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Análisis y desarrollo de Sistemas de Información


AP7-AA5-Ev3-Escrito en Inglés

Presentado por:
Ismael Manuel Mejía López


Ilmer Cuello

SENA – Virtual, octubre de 2018.

Java is a programming language and a computer platform commercialized for the first
time in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. There are many applications and websites that will
not work unless you have Java installed and every day are created more. Java is fast,
secure and reliable. From laptops to data centers, from game consoles to super
computers, from mobile phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere.
originating from Sun Microsystems, capable of running
applications developed using the programming language. In
this case, the platform is not a specific hardware or
operating system.
The platform includes:
Java EE (formerly J2EE), Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.
ASP.NET is a unified Web development model that includes the
services necessary to create enterprise Web applications with the
minimum code. ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework and when
coding applications ASP.NET has access to classes in the .NET
Framework. The application code can be written in any language
compatible with the Common Language Runtime (CLR), including
Microsoft Visual Basic, C #, JScript .NET, and J
# These languages allow you to develop ASP.NET applications
that benefit from the Common Language Runtime, type security,
It is important to choose one of the programming models to start an
ASP.NET project it is possible to have applications with a programming
model and other parts with a different model.
ASP.NET Web Forms was the first of three programming models to exist
and provides a high level of abstraction and promotes productivity
through declarative programming to reduce the amount of code needed
for functionality.
ASP.NET MVC was designed as an alternative to Web forms and its main
features include its complete integration with unit logic presentation and
logical presentation of data access.
ASP.NET Web pages are completely object-oriented. ASP.NET Web
pages can work with HTML elements that use properties, methods, and
events. The ASP.NET Pages framework removes implementation details
related to client and server separation inherent in Web applications by
presenting a unified model that responds to client events in the code
that runs on the server.
PHP is an interpreted programming language, originally
designed for the creation of dynamic web pages. It is
mainly used in server-side scripting but can now be used
from a command-line interface or in the creation of other
types of programs including graphical interface
applications using the Qt or GTK + libraries.

Currently the language is developed with new functions by the

PHP group and is part of the free software published under the
PHP license and can be implemented in most web servers, in
almost all operating systems and platforms The PHP language is
installed in more Of 20 million websites and on one million servers
and has been progressively reduced in recent years, with the
emergence of new technologies such as Node.JS, Golang,
ASP.NET, etc.