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Siqi WANG (Amber)

7723 Chambers Creek Road West Tacoma, WA 98467

Amber’s Bakery: w_wang 0212 (ins)


Charles Wright Academy (WA, USA) 09/2015-06/2019

✓ Overall GPA of 3.74/4.0
✓ Golf State Championship Participant, State-level (1/80) 2017-2018
✓ 1st Place in Chambers Bay Golf Course Invitational, Regional-level (1/20) 2017-2018
✓ The Principal’s Volunteer Service Award for three times, School-level 2016-2018
✓ Varsity Letter Award in Golf, School-level 2016-2017
✓ JV Most Inspirational Player Award in Basketball, School-level 2016-2017
✓ JV Letter Award in Girls Golf, School-level 2015-2016
Columbia University (NY, USA) 07/2018-08/2018
✓ Introduction to Material Science and Nanotechnology taught by Luis Avila, gaining hands-on
experience in organic experiments
✓ Got a recommendation letter from Luis Avila
Gimnazjum nr 3 in Świdnik im. Noblistów Polskich (Cultural exchange at Poland) 01/2016-02/2016


Hebei Zhongke Environmental Monitoring Technology CO., Ltd. (HB. CHN) 06/2018
✓ Conducted water quality-determination of ammonium nitrogen, ammonium sulfate, soil-determination of
ammonium nitrogen
✓ Mastered basic Laboratory standards and relevant pollutants national monitoring standards
School of Environment, Tsinghua University (BJ, CHN) 08/2017
✓ Used the air quality monitoring platform to assist in collating and analyzing data to trace the source of
atmospheric pollutants and the contaminated areas
✓ Helped predict the trend of atmospheric pollutant concentration in urban or specific regions with the data
of air quality monitoring platform
Hebei Enviro Emer & Heavy Pollution Weather Forewarning Center (HB, CHN) 07/2016
✓ Handled the computerized controlling system of the automatic weighing system AWS-1
✓ Assisted in a series of experiment about the weight of PM 2.5 detecting membrane
✓ Analyzed the data from experiments and conducting water quality-determination of ammonium nitrogen,
ammonium sulfate, soil-determination of ammonium nitrogen
✓ Publication: He, W. & Wang, S. (2017). The Impact of Environment Humidity on Gravimetric Analysis
of PM 2.5. Environmental Monitoring in China, 33(6), 126-131. doi: 10. 19316 / j. issn. 1002-6002. 2017.
06. 17
Jinde Charities (Volunteer) 2015-Now
Golf Club (Member) 2015-Now
International Friends Club (Leader) 2015-Now
Baking & Cooking Club (Founder) 2016-Now
Ningjin Vocational Training Center (Volunteer) 2016-2017

Arts: 4-year ceramic, 12 year-calligraphy
Sports: 3-year golf, 8-year hiking, 8-year skiing
Music: 8-year Kun opera, 4-year guitar, 10-year piano