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Appendix 5: Cover Page


Assignment Cover Page

Module Module
Title: Code:
Student Information: (Do not include your name unless your tutor has told you to do so.)
Name* Student ID*

 I (we) have submitted one printed copy of my (our) assignment bound together ☐
AND one electronic version via Black Board.
 I (we) have read through my (our) work and to check for errors in spelling and ☐
 I (we) are happy for my (our) work to be shared with future students. ☐

*Tick () the box next to your name, agreeing to the ‘Academic Conduct’ Statement.

I (We) certify that this piece of in-course assignment is my (our) own work, that it has not
been copied from elsewhere, and that any extracts from books, papers or other sources
have been properly acknowledged as references or quotations. In addition, I(we) agree
that the electronic version of this assignment may be subject to electronic analysis for the
detection of collusion, plagiarism and other forms of unfair advantage.
Appendix 2: Undergraduate Grading Criteria for Journal Logs
ESSAY Presentation & structure Use & presentation of Harvard Referencing Content/ Terms/ Findings/ Definitions/ Breadth / Depth / Integration of Literature Analysis /Critical evaluation /Discussion
Calculations /Exposition/Reflection
Task details Follows summary structure & keeps to Follows Harvard style for in-text citation Content included - specify task Integration & application of information - Line of argument, development of
word limit of 400 words for each journal and reference list. requirements as in coursework specify task requirements as in coursework. discussion supported with evidence.

80-100 Outstanding... Presentation & essay Outstanding... Standard of referencing Outstanding... Exploration of topic showing Outstanding... Business insight & Outstanding... Level of discussion/analysis/
structure, with flowing paragraphs. within text & consistent use of Harvard excellent knowledge & understanding application. critical evaluation &/or reflection.
Outstanding Articulate & fluent academic writing style referencing system. through thorough & appropriate research. Breadth, depth & integration of Highly developed/ focused work.
No grammatical / spelling errors. Accuracy of in-text references & full details Impressive choice and range of appropriate literature/data into work.
shown in Reference list. content.

70-79 Excellent ... Presentation & essay structure, Excellent... Standard of referencing within Excellent ... Level of knowledge & Excellent ... Business insight & application. Excellent... Level of discussion/analysis/
with flowing paragraphs. text & consistent use of Harvard referencing understanding demonstrated. Breadth, depth & integration of critical evaluation &/or reflection clearly
Excellent Articulate & fluent academic writing style. system. Evidence of appropriate reading. literature/data into work. developing points in the appropriate way
Only a minor error. Accuracy of in-text references & full details Covers all relevant points & issues. with thorough consideration of all
shown in Reference list. possibilities.

60-69 Very good... Presentation & essay Very good... Standard of referencing within Very good... Level of knowledge & Very good... Business insight & application. Very good... Level of discussion/analysis/
structure, with flowing paragraphs. text & consistent use of Harvard referencing understanding demonstrated. Breadth, depth & integration of critical evaluation &/or reflection & a few
Very Good Fluent academic writing style. system. Covers most relevant points & issues. literature/data into work. ideas/points could benefit from further
Very few grammatical errors & spelling Accuracy of in-text references & full details Few errors / omissions in development &/or evaluation/comparison.
mistakes. shown in Reference list. content/calculations.
50-59 Good... Clear presentation & essay Good... Standard of referencing within text Good... Grasp of the topic & some of its Good... Business insight & application. Good... Level of discussion/analysis/ critical
structure with paragraphing. & consistent use of Harvard referencing implications presented. Breadth, depth & integration of evaluation &/or reflection but more
Good Writing is mainly clear but some spelling &/ system. Knowledge & understanding is literature/data into work. ideas/points could be addressed /developed
or grammatical errors. Accuracy of in-text references & full details demonstrated. further.
shown in Reference list. Minor errors / omissions in content/
40-49 Satisfactory... Basic essay structure. Satisfactory... Basic referencing within text Satisfactory... Content / level of knowledge Satisfactory... Business insight & application. Satisfactory... Basic evidence of
Not always written clearly & has & consistent use of Harvard referencing of the topic. Addresses part of the task. Limited integration with literature/ data. discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation &/or
Satisfactory grammatical & / or spelling errors. system. Some errors / omissions in content/ Use of literature/data but limited in breadth reflection but some points superficially
Accuracy of in-text references & full details calculations. May benefit from further OR depth. made so need further development.
shown in Reference list. research.
30-39 Weak... Essay format, limited or poor Weak...Use of Harvard referencing system Weak... Limited content / knowledge/ Weak... Unsatisfactory evidence of business Weak... Limited evidence of
structure. with errors & inconsistently applied. Limited calculations. Limited or muddled application & insight discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation &/or
Marginal Fail Muddled work with many spelling & / or referencing within the text. Limited understanding of the topic/question. Work needs to show better links between reflection.
grammatical errors. accuracy of in-text references compared to Does not meet all the learning outcomes. practical application & theory. More development & comment needed.
those in the final Reference list. May need to do more than describe.

20 – 29 Inadequate... Essay format & poor Inadequate... Use of Harvard referencing Inadequate... Lacking in relevant content/ Inadequate... Lacks evidence of business Inadequate... Lacking / inadequate level of
paragraphing / signposting. with many errors &/or inconsistencies. knowledge/calculations. Content irrelevant application & insight. Some literature discussion/ analysis/critical evaluation & /or
Clear Fail Inappropriate writing style / inaccurate. Does not meet all the learning irrelevant to topic. reflection. Descriptive.
Poorly written &/or poor spelling & Must see CASE outcomes. Must see CASE
grammar. Must see CASE
1 – 19 Nothing of merit... Poorly written work, Nothing of merit... No or little attempt to Nothing of merit... Unsatisfactory level of Nothing of merit... No evidence of Nothing of merit... Unsatisfactory level of
lacking structure, paragraphing / use the recommended Harvard referencing knowledge demonstrated. appropriate business application & insight. discussion/analysis/critical evaluation &/or
Little or signposting. system. Content used irrelevant / not appropriate/ reflection
Nothing of Many inaccuracies in spelling & grammar. to the topic. Does not meet the learning
merit Must see CASE Must see CASE outcomes. Must see CASE
Appendix 2: Individual Journal Logs

Module Code & Title

Topic Deadline
Name ID No.

Please refer to Grading Criteria for Essay when awarding marks (upon 100). Each criteria weightage is given below (X%).
Grading Criteria 100m X% Comments / Feedback / Feed Forward
C1. Presentation & structure:
Follows logical structure with good flow; meet the format requirements
outlined in the instruction, articulate and fluent academic writing. /100 /10
C2. Use Academic Recourses with Harvard Referencing
Use a minimum of 4 sources; in-text citations done properly and use Harvard
referencing style. /100 /10
C3. Content / Reflections
Perform an accurate information and rich in content. /100 /20
C4. Business Application & Integration of Data/Literature
Articulate knowledge & understanding: Inclusion of appropriate and relevant
theories; accurate and relevant application of data/ theory/practice/
examples /100 /40
C5. Discussion /Analysis /Critical evaluation &/or Reflection
Express insightful analysis, supported ideas effectively by relevant evidence. /100 /20

Total (Assessor) /100

Total (Reviewer/Moderator) /100

UH Internal Moderator Comments External Examiner Comments (if applicable)

Reference list
Turnitin result