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Budget Hearing Summary

 Total appropriations for fiscal year 2018: P65,063,514.60

 Total budget for the City Development Fund for year 2018: P7,800,00.00
 The grand total for 2018: P73, 254, 638.00

Additional instalments in the 2018 Budget:

o KBA SM Ville teachers, diversion program staff salaries and wages
o Hospitalization and medical benefits of the barangay council is
raised from P50,000 to P100,000
o Additional expenses for the facilities under MMOE (for the gyms,
parks and other new facilities of the barangay)

 Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses:

o The total budget: P13,250,000.00
o IT equipment and repair has been added, as well as mobile phones
for the administrator, building administrator/coordinator,
barangay council members, treasurer, PRO staff, and department
o Other public infrastructures and government facilities includes the
repair and maintenance of roads, manhole and humps, as well as
the repair and maintenance of pedestrian lanes, gyms, day care
center and parks

 Youth and Sports Development Program:

o Most of the additional expenses are added by the law mandating
what needs to be part of the 10% budget for the youth;
o The youth and sports development program (the 10% budget) also
covers the human resource development program (the seminars for
the youth, as well as the TESDA Livelihood Center program of the
o Karate Clinic Program, youth symposium/convention seminar,
academic fair and science convention
o Anti-drug workshops, SK workshop and SK Federation Election
o Total budget for the Youth and Sports development program
is P5, 283, 459.16

 TESDA Livelihood Center:

o Total budget: P2,000,000.00
o The following are the projects and programs under the livelihood
 Call Center training NC2
 Beauty Care NC2
 Hair Dressing NC2
 Housekeeping NC2
 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC2
 Automotive Body Repairing NC2
 Gender and Development:
o Projects and programs for the gender and development section of
the budget stay the same. The total amount is P522,731.90

o Other Gender and Development consists of the LGBT Weeklong

Celebration, the activities of the health, youth, legal, senior citizens
sector. The total budget is P1,500,000.00
o Total budget of gender and development is P3,622,731.90

 RA 9344 and Diversion Program Facility:

o The new instalment under the law is the barangay’s creation of a
diversion program facility for CICL
o The total budget for the Diversion Program Facility ordinance is
o The budget of the staffing pattern of the Diversion Program
ordinance shall be under the salaries and wages of the
o This also consist of the comprehensive parenting seminar and
livelihood program

 RA 9262 (VAWC Law):

o The projects and programs stay the same. The total budget is

 Anti-Drug Abuse:
o Total budget: P1,000,000.00
o The programs shall include the rehabilitation program for drug
surrenderees (community-based programs), as well as the Masa-
Masid Group of Barangay San Dionisio, the drug kits, BADAC
Programs and Activities, and the livelihood programs

 Calamity Fund:
o Total budget: P3,622,731.90
o (Mandated by law) this is broken down into three main categories
 30% of Calamity Fund: this is for the calamity goods
assistance, calamity supplies and materials, and other
related calamity immediate assistance
 70% of Calamity Fund: this is for the advance purchase of
calamity supplies and materials, capital outlay in
preparation for the upcoming disasters and calamities
 MOOE: Disaster preparedness, sanitation
chemicals/fogging solution, supplies and materials for
disaster preparedness, first aid kits, vehicle for disaster

o Capital Outlay: P622,731.90

 This pertains to the equipments related to calamities such
as fogging machines, rubber boats, paddles and life jackets,
generators, communication equipments (radios), sirens,
and other related equipments and materials

 Human Resource and Development Program:

o Total budget: P1,000,000.00
o This consists of the following seminars: Barangay official seminars
and trainings, team building activities of barangay personnel
o Barangay assemblies
o ABC activities and membership dues
o Barangay disaster training and fire brigade
o Barangay Police Training and Seminars
o DILG Seminars
o Social, cultural and historical celebration
o Urban poor seminars
o Lupon seminars
o AKAP activities and membership dues

