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List of Important SAP EWM Tables:

Function Table Description

Wave /SCWM/WAVEHDR Wave – Header Information


ODO /SCDL/DB_PROCH_O Outbound Delivery Order Header

/SCDL/DB_PROCI_O Outbound Delivery Order Item
OD /SCDL/DB_DLVH_O Outbound Delivery Header
/SCDL/DB_DLVI_O Outbound Delivery Item

ID /SCDL/DB_PROCH_I Inbound Delivery: Header

/SCDL/DB_PROCI_I Inbound Delivery Item

Status /SCDL/DB_STATUS Status

Generated Table for View /SCDL/

Posting change Posting change delivery Header with

Posting change delivery Main item
Posting change delivery Target item
HU /SCWM/HUHDR Handling unit header
Individual Status for Each Handling
/SCWM/HUREF Handling Unit Reference
/SCWM/HUSTOBJ Information about HU Status Object
HU Status of HUs from Goods
Movement Log
TJ02T Status table

WT /SCWM/ORDIM_O Warehouse Tasks Open

/SCWM/ORDIM_C Warehouse Tasks Confirmed
WO /SCWM/WHO Warehouse Order
/SCWM/WHOHU Warehouse Order: HU Information
/SCWM/WO_RSRC_TY Resource Type for Warehouse Order
Quantity /SCWM/AQUA Available Quantity
/SCWM/QUAN Quant Attributes
/LIME/NQUAN LIME – Stock Quantities
/SCWM/STOCK_IW01 Stock GUID from table
/SCWM/STOCK_IW02 Stock GUID from Batch managed stock
Stock GUID from refernce stock PDI
and PDO
/SCWM/STOCK_IW04 Stock GUID from Special stock
BINS /SCWM/LAGP Storage Bins
/SCWM/LAGPS Bins for Execution Areas and Activities
Assignment Table for Fixed Bins –
/SCWM/BINSTAT Individual Status per Storage Bin
SA Assignment to Bin by Entitled/
Table of Physical Inventory Document
Log Table for Header Data of a
Physical Inventory document
Log Table for Item Data of a Physical
/LIME/PI_LOGITEM/LIME/PI_DOC_TB Inventory document Quantities for
Physical Inventory Document
Quantities for Physical Inventory
Assignment of Deliveries and HUs to Trans
/SCWM/TU_STATUS Status of Transportation Unit Activities
Contains start date/times and end
Master data /SAPAPO/MATKEY Product
/SAPAPO/MATMAP Mapping Table for Products
/SAPAPO/MATLWH Location Product for Location Warehouse
/SAPAPO/MATEXEC Product: Execution Data
Location Product for Location Whse
and Subloc. Storage Type
/SAPAPO/MATTXT Material Descriptions
/SAPAPO/MATPACK Product: Packing/Packaging Data
/SCWM/SERH Serial Number Header
/SCWM/TPSA Production Supply Area
/SAPAPO/MARM Product Unit of Measure

BP ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)

Partner/Location search for delivery
BUT000 BP: General data I
BUT020 BP: Addresses

Route /SCMB/ROUTE Route

/SCMB/ROUTET Route name
/SCMB/TOENTITYT Supply chain unit : Text
/SCDL/TSRVLVLT Shipping condition :Text
/SCMB/ROUTE_SC Shipping condition for Route
/SCMB/ROUTE_RT Request type for Route
/SCMB/STOP Stop Along a Leg
/SCMB/ZONE Transportation Zone
Transportation Zone Defined
Unassignment of Location
SCMB/TOENTITY Supply chain unit header table

WME – Location Table Whse Number,

Location /SCWM/LOC_IW01
Storage type,Storage Bin
WME – Location Table Warehouse
Number, Resource
WME – Location Table Warehouse
Number, View
/SCWM/LOC_IW04 WME – Location Table Transport Unit
APO Loc /SAPAPO/LOC Locations
/SAPAPO/LOCMAP Mapping Table for Locations
/SAPAPO/LOCT Short Text for Locations
/SAPAPO/LOCVER Location: Version-Dependent Fields

Valuation /SCWM/T_VALUATE Valuation Data for Physical Inventory

/SCWM/T_VAL_SPLT Split Valuation Data

RF /SCWM/TTRNS_CAT Logical Transactions

/SCWM/TSTEP_CAT Steps of Logical Transactions
/SCWM/TPRDV_CAT Presentation Devices
/SCWM/TPRES_CAT Presentation Profiles
tRFC Queue Description
Communication TRFCQIN
(Inbound Queue)
EDIDC Control record (IDoc)