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Detailed Spec of Solar Nighthawk Light

Patent product IP65


Wireless application-Integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller and other
accessories into one system, simple and stylish.

Micro-computer controlled-Combine light control system and time control system perfectly,
ensure whole system more energy-efficient.

Easy installation-No power required, no cables required, easy installation in 5 minutes.

Solar panel angle adjustable-Adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction, ensure
maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion.

Good heat dissipation-Solar panel, battery and light body do not connect directly, they will not
conduct heat to each other, to support good heat dissipation and long lifetime.

Extreme light-Light efficiency reach 160lm/w, at same illumination, lower watt available.

. Lithium battery-Adopt lithium battery to replace traditional gel battery, longer lifetime.

. Modular design-All components are modular design and in standardized production. Battery can
be easily replaced if needed.

Low cost-Compared with traditional solar led lights, much lower cost, easy to transport.


Beautiful and modern appearance, simple and fashionable.

.. Use of solar green energy, environment friendly, saving more.

Low voltage driving, meet the Europe standard of CE RoHS FCC.

.. No Hg, Pb or other hazardous materials, no radiation, human safety.

IP65 grade, TVS lightning protection.

Long lifetime of whole lamp, low maintenance costs.

Monocrystalline High lumen led chip Socreat Smart Controller

.. 19% photoelectric .. 45mil led chip, 160lm/w ..Socreat unique design

. Tempered glass cover

20-25 years lifetime

. ≥50000hrs lifetime

≥70Ra CRI
Combine light control and time control
perfectly, ensure whole system more
enery efficient

Smart control, saving more and

system works stably

LiFePO4 Battery High quality body

.. High capacity .. Socreat patent design

.. No pollution and stable

.. Zinc plated, anti-rust corrosion

Variety of installation methods

High temperature

Luminous intensity distribution curves: Bat wing lens with polarized light:
-150 150

-120 120

-90 0 90



-60 900 60
Intensity: cd
1200 C0/180,49.9°
-30 1500 30
Average Beam Angle(50%): 95.3

Type SC-NH50 SC-NH65 SC-NH80 SC-NH100 SC-NH150-C SC-NH200-C
Lamp power 15W 20W 30W 40W 50W 60W
Solar panel 50W/18V 65W/18V 80W/18V 100W/18V 150W/18V 200W/18V

170WH/12.8V 212WH/12.8V 340WH/12.8V 424WH/12.8V 610WH/11.1V 808WH/22.2V

Lithium battery
(LiFePO4 battery) (LiFePO4 battery) (LiFePO4 battery) (LiFePO4 battery) (Ternary battery) (Ternary battery)

LED qty 40pcs 40pcs 60pcs 60pcs 60pcs 60pcs

Luminous flux 1800-2100lm 2500-2800lm 3600-4200lm 5000-5600lm 7200-7500lm 8400-9600lm
Charge time(full sunlight) 5.5hrs 5.5hrs 7hrs 7hrs 6.5hrs 6.5hrs

LED chip Bridgelux

Color temperature 3000-6500K
CRI ≥70Ra
Light control voltage 5V
Light distribution Bat wing with polarized light
Lighting time 2-3 days
Sensor distance 5-10m /
Sensor time 20-30s /
Working temperature -20℃~ 60 ℃
Lifetime ≥50000hours
Material High quality aluminum alloy, die-cast aluminum
Pole top diameter 70mm
Mounting height 5-10meters
Installation spacing 10-30meters

The data of its working time was measured at latitude 22 °, 113 ° east longitude in sunny days.
The working time will be affected by the surroundings.

Widely used in Rural road, Courtyard, Villa, Park, Square, Farm, School, Factory, Slow lane etc...the
places where need outdoor lighting and with enough sunshine.

1m 558lx 8.0m*5.0m 1m 743lx 8.3m*5.2m
2m 163lx 12.5m*7.0m 2m 217lx 13.5m*7.5m
3m 73lx 16.5m*8.8m 3m 98lx 17.0m*9.5m
4m 42lx 19.0m*10.5m 4m 56lx 20.5m*10.5m
5m 27lx 21.5m*11.0m 5m 36lx 23.1m*12.0m
6m 19lx 24.0m*12.5m 6m 25lx 26.5m*13.6m
7m 14lx 25.5m*13.0m 7m 18lx 28.5m*14.5m
8m 11lx 27.3m*13.4m 8m 14lx 30.0m*15.5m
9m 8.6lx 28.0m*13.5m 9m 11lx 31.5m*16.0m
10m 7.0lx 29.0m*14.0m 10m 9.1lx 32.5m*16.5m

Height Max x Height Max L x W


1m 1144lx 9.0m*8.0m 1m 1524lx 9.8m*8.5m

2m 313lx 13.5m*11.0m 2m 418lx 11.5m*11.5m
3m 146lx 17.5m*12.0m 3m 194lx 18.0m*13.0m
4m 85lx 21.0m*13.5m 4m 113lx 22.0m*14.5m
5m 54lx 24.5m*14.5m 5m 72lx 25.5m*16.0m
6m 38lx 28.0m*15.0m 6m 51lx 29.0m*16.5m
7m 28lx 30.5m*16.0m 7m 38lx 32.0m*17.5m
8m 22lx 33.0m*17.0m 8m 29lx 35.0m*18.5m
9m 17lx 35.0m*18.0m 9m 23lx 37.0m*19.5m
10m 14lx 37.0m*19.0m 10m 19lx 40.0m*20.0m

