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Title of The Lesson: Passive Voice

Class : 9/ D
Aim : To teach passive voice and make Ss aware of the
differences between Active and Passive form
Objectives: SS will be able to distinguish Active and Passive forms and use the
both form in correct situation
Time : 11.55 – 12.35
Date : 27.09.2018


 T greets Ss and asks some

questions related to Ss’ prior
knowledge on active voice.
5  Makes some sentences in passive
forms (in order to make Ss explore
the main topic which will be taught
on the next stage.)

 T explains the differences between

Active Voice and Passive Voice
and gives examples. (Mr Wong
takes Eric’s pen; Eric’s pen is taken
by Mr Wong”, etc.)
 T presents the form of Passive
voice and its’ usage by writing
Presentation 10 them on the board one by one with
examples. (Cars are made in
 T shows Ss how to convert active
sentences to passive sentences
and gives some examples. (People
make cars in Japan  Cars are
made in Japan etc.)

 T divides the board in two parts

and writes 12 active sentences on
the left side and makes Ss to
transform them to passive
sentences on the right side. T
Practice 10 makes the first sentence as an
example to show Ss how it is done.
When all the sentences are
converted to passive sentences, T
checks and corrects them if it is

(Board Game)

 T sticks a paper on the middle of

the board which consist of different
sentences on it.
 T divides the Ss into two groups
and make them form two different
 T explains Ss that they are
Production 12
expected to convert all the
sentences into passive form and
write them on the board by different
group members.
 T emphasizes that there will be a
price for the winners. When they
are done with transforming the
sentences, T checks the sentences
and discuss the answers with the
whole class and gives the price to
the winners who make less

 At the end of the lesson, T

summarizes the lesson.
Personalization 3  T assigns the Ss to write a short
story with using passive voice.
(Must write 7-10 sentences.)