparation
Social Whole group Small group Work on unit Work on unit PRESENT
Studies introduction and research project in project in WITH GROUP
research class class
Homework: -Vocabulary -Vocabulary -Vocabulary -Vocabulary NONE
All homework Review Review Review Review
will be -Math Review -Math Review -Math Review -Math Review
optional. IF
homework is
bonus points
will be