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It is a tool used to remove system-specific data from the Windows operating

system, configure windows to start in audit mode, configure the windows

operating system to start the Windows Welcome phase and reset Windows
Product activation.

Select one:

b. Sysprep

Which of the following is not a Physical WAN Components?

Select one:

c. Network Adapter

It is a device that converts instructions from the network protocol stack into
electric signals.

Select one:

a. Network Adapter

Which of the following is not the common network architecture types?

Select one:

d. WiMax

Which of the following version of Windows are allowed for Upgrade?

Select one:

. Windows Vista SP1

It is one of the Key Features of Windows 7 that takes advantage of modern
computing hardware, running more reliably and providing more consistent
performance than previous versions of Windows.

Select one:

a. Reliability and Performance

It is the most common form of computer network.

Select one:

a. Local Area Network

It is one of the Considerations on why using the option of Upgrade rather than

Select one:

a. Does not require the reinstallation of applications

What is the IEEE 802 Standards for Local Wireless Networks?

Select one:

d. IEEE 802.11

It is one of the Key Features of Windows 7 that simplify a user's ability to

organize, search for, and view information.

Select one:

c. Usability
It holds a copy of AD DS and responds to request for active directory

Select one:

a. Domain Controller

Which of the following is not a LAN Physical Topology?

Select one:

d. Crown

It is one of the Options for Installing Windows 7 where in you replace an

existing version of Windows with Windows 7 but all user applications, files and
settings are retained.

Select one:

b. Upgrade Installation

It allows you to control which role functionality is installed and enabled.

Select one:

c. Role Services

It is the foundation of the Internet naming scheme and it supports accessing

resources by using alphanumeric names.

Select one:

. DNS Server
Which of the following is not an advantage of installing a 64-bit edition of
Windows 7?

Select one:

b. It supports 16-bit Windows on Windows (WOW) environment

Which of the following is not a Specialized version of Windows 7?

Select one:

a. Windows 7 Professional

It enables you to manage network traffic, group physically dispersed nodes into
logical area networks and isolate network traffic.

Select one:

. Virtual Local Area Network

It is one of the Options for Installing Windows 7 where in you install Windows
7 on a new partition and replace an existing operating system on a partition.

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b. Clean Installation

It is a computer that is dedicated to running network-aware application


Select one:

b. Application Server
It is a device that provides wiring concentrator functionality like a hub but it
also enables network traffic management, performs firewall functions and
makes routing decisions based upon traffic priority.

Select one:

b. Switch

Which of the following is not a Server Role of Windows Server 2008 R2?

Select one:

d. Windows Power Shell

Which of the following is not a Wireless LAN Standards?

Select one:

a. 802.11 h

It reduces the complexity and amount of administrative work by using

automatic TCP/IP configuration.

Select one:

d. DHCP Server

It is a group of services hosted on a network which is a private structure and

has the internet-like service provision.

Select one:
c. Intranet

It is a downloadable application that helps windows user identify which edition

of Windows 7 meets their needs.

Select one:

a. Windows Upgrade Advisor

It provides storage for the users' files and share folders that contain users' files.

Select one:

b. File Server

It a server that is used to access the corporate resources from outside the
corporate network.

Select one:

c. Remote Access Server