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On 13 September 2018 is my second day of Business Ethics and Governance class which is

being handled by the same lecture Tuan Haji Ahmad Zaki. Today our lectured are more on how
to handle an ethical dilemma, the important things in business transaction, The United Nations
Global Compact, and Ethical Leadership traits

Ethical dilemmas situations when an individual or a group need to make a decision about which
course of action is best. So to handle this kind of dilemmas, there will be four types of theories
which is The Divine Command, The Ethical Egoism, The Utilitarian and The Moral Relatives. From
my understanding of the divine command is an action's status as morally good is equivalent to
whether it is commanded by God. The second is, The Ethical Egoism is declaring that self-interest
defines what is good or right which is what they should do for their own benefits. The third is the
Utilitarian Theory that concerned with the consequences of ethical decisions but the ethical
decision is dependent upon the end of the actions whether the bad choices will create the good
things or the good choice will make something getting worst. The last is The Moral Relativist is
depending on time and place ethics which is an arson are a crime if it’s make the drug pusher go
away from our community. So, in here I can see that every of us need to choose either one
theories when facing dilemmas in making decision, because our decision also will give great
impression or bad impression to others people mind.

The things that a must in a business transaction which is Trust, Empathy, Fairness, Self-Control
& truthfulness. Tuan Haji Ahmad Zaki has been told us “Trust” are the the most important things
to make in any business transaction which is he was the one of the Director of UEM that have a
project on doing highway at Yaman but the UEM has lost millions of Ringgit Malaysia because
UEM has make a deal to bring the cement bag from Malaysia to Yaman that known as KESIMA
to build the highway and the Yaman company accept their deals but after the UEM bring all the
cements they Yaman company don’t use it and at the end all the bags become a concrete. In this
learning too, I agreed that trust is very important than others because trust is a critical success
factor for a business without the trust the reputation of the company will drop and it will effect to
the performances of company too especially on financial because the shareholders of the
company will be afraid to continue the deal with the company that having a trust issues.
However, Tuan Haji Zaki saids that if we speak alone no one will hear but if you speak in
community everyone will hear it. So he gave a lectured about “The United Nation’s Global
Compact” that is an initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable
and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. The UN Global Compact
is a principle-based framework for businesses, stating ten principles in the areas of human
rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. So if I have a company, It would be great for
me participate this UN Global Compact because I’m not a person that only think about profit
because in my mind every profit need to share too communities so every peoples have a smile to
continue their life.

Ours lecturer taught us about the traits to be an ethical leadership which is need to have the
strong personal character which is never give up such as mother Teresa until she can create own
border. The second is to be proactive which is a leader must be a thinker or critical thinker
because not everyone can be a thinker and most of us just want to be of follower only. The third
is must be the role models for the organization values because to be good leader, it must be lead
with good example to follow. The forth is the leader transparent and actively involved in decision-
making which is need to courage to make any decision whether bad or good. The last is the leader
must have holistic view of the firm’s ethical culture which is the leader need to develop the ethical
culture for the whole organization. In my view, to be an ethical leader we need to take care of
every step that we do because we are the role model that will be an example to our followers.

In Conclusion, in every aspect we need to have an ethics to produces a great environment not
only for individual but for organization too. There are some great words that came out from Tuan
Haji Ahmad Zaki that said “If you have an eyesight but you don’t have a vision in your life, its
better you don’t need an eyesight for the whole of your life “which is if you have a great capability
but don’t have the vision or objective that you want to achieve in your life, you couldn’t go far.