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Quispe Huashuayo Brittany - Ingles 5

Topic: Accident on the road

Hi everyone,

In this opportunity I will talk about the bus accident in the "Curva del Diablo" that occurred last
January near the city of Lima.

The accident occurred in a remote area of Pasamayo, about 45 miles north of Lima used only
by trucks and buses, and has been considered one of the most dangerous roads in the country
because it does not have security fences and is often cover of a strong fog that leaves the area.
Near ocean, which makes this road "extremely dangerous".

Rescuers had been working so hard before they could remove some of the corpses trapped
inside the crashed bus backwards and others were found scattered on the rocks.

Police and investigators gave initial reports that both vehicles were traveling at a high speed at
the time of the accident.

The deaths of this horrible accident reached 51.

For this, precautions must be taken and traffic routes improved, planning new routes of
accessibility to safeguard lives.