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PBA on Viva TV

The PBA on Viva TV was a presentation of Philippine Basketball Association

games on Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation by VIVA Entertainment after The PBA on V iva TV
the company absorbedVintage Sports. Developed Viva Sports
Starring various PBA on Viva
Contents TV commentators

History Country of Philippines

Play-by-play Original Filipino, English
Color language(s)
Courtside Reporters
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Camera multicamera setup
Running 2 hours (airs
History time Wednesdays and
In 2000, Vintage Television was bought by media giant Viva Entertainment. Prior to 4 hours (airs
the acquisition, Vintage Television have signed a three-year broadcast deal with the Saturdays and
PBA in 1999 worth 770 million pesos. They defeated GMA Network, in its bid to Sundays)
enter into the sports broadcasting scene following ABS-CBN's coverage of the then-
existing Metropolitan Basketball Association.
Original Intercontinental
From 2000 to 2001, Viva TV broadcast PBA games on Sundays, Wednesdays and network Broadcasting
Fridays with out of town games covered on Saturdays either live, tape-delay or aired Corporation
days later. In 2002, at Viva's request, the league scheduled its games on Tuesdays
Picture 480i SDTV
and Thursdays with one game from 6-8, and two double-headers on Saturdays and
Sundays to accommodate the airing of the local version of two popular game shows
that was also produced by them; (The Weakest Link and Who Wants To Be A
Original February 20, 2000 –
Millionaire). This led to a sudden decrease in ratings and the league shifted back its
release December 25, 2002
2001 schedule at the start of the semifinals of theCommissioner's Cup. Chronology
Preceded PBA on Vintage
Noli Eala and Ed Picson were the main play-by-play commentators from 2000 to
by Sports
2002. However, Picson left the network at midseason following a fallout between
him and the network. He would return to cover PBA games for the PBA on ABC Followed PBA on NBN/IBC
broadcast in 2004. by
Related PBA on Vintage
At the end of the 2002 season, Viva left a significant amount of debt to the league.
shows Sports
They tried to bid for a new contract with the league but was defeated by the NBN-
IBC consortium.

Viva-TV aired its last PBA games on Christmas Day 2002 during Game 4 of the 2002 All-Filipino Cup between the Coca-Cola
Tigers and the Alaska Aces. Incoming commissionerNoli Eala and Tommy Manotoc were the commentators for its last run.

Noli Eala
Mon Liboro
Chino Trinidad
Ed Picson
Benjie Santiago
Anthony Suntay

Quinito Henson
Paolo Trillo
TJ Manotoc
Tommy Manotoc
Ron Jacobs
Yeng Guiao

Courtside Reporters
Dong Alejar
Chiqui Roa-Puno
Jannelle So

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Philippine Basketball Association
List of programs broadcast by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation

Succeeded by
Preceded by PBA TV coverage partners
PBA on Vintage Sports 2000–2002

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