 Discretionary fund total budget: P396,966.51

 Barangay Council for Protection of Children (BCPC):

o Total budget: P390,556.17
o Various projects and programs are the following: trainings and
seminars for BCPC Committee Members, various programs and
activities for children
o Other related programs and activities: assistance for pregnant
single women, financial support for single parents, community
service for out of school youth, programs for juvenile delinquency,
and livelihood parenting seminar(s)

 Senior citizens and PWD:

o Total budget: P732,546.38
o The various allocations are for the following: supplies and
materials for maintenance of senior citizen’s office, medical
assistance, medical missions/ caravan (team building for senior
citizens/ PWD), gift-giving/pamaskong handog, assistance to
programs and activities of Senior Citizen and PWD Associations,
and various programs and activities for senior citizen/PWD

 Development Fund:
A.) Cleaniness, Beautification and Sanitation
 This sector is concerned about the programs and projects
for the environment
 Total budget: P700,000.00
 Various programs and projects: operation linis program,
programs, trainings and seminars for the environmental
committee (information education campaign, cleanliness
and beautification programs), materials and supplies for
maintenance of MRF, ecological waste management
program (segretation/composting program), labor/pakyaw
contract, cleaning materials, urban gardening program
(fertilizer and others)

B.) Education, Culture and Information

 Total budget: P600,000.00
 Various projects and programs under this sector are the
o Distribution of supplies and materials such as
raincoats and rainboots, as well as school supplies
o Cash incentives and goodies for honor elementary
and high school students
o Information supplies and programs, such as lapel
microphone for daycare teachers and the
enhancement program for the teachers
o Education and culture activities: academic fairs and
o Financial assistance for the representatives of the
following events: Buwan ng Wika, family day
activities and programs, teacher’s day activities and
programs, and KBA supplies

C.) Livelihood Program

 Total budget: P300,000.00
 The livelihood program under the development fund refers
to other programs and projects that are not similar to the
ones in the TESDA Livelihood Center
 The supplies and materials are needed for the following
projects: soap making, candle making, hairstyling, handsoap
conditioner training, and food processing

D.) Rules, Public Order and Safety

 Total budget: P600,000.00
 This section refers to the supplies and materials needed by
the barangay police/tanod, as well as the requests of the
 The various supplies are the following:
o Barangay Tanod and Police supplies: radios and
o Other related supplies and materials
 Probatons, handcuffs, flashlights,
reflectorized vests and others
 Traffic barriers
 Raincoats and rainboots
 Investigation kit/Police kit
 Permit accreditation to NTC

E.) Health and Sanitation

 Total budget: P700,000.00
 The health and sanitation consists of the following:
o Animal shelter supplies and materials for the
maintenance of the facility: cages, food for animals,
shampoo and other supplies
o Allowances for staff/personnel of the animal shelter
o Supplies and materials for other programs:
 Medical/Dental supplies and materials
 Anti-rabies vaccination
 Medical and dental services
 Supplemental Feeding
 Operation Tule (supplies, food and
 Nutrition Month (Nutrisyon Pabasa)
 Anti-Dengue Campaign (supplies, food and

F.) Urban Poor Affairs

 Total budget: P300,000.00
 The projects and programs are the following: medical and
dental outreach, interactions with different areas, and
burial assistance

G.) Social, Culture and Historical:

 Total budget: P1,000,000.00
 This section includes the various barangay fiesta activities
and cultural events
 Other programs and events: Komedya, Senakulo, Kape at
Musika, Miss San Dionisio, Gandang Mamita

H.) Infrastructure and Construction Supplies and Materials

 Total budget: P500,000.00
 The additional requirements are the following:
o Purchase of heavy equipments and machines for the
drainage system

I.) Property, Plant and Equipment

 Total budget: P1,154,288.69
 Additional purchases under this appropriation are various
government vehicles for the enumerated barangay
 Assistance to various barangay committees: total budget is

J.) Pamaskong Handog and Special Activities

 Total budget: P1,000,000.00