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PraiseHis Holy Name!

Moderato )= tqo Keith Hampton

(Men us falretto
(SAM = Soprano,Alto and Men) if nenary)
Sing till the pow - er of the


Praise His Ho- ly name!-

Sing till the pow Shout

After uerse2 and repeat of the Chorus lO COda

Praise His Ho - lv
2. Must
To Coda

@ l99E by earthsongs
maz- ing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me:_ I once was lost, but now I'm found, was
Je - sus bear the cross a - lone and all the world go free?_ No, there's a cross for ev' - rv - one and


blind, butnow- I see.-
there's r .ro."-fo"*;.- sus, Je- sus, how I Iove Thee! Shout jah!

CODA: Firet time: Men only; 9econd time: All Women sing the Alto part
while the Men repeatl and the Third time: Sopro-os eing th1 top. the-r{ltos
sing the middle and Men repeat; then go to the 8-rd ending.

Hal- le - lu - jah!: Praise His Name!


Let- us Praise His Name, Hal - le-lu jah,- tord!


Ho-ly Je - sus, Praise His Hal

0 Coda
First time instruments onlv and
the Choir should clap on beais 2 & 4.
Each part then sings their part alone,
I r.sz. then all parts together.

Praise His Ho - ly Name! Praise His Ho- Iy Name, Praise His Name!
> > > >

I r.vz.


Praise His Ho - Iy Name,Praise His Name! PraiseHis Ho-lyName! Oh, oh, Praise His Ho-ly Name!
bi ? 7 ri- >

Praise Him!-