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5:25 Installing Java JDK including what is the Java JDK and how to setup the
environment variable.
9:57 How to install the android studio including what is Android Studio, why we
need it, and how to download it for a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.
15:46 Android studio project creation tutorial.
19:37 How to create your own project in android studio.
24:06 Run an android application by using the emulator with the hello world
32:04 Android Studio Integrated Development Environment or IDE.
38:48 Important tips for using Android Studio to make android applications.
43:48 Create your own android virtual device.
48:50 Android application overview.
57:41 What are activity states in the android application?
1:03:35 What are activity state changes?
1:11:33 What is user interface and how to start designing it within an android app.
1:16:29 Designing the user interface within an android application.
1:22:35 What is a dynamic user interface and tricks for designing a dynamic user
interface using java.
1:30:04 How to add properties to widgets using Java.
1:40:21 Adding multiple widgets using Java.
1:47:38 What are density pixels, density independent pixels, and converting DIP to
1:55:07 Understanding layouts including how to add layout to activity and learning
about a grid layout.
2:00:46 Event handling in android.
2:07:47 Learning how to use event listener and call back method.
2:13:46 Multiple event listeners for a single activity.
2:18:39 What are the different types of gestures used in an application and how to
detect gestures.
2:26:59 Make an application to detect a gesture.
2:31:37 Why are fragments use, what are fragments, and how can we add multiple
fragments to a single activity in our application?
2:35:39 Create a fragment from scratch, design a layout file for a fragment, and
design a java class file for a fragment.
2:41:22 Fragment classes and changes.
2:48:40 Multiple fragments in a single activity.
2:53:54 Start designing a basic android application beginning with the layout using
3:05:06 Spinners and string resources.
3:10:32 Add onclick to a button, make a button execute a method, and reference the
3:19:19 Add a new Java class to project and write code to the java class.
3:24:45 Android app launch and testing.
3:30:36 Run the application on an android device.
3:34:08 Overflow menu.
3:48:58 Animations and transitions.
4:01:52 Intents for switching activities.
4:10:20 Transfer data and passing messages with intents.
4:22:08 Send broadcast intents.
4:28:46 Receive broadcast intents.
4:36:47 Threads, app crashes, and preventing a crash.
4:49:26 Thread handlers and runnable.
4:58:16 Intent service.
5:09:33 Using services.
5:22:06 Bound services.
5:30:59 Why create bound services?
5:40:36 ListView.
5:46:05 List adapters.
5:53:21 Custom ListView row.
5:59:31 Custom ListView adapter.
6:12:59 Store data in SQLite and write/execute queries.
6:18:47 SQLite database to fire queries to database.
6:23:03 Add a database to android project! Create a new SQLite database,
initialize, and write a query.
6:33:24 Use SQL queries to add and delete rows.
6:41:22 Retrieve and print database results.
6:47:06 Running The SQLite Application.
6:55:39 Provide a link and play an embedded video in our android app.
7:04:34 Capture images and accessing the camera.
7:10:49 Take photos with camera for use in the app.
7:19:04 Image effects in android.
7:27:07 Invert images.
7:35:26 Create photo filter.
7:41:47 Sending notifications.
7:47:42 Notifications vs custom notifications. Design custom notifications for the
7:56:37 Apply styles to android apps.
8:03:44 Debugging and running apps made easy! How to run applications without
emulator by connecting a PC.
8:06:48 1 on 1 help for making android apps and continuing android developer
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