Height Max L x W Height Max L x W

SC-NH80 SC-NH100

1m 1906lx 10.5m*9.0m 1m 2608lx 10.0m*9.0m

2m 522lx 14.5m*12.0m 2m 639lx 15.0m*12.0m
3m 243lx 18.5m*14.0m 3m 304lx 19.0m*15.0m
4m 141lx 22.5m*15.5m 4m 168lx 23.0m*16.5m
5m 90lx 26.5m*17.5m 5m 109lx 27.0m*18.5m
6m 64lx 30.0m*18.5m 6m 75lx 31.50m*19.0m
7m 47lx 33.0m*18.5m 7m 56lx 34.5m*20.0m
8m 36lx 36.5m*19.5m 8m 43lx 37.5m*21.0m
9m 29lx 39.0m*21.0m 9m 34lx 42.0m*22.0m
10m 23lx 41.5m*22.0m 10m 27lx 43.0m*23.0m
11m 20lx 43.0m*22.0m 11m 23lx 45.0m*25.0m
12m 16lx 42.0m*22.0m 12m 19lx 48.0m*25.0m

Height Max SC-NH150-C L x W Height Max L x W

Solar panel angle adjustable schematic diagram:

Working mode:

DEMO: No matter day or night, light "on" for 1

mintue. Only for test use.

OFF:Light "off", no matter day or night.

L: At night, 100%-1hr, 70%-3hrs, 30%-dawn.

T: At night,100%-4hrs, 40%-8hrs(dawn)

M: At night, 50%-1hr, 100%-3hrs, 30%-dawn.

U: At night, 100%-2hrs, 60%-2hrs, then sensor

working, 60% if people come, 20% stand-by.

Remark: Default is L mode, can choose best mode

according to different sunshine condition.

1. The three LED indicator lights will twinkle if modes changing successfully, and above modes only be
used for SC-NH50, SC-NH65 and SC-NH80.
2. Once a certain mode was set successfully, it will be reserved until you change other modes with
remote control.

Attentions of motion sensor function

θ h d
75° 6m 15m

.Using Instructions:

Solar Nighthawk light, need solar power to charge battery, please select appropriate
model based on local sunshine conditions.

Please avoid solar panel be block by building, trees or other obstructions, otherwise it

Charging temperature of Lithium battery is 0 to 55 , the discharging temperature is

. damage to lithium batter y.

Please cleaning surface of solar panels regula r, such as dirt, leaves, oil, etc., ensure

Cleaning snow of solar panel surface timely in winte r.

Nighthawk light dimension:

 610mm  666mm

541mm 610mm 666mm

  50W   65W   80W 




: status instructions

LED light Indications Status Functions

The solar panel voltage is higher

Blue Long-term On
than light control voltage

Charging The solar panel voltage is lower

Long-term Off
indication than light control voltage
Slow twinkling Be on charging

Fast twinkling System overvoltage

RED Long-term On Battery works normally

Long-term Off
Fast twinkling Battery is over discharged

Green Long-term On Load is on

There are three
Load Long-term Off
indication lights indication Slow twinkling Load is in open circuit

Fast twinkling Load is in short circuit

LED light Indications Status Functions

Long-term On
LED/Battery/ Long-term Off
RED Solar panel
Slow twinkling
Fast twinkling


There is one
indication light

Fix bracket on the panel. Fix rotating head on the panel. Connect the panel to the
light body.

1.Fix spindle on supporting seat by coverplate. 2.Connect the locked supporting seat to light body.
3.Fix bracket on the panel. 4.Fix the panel on spindle.
5.Fasten the two screws on spindle, install the whole light on pole.
6.Fasten connection strap, ensure two panels at same angle.
Note: The short side of panel underlying

Pack one lamp with two cartons.

Type Parts Box size(L*W*H) Net Weight Gross Weight Volume Weight 20GP 40GP
Lamp body 725*355*280mm 10kg 11kg
SC-NH50 24kg 230sets 490sets
Panel 675*595*62mm 6kg 7kg
Lamp body 725*355*280mm 10.5kg 11kg
SC-NH65 26kg 220sets 450sets
Panel 725*660*62mm 6.5kg 8kg
Lamp body 725*355*280mm 11kg 12kg
SC-NH80 29kg 200sets 420sets
Panel 834*730*62mm 9kg 10kg
Lamp body 725*355*280mm 12kg 13kg
SC-NH100 30kg 190sets 390sets
Panel 1005*755*65mm 11kg 12kg

Lamp body 725*355*280mm 12kg 13kg

SC-NH150-C 32kg 170sets 380sets
Panel 1410*730*65mm 14kg 15kg
Lamp body 745*370*390mm 20kg 21kg
SC-NH200-C 39kg 110sets 220sets
Panel 1005*755*115mm 22kg 24kg

Color box packaged, anti-shock packaging material, with bubble bags and foam, ensure
transport safety.

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