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Republika ng Pilipinas PAMBANSANG LUPON SA PAGPAPAUNLAD NG AGHAM (National Science Development Board) Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila Kehoag Koreo Big. 3868 — Maynits ‘Telephono Big. 782845, 7eaeer oleae unos 18 NepB CFFICE ciRcuLaR No. __O/S Series of 1979 SUBJECT: Use of Government Notor-Vehicles For the information and guidance of all concerned, quoted hereunder are pertinent provisions of the "Manual on Audit for Fuel Consumption of Government Motor Vehicles" the use thereof being prescribed under COA Circular No. 77-61 dated September 26, 1977: |. Exclusive use of government motor transportation shall be allowed to officials specifically authorized the use thereof under existing appropriations law or o' special laws. 2. The use of government motor vehicles for private social functions such as receptions, balls theatres, and for other personal purposes is absolutely prohibited. Likewise, use thereof by the spouses, children, relatives, friends, ete. of the officials entitled thereto, even if they are in the company of said officials, is strictly prohibited. 3. Government motor vehicles shall not be used for fetching officials or employees from home to office or vice-versa, unless specifically authorized by the Office of the President. 4, ALL motor vehicles owned by the government should be plainly marked, "For Official Use only" (3 inches), under which should be writ- ten the corresponding neme of the Office opera~ ting or using the same. The mark should appear on each side of the motor vehicle. When there is no sufficient space on each side, the sane should aprear at the back and on the front just below the windshield of the motor vehicles. + ALL government motor vehicles shall bear govern ment plates only, except security vehicles exempt from using government plates. ALL government motor vehicles are required when not in use to be kept in the garece provided therefor by the Cffice to which they belong except when in use for strictly official buci- nese outside office hours. No officiel who has been grerted transportation allowance by any government office, shall he allowed to use government motor transportation. All concerned are hereby enjoined to see to it that the foregoing are strictly complied with. ds VQ, ——— saute v. axa Deputy Hiniater