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José María Arguedas was an ethnologist, an anthropologist, professor, a poet, a
folk musicologist, and the major Indianist novelist of our time. He was born in
1911in Andahuaylas. He was raised by Indian servants whom he deeply loved.
He earned his doctorate in anthropologist at the University of San Marcos in Lima
where he was head of the Anthropology Department at the time of his death. He
died in 1969 from a self-inflicted shotgun wound.

During his life, he wrote novels like: deep rivers (Los rios profundos), Blood
festival (yawar fiesta), all bloods (todas las sangres), Collection of short stories
(Agua), The fox from up above and the fox from down below (El zorro de arriba
y el zorro de abajo).

The boy from Tambobamba

The boy from Tambobamba
A river of blood brings him
The boy from Tambobamba
the bloody water brings him.

Only his small drum is floating

Only his flute is floating
Only his charanguito is floating
Only his small cap is floating

The girl he loved

Only cries and cries
The girl he loved
Only suffers and suffers

Looking only his poncho

Contemplating only his charanguito
Looking only his small cap
Contemplating only his flute

They say the Condor is turns

Looking for the Tambobambino
The Condor turns it's told
Looking for the Tambobambino

And they say it doesn´t find him

the blood river dragged him
And it's told it doesn´t find him
the bloody water took him

Wiphalitay wiphala
Wiphala wiphala wiphala
Wiphalalalay wiphala
Wiphalitay wiphala.